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“If the people go hungry, they will eat their rulers”

Your destiny in the orange envelope     I I want something new, I need something new, I want something else. And I surely don’t want the living conditions I have. II Lack of freedom and poverty is to not … Continue reading

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Snoppar som stoppar / Dicks that kicks

Dicks that kicks but never lift on their tops what is kind and soft and gives room to all! We see it everywhere how arrogance and selfishness are rewarded and the power is given to those who offends the integrity … Continue reading

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The road to hell

The Swedish Democrats (SD) is a nationalist and social conservative political party. It was formed 1988 by people with roots in Nazism and racism, once a small extremist party with no influence but after a couple of decades it changed … Continue reading

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One-man riot

There are riots in Hong Kong, there are riots in Paris and in Barcelona. There are riots in Bagdad and the cities around in Iraq as well as in cities in Iran as Tehran and around in the country, tell … Continue reading

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Greta and the environmental concerns (Greta och miljön)

It annoys me this false devoted heightening of this girl in media here in Sweden and abroad. She did not start her school strike for the environment to be praised by media and or by celebrities, minor politicians or a … Continue reading

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She wants him differently and he wants her as she should be

                She’s his first love, he told her. He is a pain in her ass but she can’t tell him and thereof she feels like she’s a burning bush in a blinded desert. … Continue reading

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(Mind matter) Märka ord

Märk nu mina ord, jag besökte er ett tag, men var verkligen aldrig där: ett vingslag mot din kind i natten, du rös till litegrann. Vi bor i Sverige men lever i världen. Våra tankar borde vara såsom svalor i … Continue reading

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Our various landscapes

We have different landscapes in our souls, you and I; never see the same. Sand slipping through fingers is only something symbolic to me, I’ve never experienced such. And a desert is also something figurative to me, only a word … Continue reading

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