Lady Corona: heaven can wait, we old don’t want to die!

”I wanted to live,” said a 92 years old Louise in a report on Swedish TV news and in an interview in the Swedish tabloid Expressen. She has survived both covid-19 and intensive care and has now been discharged from the hospital, blessing the treating doctor (in gloves) when she was about to leave.

Last I heard, about 80% of everyone who got this disease survive it and seven out of ten elderly-elderly survive covid-19 and become healthy again!

Yet worrying media reports tells that very old people, or people with kidney disease who need dialysis treatment are  patients who may not get intensifying life-sustaining measures, as decided by the medical care at place and time. This tendencies at hospitals in this stressed corona times has leaked to media by whistle-blowers at some hospitals in Stockholm.

An elaborated doctor with sleep deprivation and over-stressed can be tempted to think that someone who is about 92 years old ”may die soon anyway. So why let this old person take a place a 22-year-old might need tomorrow?” It’s understandable but not acceptable.

Because we have a health care law that gives everyone the right to the same care regardless of age, nationality, gender or social status, that is why.

Because we over-aged, over-weighted people with diabetes and high blood pressure or having other underlying ”weaknesses”, do not want to be sorted out as second-hand trash and low-class people, as believed to have  lower survival chance – according to physicians.

(Stephen Hawking greets you medicals from his black hole, doctors!)

And further, we old don’t want to ”be protected” from the risk to get infected (just see how well society succeeded with that), but be helped through this crisis to the other side of it! We want to survive, but be human treated! We older were isolated in society before, now with this pandemic and the restrictions that have followed for us in particular, our isolation has escalated to a life in hell!

It has happened that primary care physicians have called elderly on phone or their relatives and ”inform” them that the old one will not receive intensive care if they get ill in covid-19 – that is not information, it is to brutalize an old person’s last time in life! I hope these doctors who have done this are exceptions from all other doctors in this country, having better empathy for humans! It is humans you work with!

Another example of perverted care is told by the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. In the Dalarna County a doctor at the primary care a doctor visited a home for elderly and asked people there if they would want to get life-sustaining care in a hospitals intense care, if they fall ill in covid-19 … AND then she wrote it in their medical records, this to have guidelines in the event of an illness in future…

This doctor who made this investigative visits at an elderly center, she said to the newspaper ”it may seems surprising but some older don’t want to leave their elderly home to go to hospital and get intense care…

So her conclusion was oldies prefer to die rather than get arduous hospital care!

I don’t want to leave my home for hospital care either! It doesn’t mean I want to die. It means the thought to end up in intense care scares me!

Believe me, Doctor! I do not want it either because I am healthy now! And I have also had the same impulsive feeling that if I will get this disease, I will avoid a scary hospital treatment and stay at home without telling anyone that I am sick  – and just hope it will only go away!

But if I will become sick, to hell with that fear! Put me on a stretcher and drive me to the intensive care and don’t listen to my eventual protests, put a tube in my mouth to shut up and just take me there!

”To survive” is an instinct that is not rational and cannot be written off in an old person’s medical journal. When you get seriously ill, you will change your mind about this, if old or young, no matter!

At first, we got to read in media laconic comments, quoted from very old people asked if they were frighten for this epidemic, ”if I die I die”they said… And we like to believe very much that is how it is: when we become very old we have settled with our factual mortality and accepts the thought of the personal death – and not one only the one for others. This pandemic has shown us who are younger than ”elderly-elder” – about 90 or more, this is not the case at all! And this idealistic and vain hope has now fled, bye-bye!

”I just wanted to live”, said Louise 92 years old! Remember!

And this is Kjell Fransson, 92, from Jönköping (with his granddaughter) who has recovered after spending three days in hospital, infected by covid-19. His wife Gun got it a little worse with this sickness and was in respiratory care for four days. But she is home again too but not fully recovered yet, as still having a coughing and therefore sleeping in another room.

They have been married for 65 years. ”It was very difficult when my wife was in the hospital”, says Kjell Fransson. Now he looks bright at the future and hopes that they will soon be able to sleep in the same bed again.

This is Lars-Erik Edwall becoming 90 soon. He lives in retirement home. Because of the Corona restrictions for elderly he has not seen his family for some weeks and miss them very much. But he’s thinking about the time after this crisis and he plan to start an orchestra when ”all this corona” is over. He once played saxophone for 54 years in the band called “The lyre”. Now he has picked up his old guitar and he’s training for future and better times when it will be possible for elderly to entertain people as he once did before. And he’s blessed as he still can sing, he tells the reporter.

The retirement home there he live sometimes arrange concerts for the old, but that is not what Lars-Erik dream about, he want entertain his friends at the home, those he neither can see as often as before because of the restrictions. He want to gather people to sing with him.

About singing in traditional celebrating in Springtime in Sweden, all those events are canceled this year! Yet Swedish students want to disobey the ban and plan in social media to still celebrate their degrees in May and ”to party the head off the authorities!”


Sjungom studentens lyckliga dag,
låtom oss fröjdas i ungdomens vår!
Än klappar hjärtat med friska slag,
och den ljusnande framtid är vår.
Inga stormar än
i våra sinnen bo,
hoppet är vår vän,
vi dess löften tro,
när vi knyta förbund i den lund,
där de härliga lagrarna gro,
där de härliga lagrarna gro!

Svea, vår moder, hugstor och skön,
manar till bragd som i fortida dagar.
Vinkar med segerns och ärans lön,
men den skörd utan strid man ej tar.
Aldrig slockne då
känslornas rena brand.
Aldrig brista må
vår trohets helga band,
så i gyllene frid som i strid:
Liv och blod för vårt fädernesland!
Liv och blod för vårt fädernesland!

I cannot hide the anger and frustration I deeply feel of the lack of solidarity some people shows at the city streets in our country. I’m thinking about those of the Swedish younger generations which disobey the recommendations of social distance and hygiene, gathering in parks and outdoor cafés.

And you who want to celebrate ending high school (educations that has been closed, by the way): If you cannot measure one and half meters you certainly don’t deserve to wear a graduation cap!

And further, if you are one of those disobedient ones, I say: do not then apply for a summer job at an elderly home or for home service for elderly. You’re the messenger of death!

The ban on student parties is not about an ”unfair treatment” of young students by the local politicians. It’s about fighting a pandemic, lump-heads!


rose, white

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