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The current historylessness (Dysterkvistar)

Here my bumpy thighs and unnoticed life which still is in progress, yet declining. All I have ever accomplished is aging, now I’m not 30 and depressed anymore, but read the literary reviews: such gloom and pretensions! It get me … Continue reading

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One-man riot

There are riots in Hong Kong, there are riots in Paris and in Barcelona. There are riots in Bagdad and the cities around in Iraq as well as in cities in Iran as Tehran and around in the country, tell … Continue reading

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Nuts from Turkey, and the nutcases ruling the world

One of the days in late September I felt a sudden yearning for nuts and I didn’t found any in the pantry and then I realized that it was some time since I ate any nuts at all. Mostly, I … Continue reading

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När skogen brunnit ned (When the forest has burned down)

När skogen brunnit ned och vilar svart och förkolnad spirar ny grönska fram som bidat sin tid under många år. Vi ser att det som förbrändes gödde det som skulle komma. Och vi går här nu, du och jag.   … Continue reading

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Victims or martyrs or heroes?

Some thoughts from an outside person! Inspired by the latest school shooting in USA (Florida school shooting February 14, 2018) a Swedish newspaper has conducted a peer review among their (Swedish) readers with the question “Do you think it is … Continue reading

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