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Ensam saknad viskar / Lone missing whispers

Oktober glöder, även i duggregn. Men en trötthet håller mig nere. Jag önskar mig ett ”hej” från dig, men ändå inte. Vi alla här lunkar kalla mot kala träd och gravsång- er i dyster nordisk november grå. Inomhus, ensam saknad … Läs mer

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Song in autumn rain: Clapton, a man with the blues in his hands

            River of Tears Eric Clapton from the album Pilgrim released 1998 It’s three miles to the river That would carry me away Two miles to the dusty street That I saw you on today … Läs mer

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August rains but doesn’t cry any tears

  August is supposed to be a summer month, at least here there I live. But this year autumn seems to come early. And since it’s raining day after day, the sky is so much darken blue and cloudy that … Läs mer

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