Nuts from Turkey, and the nutcases ruling the world

photo Reyan Tuvi, BBC September 19, 2019 “Is Nutella made with nuts picked by children?”

One of the days in late September I felt a sudden yearning for nuts and I didn’t found any in the pantry and then I realized that it was some time since I ate any nuts at all. Mostly, I prefer hazelnuts. And since I have a habit googling on “everything” I now checked about hazelnuts, I don’t remember for what, the carbohydrate content maybe as I am diabetic and carbohydrates are always to be considered. Anyway, I got an article on BBC’s website. And it was an informative but devastating article to read.

We live in a complicated world with so many serious and intractable problems. Being like me, one single person in the favored part of the world but still with not much more power than to consume all the more or less hair-raising daily news, it can at times be too much of misery and hopelessness to share! And reading this article about hazelnuts and exploited poor Kurdish people in Turkey farming and of child labor – well,  it just became one of these “too much” moments for me.

I’m vegetarian too so nuts are important food stuff in my diet. Because of “this or that” – like the conditions for certain agricultural productions and some countries’ lack of freedom or similar and then being a diabetic, well it all…  I felt overwhelmed by all the collected alarm reports one gets through the media and in sudden desperation I was thinking “what the hell am I supposed to eat?!”

And I felt how my brain pulled out of the plug as couldn’t take more!

In my mind it felt as a “brain fatigue” and of course I google “brain fatigue” and found it is a severe medical condition – and I realized it was not the case with me. Good then! Still my brain had obviously got enough and I decided to take a “time out” and read no news and share no media for… not forever: I could not imagine that! So I decided to stay off news reading for two weeks. As a try…

Yes, but I could not hold on to it more than a day. And the last days with Erdoğan on the move and US withdraw followed and  yesterday, Turkey intervened in Syria for haunt the Kurds… Yes, I felt a strong regret that I could not hold on to my decision to avoid to read about events in this lousy world. For a while.

Really, the nuts are running this world, we have Erdoğan in Turkey, Trump in US, Netanyahu in Israel, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Putin in Russia, Orbán in Hungary, Xi Jinping in China, Lukasjenko in Belarus… (and you can for certain fill the list with names of ruthless dictators and regimes ruining this world)…

Is there any good governments anywhere?

We have good forces of people fighting for to save this earth and for freedom and justice for common people and what happens to them, those brave people: exposed to slander, jailed, murdered and in crowds being brutalized and exposed to tear gas: Yes, tears for all of us!

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