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The dismantling of a writer: Patricia Highsmith

Few writers have been written about over time as much as Patricia Highsmith. She cannot be overlooked but yet looked down on. Writers and journalists who probably got the assignment to write about her and accept it to be able … Continue reading

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I didn’t eat pizza on January 1st

New Year’s day I didn’t eat pizza on January 1st like other normal Swedes, but on the other hand I didn’t have a hangover either, like too many Swedes are supposed to have on this day. But I followed the … Continue reading

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Such is our togetherness (Sådant är vårt tillsammans)

I sit in my living room reading a novel that annoys me because its boring banality, even if I realize that is precisely the subject for the novel. (Loneliness in a spoiled middle class family, have it all and lack … Continue reading

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The fragrances lingers

This last long cold winter never seemed to let go of its grip. Then spring came rapidly and intense. On Wednesday last week when I cycled downtown to the local library I could see how all the spring flowers bloomed … Continue reading

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