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It’s the third of August

            It’s the third of August, the second day of the beginning of the second week without you. When I woke up this morning I remembered the line I had written before “But my silly … Continue reading

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Greta and the environmental concerns (Greta och miljön)

It annoys me this false devoted heightening of this girl in media here in Sweden and abroad. She did not start her school strike for the environment to be praised by media and or by celebrities, minor politicians or a … Continue reading

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We travel on the same bus in different worlds

I had such dreams latest night! Just before I woke up I dreamt I was on a bus full with other people and I was in company with a person I’m not comfortable to be with. But I meet with  … Continue reading

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The Fox (Nostalgia)

  In evenings, just when the first darkness falls and humans not sleep yet and he’s just began his nightly round, since his growling intestines forces him out from one of his temporary hiding places, he becomes standing for a … Continue reading

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A woman must always wear shoes she can run in

As I was reading web papers today I came to listen to a slam poet reading. I’m not that fond of slam poetry. As of course – I could certainly not do it myself, as I’m not that skilled! Yet, … Continue reading

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Rock me baby, I’m 68 years old today!

Yes, I become 68 years old today! Old old old, I’m told – but like all elderly people I not feel old at all. Well, that’s what everyone thinks from age 32 to 92. Yes, but you know how we … Continue reading

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Walking my right foot (living with chronic pains)

I like walks. And I have never been able to be in a room full of loud and chattering people, without feeling uncomfortable and wanting to just walk away. And I have done that. I have walked my own ways. … Continue reading

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