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Where the birches rustles their summer song

When one goes, the other is seen left behind: But the former will be what comes. The other: the laughing gentleman, now ridiculous naked butt as the fairy tale emperor: but still haughty he gabbles his garbage. Far after the … Continue reading

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An angry man

              An angry man stands at the corner waiting for me; his arms crossed over his chest. “I’m ashamed of you” was the last he said to me. But his English is not good … Continue reading

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And Sam said

  And Sam said “Lady, you shot me” and he fell back and hasty he bled to death, still in his 30s. Soon 70, I walk my way slow and oldish as life and people have hurt me hard but … Continue reading

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Adonis’ speech

  I gave her my heart and she sliced it and spiced it and fried it and show it to the world to view and to consume. Since I’ve fled the battles she gives me bad names but my name … Continue reading

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The elevator (invisibilized)

                  The lady in the elevator looks down on you, but what do you care! You’re going up and she’s going down, you’ve nothing to share! Mistreated all your life, people now … Continue reading

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There’s no tomorrow for what died yesterday

        There’s no love around us anymore what once has solidify will never change It’s silly to believe love is all you need when blindness becomes its only seed Love will fade just like the sun goes … Continue reading

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Is love’s ending, love in vain?

                    Is love’s ending, love in vain? I woke up and felt like a bus had run over me, it was you! Walking a street, no map and not sure where … Continue reading

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Hen house

Part I, Saturday It’s the weekend after Sweden voted for new leaderships in counties and parliament. The mandates for the parliament after the final statement is 144-143 to the favor of red/green bloc, but Swedish Democrats receives 62 mandates. The … Continue reading

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“It could be worse!”

Have a bad government with confused ministers who don’t know how to find their own hands in their pockets, wishing for another reign but realise the alternative we would get an even worse government that is not footed, but for … Continue reading

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Single “forever”

If you wonder if I miss you the answer is simply “yes”. All other answers are “no”. If you can forget me: good! If you can’t: just live with it. And the same goes for me!   You said your … Continue reading

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Porn is not an issue, it’s just a “no”!

You have met a nice guy, finally. And he’s such an angel to you, nice and charming and respectful. Right? I did too. He’s a believer he told me early on, and preach and pray every day and he teach … Continue reading

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