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Medelklassens hastiga uppvaknande (What is ”normal” and to whom?)

Read this post in English here below Jag läser om morgonen en krönika i en morgontidning om att vi aldrig ”efter detta” (pandemin!) kan gå tillbaka till det ”normala”. Det vill säga förgifta jorden. Äga förmågan att uppleva vad som … Läs mer

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Elderly balance (single-leg stance)

When 18 people read my texts I exist. Otherwise it is not much with that, unless I not wake up in the night with cramps in one lower leg, then I surely know I’m alive. I hear on the TV … Läs mer

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Marmalade love

  I was as made to be the marmalade on his daily bread, now he seems to has lost his sweet tooth and I’m not yet ready to be left, a single sweetie Then he told: I can feel you … Läs mer

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When the passion is gone

              When the passion is over you thank your lucky stars for being able to cross the wasted land for fresh water without get a headshot from your ex beloved. There is a road … Läs mer

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Evening call in morning light

I miss so much, you to be present with me. Your smile when you gets your eyes on me on the screen is just stunning, your gentle voice makes me smile and so do your tender touch, if so only … Läs mer

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Moving into gloomy November

  Two weeks not a word from you is a very long time, two weeks at a new place is too short to feel home. I’m tired and worn out after all hassle with the move and I wonders about … Läs mer

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Impossible love

  When I think of him (all the time!)… there’s not so much about having distinct thoughts as about a constant inner awareness, perceiving his existence. He is a living presence in my soul. Living streaming water… But when this … Läs mer

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Dark chocolate love

And whenever we’ll meet I’ll offer you a piece of dark chocolate and a cup of coffee. If you’re hungry I’ll make you something to eat and if you’re tired I’ll give you a bed to rest. But my heart … Läs mer

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Dancing smile

Standing in my kitchen, spreading butter on a slice of toasted bread sprinkled with poppy seeds and suddenly I sense a little shy smile dancing on my lips: oh, it’s him on my mind! I once melted like butter on … Läs mer

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