Excuse me!

pic 1 teargas against refugees, pic 2 Sweden’s Migration Minister Morgan Johansson

Mr Johansson tell Swedish media “We consider that the risk of a new refugee crisis like 2015 is considerably less this year. The situation in the EU and Sweden looks different. Sweden has different legislation and it is harder for people to get through Europe today. At many border crossings in Europe, there are now border controls and since 2015 Sweden also has internal border controls. Since 2016, the Migration Board has an increased preparedness responsibility and the government has a close dialogue with the Migration Board.

”Vi bedömer att risken för en ny flyktingkris likt 2015 är avsevärt mindre i år. Situationen i EU och Sverige ser annorlunda ut. Sverige har en annan lagstiftning och det är svårare för människor att ta sig genom Europa idag. Vid många gränsövergångar i Europa finns det nu gränskontroller och även Sverige har sedan 2015 inre gränskontroller. Migrations-verket har sedan 2016 ett utökat beredskapsansvar och regeringen har en nära dialog med Migrationsverket.”
sverigesradio.se 29-2-2020

And that was all he had to say  about those ongoing tragedies in front of our eyes.

Excuse me (Swedish) Migration Minister Morgan Johansson, but these are innocent fleeing humans you talk about: unarmed men, women and small children exposed to tear gas and batons, fences and riot police, it is not grasshopper invasions in Africa, not Corona virus from China! It is people like yourself and your family! To my opinion the politicians in the EU and Sweden dealing with the Syria crisis are no better than Trump dealing with refugees from Latin America, no better than the Nazis once were. Become a (hu-)man, Morgan! This is absolutely disgusting!

And better listen you and your fellows in the government: Don’t forget that Sweden is up for election next year. It becomes more and more obvious to me, there is no party to vote for – so I won’t do it either.

refugees from Turkey Syria

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