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Do you remember me?

minns du mig? har du också dagar då du bara hatar mig och dagar då blå längtan blommar ömt och kärleksfullt? Do you remember me, she writes. Do you have – like me – days when all is pain and … Continue reading

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A woman must always wear shoes she can run in

As I was reading web papers today I came to listen to a slam poet reading. I’m not that fond of slam poetry. As of course – I could certainly not do it myself, as I’m not that skilled! Yet, … Continue reading

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Love you as you are

I’ve gained 6 kilos and you’ve lost 2 kilo. I’m too fat and you are too skinny. I’m too old and you’re too young. I intends to improve your thinking, I said. It’s nothing wrong with that if you in … Continue reading

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