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The icicle (imagination)

It’s raining outside and he fell asleep so easily. She sits on the edge of the bed, nude but with a blanket over her bare shoulders and the back from him. She thinks of nothing while smoking a cigarette. At … Continue reading

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Remembering (All Saints’ Day)

What olden dead can be deader than those who were once buried in graveyards which were later abandoned to become desolate churchyards? Decades and centuries have passed by those wasted and neglected places and curious but yet rare visitors can … Continue reading

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Ensam saknad viskar / Lone missing whispers

Oktober glöder, även i duggregn. Men en trötthet håller mig nere. Jag önskar mig ett ”hej” från dig, men ändå inte. Vi alla här lunkar kalla mot kala träd och gravsång- er i dyster nordisk november grå. Inomhus, ensam saknad … Continue reading

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