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Forever never more, not last long for me when about you

          “Forever never more, not last long for me when about you.” I wrote that to him and I stand for it! He wrote back to me “I’m sorry I don’t understand what you write now.” … Continue reading

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The weed in my garden of love (thistle love)

I met a guy and I loved him but he never knew my love because he only knew the love he claimed he had for me. It was all about his feelings and never about mine. He never knew how … Continue reading

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August rain and the rowans blushes

That man who caught my heart, he was nothing but a two-legged beast of prey, so I’m told. He made his five prayers every day and he told me he was a good guy and I was bad if I … Continue reading

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I was easy forgotten

I was easy forgotten just piece of a game the One knew words not ever compassion heart split and alone moving on shattered tears hidden in heart smiles cover up pains

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