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Unhappy, although I’m loved (forget me not)

        I’m unhappy, although I’m loved. And I tell myself every day to be content with what I have, but that doesn’t make me feel better. Unsatisfactions eats my soul like mice making hole in a pantry … Continue reading

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Some call it juice others call it blues

That life is lemons is common knowledge and what you make out of it some people call juice, others call blues. Now – juice need sweetness to be drinkable, but the blues can’t be sweeter than it is in itself. … Continue reading

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Lonely swan dreams in November (haiku)

It don’t come easy – November sun and swan dreams! Where did it all go?      

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In the essence of the night

There’s an old grief at the bottom of my soul that never heal and goes away. When the cold nights come and I have no one to hold on to, ghosts chase me and makes me feel worthless. My last … Continue reading

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Out of silence comes the music

            Out of silence comes the music, rises from its longing to itself. But there are silences between people that make love die of lack of nutrition. This, my being now, that what is related to … Continue reading

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