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So.. what happened in Sweden this Tuesday?

The Prime Minister was voted out of his post today. The new Speaker of the Parliament will now organize and lead the preparing talks with the party leaders in order to choose a candidate  for a new Prime Minister post … Continue reading

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Such is our togetherness (Sådant är vårt tillsammans)

I sit in my living room reading a novel that annoys me because its boring banality, even if I realize that is precisely the subject for the novel. (Loneliness in a spoiled middle class family, have it all and lack … Continue reading

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I’m sorry

Was I stupid, or was it you who misled me on purpose? No matters! We have all our desires. And I don’t want to blame any of us, but to say “I’m sorry it became as it became”. As these … Continue reading

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Porn is not an issue, it’s just a “no”!

You have met a nice guy, finally. And he’s such an angel to you, nice and charming and respectful. Right? I did too. He’s a believer he told me early on, and preach and pray every day and he teach … Continue reading

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All that I have (yet another wonderful summer)

And yet another wonderful summer. Biking to a lake, reading a book and drink coffee from a thermos and eat cinnamon buns, sticky in the heat – and breadcrumbs and ants all over the blanket. (To bike slowly home in … Continue reading

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