An angry man








An angry man stands at the corner waiting for me; his arms crossed
over his chest. “I’m ashamed of you” was the last he said to me. But
his English is not good so maybe he meant “I’m ashamed of myself”?

But from what he has showed me from before, that is hard to believe.
Yet “believe me!” was a phrase he rubbed and rubbed me with, again
and again and then once more and all of the time.

After a few weeks of strong amore like that, I’m worn out and I feel like
I’m fading and choking. “Frankly my dear” I could tell him, “I’m too old
for a passionate love on the edge of life or death!”

That was what he used to tell me “I will die if you leave me”. Well, I’m
leaving and when I pass him at his corner I will also leave him the link
to a good undertaker. Because he is simply too much for any woman!






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