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Do I really dare to leave home?

  It’s evening and I want to go out for a short walk. But do I really dare to leave home? I read on some website that about 46 % of us over 65 who falls cannot get up on … Läs mer

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Elderly balance (single-leg stance)

When 18 people read my texts I exist. Otherwise it is not much with that, unless I not wake up in the night with cramps in one lower leg, then I surely know I’m alive. I hear on the TV … Läs mer

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Forever never more, not last long for me when about you

“Forever never more, not last long for me when about you.” I wrote that to him and I stand for it! He wrote back to me “I’m sorry I don’t understand what you write now.” Ouch! All the blind alleys … Läs mer

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The weed in my garden of love (thistle love)

I met a guy and I loved him but he never knew my love because he only knew the love he claimed he had for me. It was all about his feelings and never about mine. He never knew how … Läs mer

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All the difference

  Every evening after dark I take a 12 minutes’ walk around the block. Nor have I ever said, ”I want to be alone. I only said, I want to be left alone.” It is the Garbo truth: ”There is … Läs mer

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The elevator (invisibilized)

                  The lady in the elevator looks down on you, but what do you care! You’re going up and she’s going down, you’ve nothing to share! Mistreated all your life, people now … Läs mer

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The bike accident

I had an accident with my bike on Thursday 30 August as passing through the hospital area. I was on my way downtown to the local library. Over the last decade, extensive new construction of the hospital area is carried … Läs mer

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  Now the sun shines happy on a blue sky and the heat in my body rises high. But nobody loves me anyway! At night, the summer fever makes me groan in my single bed with sweaty sheets, all alone. … Läs mer

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An actual description

”Keep smiling” is the worst advice and pressure people can ever put on themselves and others. It should belong to ”the human rights” to be able to talk about melancholy moods without getting moralizing from someone, and not least from … Läs mer

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You are allowed to be happy

I tell myself:   ”You are allowed to be happy now, even if you still mourn what you once never had. The sun rarely shone on you and darkness linger deep in your sad eyes and heart, yet you are … Läs mer

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