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Inspired by Francesco Petrarca’s courtly love poems to Laura de Sade I And ever since the day you died, my Laura, my heart is an empty deserted grieving tomb. I dreamed about you in lonely bachelor nights, my feverish body … Continue reading

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Disguised Poetry (Samtida diktkonst)

  Under ytterrockar, bakom ansiktsmasker framträder dagens svenska poeter, såsom saudiska kvinnor går på en gata, förklädda. Hellre beläst skriva om Ovidius eller Sapfo än som ett ”jag” skriva om en trång förhud. Endast romanförfattare jagar sin jagiskhet i avsaknad … Continue reading

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Lost love, gloom forever to be

        I never got to know you in this all real world, where one breathe, eat, shit and pay the rent. But still, it was meant to be, you and me. Yet your demanding impatience (as I … Continue reading

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A lonely blues around the corner

The whole fucking me is like an emergency Hole in the heart, the claw of abandonment Easily forgotten, lone blues around a corner He told I’ll love you forever true forever was short like a little star afar that twinkle … Continue reading

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Remembering (All Saints’ Day)

What olden dead can be deader than those who were once buried in graveyards which were later abandoned to become desolate churchyards? Decades and centuries have passed by those wasted and neglected places and curious but yet rare visitors can … Continue reading

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Ensam saknad viskar / Lone missing whispers

Oktober glöder, även i duggregn. Men en trötthet håller mig nere. Jag önskar mig ett ”hej” från dig, men ändå inte. Vi alla här lunkar kalla mot kala träd och gravsång- er i dyster nordisk november grå. Inomhus, ensam saknad … Continue reading

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