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Visiting the local library

                I (Friday, February 7) It is a Friday noon and I’ll wash my hair and when it has dried, I intend to take the bus to city and walk from there to … Läs mer

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Chinese drama, Internet use and Swedish matters of the heart

According to Swedish newspapers reports in September were public institutions in Sweden such as Sweden’s television and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs exposed to massive attacks by Chinese internet trolls. The affected have confirmed that ”an increased activity has been … Läs mer

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Thoughts in January and the beginning of the new yea about ”dead ends” and ”Catch 22” – life situations that are unbearable and impossible to handle… Everyone has at some time in life faced it. In hopeless circumstances where all … Läs mer

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Doors in life

          I You’re always told – “when one door closes, another opens”. You just have to open your eyes to see this newly opened door and don’t become stuck in your past. So it is said. … Läs mer

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