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Excuse me!

Mr Johansson tell Swedish media “We consider that the risk of a new refugee crisis like 2015 is considerably less this year. The situation in the EU and Sweden looks different. Sweden has different legislation and it is harder for … Continue reading

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Elderly balance (single-leg stance)

When 18 people read my texts I exist. Otherwise it is not much with that, unless I not wake up in the night with cramps in one lower leg, then I surely know I’m alive. I hear on the TV … Continue reading

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The dismantling of a writer: Patricia Highsmith

Few writers have been written about over time as much as Patricia Highsmith. She cannot be overlooked but yet looked down on. Writers and journalists who probably got the assignment to write about her and accept it to be able … Continue reading

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The grief in the tiger’s eyes

The grief in the tiger’s eyes, it reaches down the bottom of my soul, it’s I in the hidden. In a cage, starved and deprived its dignity the tiger looks beyond you as it has learned humans aren’t human and … Continue reading

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