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Elderly balance (single-leg stance)

When 18 people read my texts I exist. Otherwise it is not much with that, unless I not wake up in the night with cramps in one lower leg, then I surely know I’m alive. I hear on the TV … Continue reading

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Left over, me!

  I don’t know what was true and not true with him. He always said he was not a liar and I should trust in him and I believe he honestly believed in that. More I will never know. That’s … Continue reading

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A lonely blues around the corner

The whole fucking me is like an emergency Hole in the heart, the claw of abandonment Easily forgotten, lone blues around a corner He told I’ll love you forever true forever was short like a little star afar that twinkle … Continue reading

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Teeth, to be or not to be (Tänder, att vara eller inte vara)

I stared in complete shock at the pieces of plastic in my hand! Then I phoned the dentist office. I visited the dentist the very next day. And I was told that maybe my broken partial denture can be repaired … Continue reading

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All the difference

  Every evening after dark I take a 12 minutes’ walk around the block. Nor have I ever said, “I want to be alone. I only said, I want to be left alone.” It is the Garbo truth: “There is … Continue reading

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(Mind matter) Märka ord

Märk nu mina ord, jag besökte er ett tag, men var verkligen aldrig där: ett vingslag mot din kind i natten, du rös till litegrann. Vi bor i Sverige men lever i världen. Våra tankar borde vara såsom svalor i … Continue reading

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