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In your absence

      It’s three AM and too late to say good night as you must be already sleeping. If you are okay, are you? I also need sleep, but I want to stay awake a little more to think … Continue reading

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The dismantling of a writer: Patricia Highsmith

Few writers have been written about over time as much as Patricia Highsmith. She cannot be overlooked but yet looked down on. Writers and journalists who probably got the assignment to write about her and accept it to be able … Continue reading

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Left over, me!

  I don’t know what was true and not true with him. He always said he was not a liar and I should trust in him and I believe he honestly believed in that. More I will never know. That’s … Continue reading

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Done with men (färdig med karlar)

I’m going to read 100 novels and then die! But if when 100 done, I still have time left, I will read 100 more novels and list the first hundred and the other 100 and meanwhile my double bed will … Continue reading

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Away from standstill (her ticket to a better life)!

            He dumped her today! The birds sings out: She’s happy! The wheels moves again!    

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