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A perfect woman’s dilemma

              Through the sound of murmuring voices from people in audiences who talk and walk and eat and dance and maybe don’t care of anything that matters strong voices sings from the big scenes … Continue reading

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(The gown) Lyrics to It’s all wrong, but it’s alright by Eddie Hinton

              Nobel  Award Ceremony December 10, 2017. The men got the prizes and the money and the ladies contributed with glamour and beautiful gowns. Yes, 2017! I think the Swedish Minister of Finances Magdalena … Continue reading

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Eddie Hinton, Cover me, lyrics

Eddie Hinton Cover me (written by Eddie Hinton and Marlin Greene) Cover me cover me spread your precious love me and love me oh, can’t you see the need in me oh cover me (cover me) Hide me, hide me … Continue reading

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I have met so many beautiful people

The Swedish parliament politician Roland Utbult sings his speech on December 4, 2017 I have met so many beautiful people holding mercy in their arms they don’t point finger at the weak ones, but meets them with a stretched hand … Continue reading

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To be frank about the nature of our love

            I woke up from my late afternoon nap. And then I missed him. Or to be frank – I missed to have the warm tenderness between two people being together and liking each other. … Continue reading

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What makes you happy, some notes about how to interpret lyrics and poetry

When you are young you brag with knowing as many tea labels as possible. Or beer brands. And how to drink it. You know best. You brag about how many poets you have read and talk insightful about something in… … Continue reading

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Fallen Angel

Lately I have been listening a lot to Tracy Chapman. I love her lyrics, but one line in a song annoyed me: “I received an honest answer / When a lie would do”. Because personally, I can’t cope with lies … Continue reading

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A thousand and one nights with and without you

Late in night I listen to a sentimental love song and in spite a female choir seductively humming in the background and in spite honey sweet violins playing the melody – too artistic excessive – still the words stands strong … Continue reading

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