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Lady Corona: heaven can wait, we old don’t want to die!

”I wanted to live,” said a 92 years old Louise in a report on Swedish TV news and in an interview in the Swedish tabloid Expressen. She has survived both covid-19 and intensive care and has now been discharged from … Läs mer

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Försvinnande kvinna / Vanishing woman

Vanishing woman Part 1 That late night was now approaching, then when I intended to vanish from you without a trace and wipe you out of my life forever. But late came late all my feet colder. The next morning … Läs mer

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Once upon a time I had a crush on a young man

Once upon a time I had a crush on a young man. He had such a lovely mustache, dimples in his cheeks and very blue eyes. He looked at me and got my heart to beat faster. But he was … Läs mer

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The empty hole-ways in my head

Everyone tells you not to look back (unsolicited), still everyone does behind their drawn bedroom curtains and in dreams. And I dreamt the last night about (a rarely remembered) lover from over 30 years back and I woke up annoyed … Läs mer

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He was twenty and I was eighteen

He was twenty and I was eighteen and he drove a truck on free time to make some money and sometimes when he went for long drives over a weekend I was there with him in the cab. For him … Läs mer

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A book is written

A book is written. We’re at the end of a story we wanted to begin. I guess I’ll cry tomorrow, off and on. I guess he’ll also do. All while life goes on around us as before. The book is … Läs mer

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Male fantasies and fairies in ancient woods

 First posted 24 September, 2012. Now slightly improved. I (Mistress of the wood “skogsrået”) They were men who came from vast plains, desolate deserts, and endless seas. Their eyes measured distances. But they didn’t know themselves. And the woodlands affected … Läs mer

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2 short stories: The Optimist boat

I I was once born into a poor family and I have later in life never earned money enough to buy more than every days needs. I’ve never had my own bed. I mean: a good and comfortable bed and … Läs mer

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Sunday mail

                  My lady read again one mail of two, those she tries to answer. Utterly bored she sighs and thinks “how on earth can people expect to get answers to such bland … Läs mer

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