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“Drink Tap Water in Sweden! Just Like All Swedes Do!”

“Drink Tap Water in Sweden! Just Like All Swedes Do!” But don’t beat up people brutally on the street because they annoys you – and think you will get away with it. I’m not a nationalist and have never been. … Continue reading

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Where the birches rustles their summer song

When one goes, the other is seen left behind: But the former will be what comes. The other: the laughing gentleman, now ridiculous naked butt as the fairy tale emperor: but still haughty he gabbles his garbage. Far after the … Continue reading

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Microscopic notices in Swedish medias “Microscopic remains of Nazi victims buried”

  VideoSpäte Würdigung für NS-Opfer “Berlin buries prisoners’ tissue kept by Nazi-era doctor” This doctor’s name was Hermann Stieve. He was active until his death in 1952 and he was never charged for his dealing with the executed … Continue reading

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Voices speaking to the melancholy Swedish soul

It’s the underlying lost melancholy white tune in Springsteen and Harris voices beyond any lyrics, music sets and genres. It sneaks out on you, forces itself on you, it’s you far from forged reality grilles. And it tells of the … Continue reading

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Moving, still steady

I’ve lived in this house for ten years but for the last years I’ve mostly been online, it all while I tried to shake off my feelings of wearing a cooling suit of loneliness and desolation. Solitude has for long … Continue reading

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Forsaken lover

Har du övergett mig? Aldrig mer din mjuka röst? Vintern kom tidigt! Have you forsaken me? Never more your soft voice? Winter came early!         Two great Swedish music artists: Totta Näslund sings the lyrics written by … Continue reading

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Before is no more (Förr finns inte längre)

Translation to English after the Swedish text När det igår tisdag rapporterades i media att Lill Babs dött på förmiddagen samma dag, insåg jag för första gången på allvar att Wasa Knäckebröd inte är svenskt längre. Samt att mina dagar … Continue reading

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