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Married to the blues

Married and buried in longing for you, my loneliness singing a blues forever. I wonder who’s kissing you now and if you eat properly? Is it any raining out? Do you still go to the mall on Saturday to then … Continue reading

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Elderly balance (single-leg stance)

When 18 people read my texts I exist. Otherwise it is not much with that, unless I not wake up in the night with cramps in one lower leg, then I surely know I’m alive. I hear on the TV … Continue reading

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Left over, me!

  I don’t know what was true and not true with him. He always said he was not a liar and I should trust in him and I believe he honestly believed in that. More I will never know. That’s … Continue reading

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Silence, solitude

Silence, solitude Now two days without talking to you: it is a lifetime of despair for my heart! Same as once you told me, walked on a shore fearing you and I would never become “us”. When one cry, the … Continue reading

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A future without the other

I wanted it differently and so did you as far as I know. Though I’m helpless against your anger, hell no I will allow you drown me in your self-righteous black sea. Of all unskilled male lovers in the world … Continue reading

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A love thriving in our longing

  I still think of you the first thing I wake up in the morning and I miss you on my lonely evenings: someone to talk to. And sleeping and dreaming I get lost in scary nightmares. But as soon … Continue reading

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Ensam saknad viskar / Lone missing whispers

Oktober glöder, även i duggregn. Men en trötthet håller mig nere. Jag önskar mig ett ”hej” från dig, men ändå inte. Vi alla här lunkar kalla mot kala träd och gravsång- er i dyster nordisk november grå. Inomhus, ensam saknad … Continue reading

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