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Philosophizes about my (lack of a) love life

I plugged in the wrong end of a cord into my laptop and the electrical system collapsed instantly. Now I sit here without computer and energy, without passion and power and without contact with anyone and I wonder if you … Continue reading

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Winter gloom

        December darkness – I feel old and cold, tired and worn out. Who am I to be desired, I ask myself and you too and you really don’t want to hear that bad tune from me. … Continue reading

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It causes me pain in my fingers to spread butter on the bread

It causes me pain in my fingers to spread butter on the bread. I have luckily bought ready-sliced cheese home, but when I stretch out my arm for a slice of cheese it hurts in my back. The relapse this … Continue reading

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We travel on the same bus in different worlds

I had such dreams latest night! Just before I woke up I dreamt I was on a bus full with other people and I was in company with a person I’m not comfortable to be with. But I meet with  … Continue reading

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A woman must always wear shoes she can run in

As I was reading web papers today I came to listen to a slam poet reading. I’m not that fond of slam poetry. As of course – I could certainly not do it myself, as I’m not that skilled! Yet, … Continue reading

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Love you as you are

I’ve gained 6 kilos and you’ve lost 2 kilo. I’m too fat and you are too skinny. I’m too old and you’re too young. I intends to improve your thinking, I said. It’s nothing wrong with that if you in … Continue reading

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