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Ensam saknad viskar / Lone missing whispers

Oktober glöder, även i duggregn. Men en trötthet håller mig nere. Jag önskar mig ett ”hej” från dig, men ändå inte. Vi alla här lunkar kalla mot kala träd och gravsång- er i dyster nordisk november grå. Inomhus, ensam saknad … Continue reading

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October, haiku

I October colors and the Earth still carry us: November comes next! II She still thinks of him like birches gold on the street. But not so often. III Rain and autumn gloom, and missing stings inwardly. Blue hope in … Continue reading

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Blood sugar blues

I slipped twice on a banana peel in June. Now July quietly and merciless slides towards autumn and darkness. The strawberries are no longer sweet but small and not tasty, they want no more, knowing their season is over. I’m … Continue reading

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