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I didn’t eat pizza on January 1st

New Year’s day I didn’t eat pizza on January 1st like other normal Swedes, but on the other hand I didn’t have a hangover either, like too many Swedes are supposed to have on this day. But I followed the … Continue reading

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A fishing rod in the desert (the betrayal of the Saharawi people)

  Tomorrow  6th of November celebrates the Moroccan government  “The green march” commanding its people to participate in what they call peace march. This for the occupation of Western Sahara in November 1975. UN has declared it’s an illegal occupation, … Continue reading

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Hedgehog men

          He sent me a photo and he had a chin like a hedgehog. He said “You can kiss me as much as you want!” “Oh thanks,” I said in fear. “Yet I don’t!”     … Continue reading

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Play it again, Sam!

  I said: Sam, see you in Casablanca! And he shrank to a boy’s voice in a phone with a lousy connection and vanished in the night. Now it’s late and I’m running out of time, but still I’ve that … Continue reading

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A humble man with a heart

It was a Monday in the beginning of April this year and I had an appointment with my dental hygienist the very same morning. It turned out to be a meeting including more than a cleaning of teeth, but resulting … Continue reading

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Obscene exploitation: your milk and your coffee

Last Sunday Swedish TV showed a German documentary from 2017 “The milk system” by Andreas Pichler. (I watch it a few days later on internet (SVTplay). If you live in Sweden you find it there to April.) If you watch … Continue reading

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I dream of walks in sunsets on a pristine beach

  A young man close to me imagine us come together sitting on a beach talking. In the sunset or sunrise I assume. But I cannot imagine it as a reality to become. Because we live far and we both … Continue reading

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