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October fade (oktober bleknar)

oktober bleknar fälten senapsgula bruntorkade strån och knoppar, ännu syns svep av grönt jag vandrar, väntar på ett mirakel, allt medan oktober bleknar bort October fades… dark yellow fields brown dried stalks and buds, still staying greenery in my sight. … Läs mer

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He walks in rain

He take walks in rain for hours in nights, without umbrella and gets soaking wet, yet his young blood keeps him warm and vibrant. This is what I love to do, he said to me. I said, your walks are … Läs mer

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The story of the man at the pier

I’m a man of fire and ashes. Every day is new, I know – but it all feels like repeats. I try to walk straight, but constantly stumbles on my feet. Time and time again and all my life I’ve … Läs mer

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Walking my right foot (living with chronic pains)

I like walks. And I have never been able to be in a room full of loud and chattering people, without feeling uncomfortable and wanting to just walk away. And I have done that. I have walked my own ways. … Läs mer

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