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I have decided to be happy!

I turn 71 in April and I may reach 75 – or 74, but that would be too sad short to imagine. I hope to be at least 85 and still be movable. Let’s say I’ll have 15 years left, … Continue reading

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100 years after him

100 years after him I will be no longer! Nor the memory of what never became. 100 years and he will not be either. His dreams for sale; my words remains like lost birds, scattered in the sky. It’s over. … Continue reading

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The weed in my garden of love (thistle love)

I met a guy and I loved him but he never knew my love because he only knew the love he claimed he had for me. It was all about his feelings and never about mine. He never knew how … Continue reading

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Försvinnande kvinna / Vanishing woman

Vanishing woman Part 1 That late night was now approaching, then when I intended to vanish from you without a trace and wipe you out of my life forever. But late came late all my feet colder. The next morning … Continue reading

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I never knew him

  I never knew him in the flesh I withdrew for safety reasons He expected too much of me He made me his guiding light Now he rests behind my eyes I have to live with this a while Shame … Continue reading

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