Sprouting spring retreat (Spring springer bort)

Våren springer bort
kylan är tillbaka och det
snöar och ingen älskar mig
idag, jag går tillbaka till sängen
för att vakna upp till en annan dag

Spring runs away
The cold is back and it’s
snowing and nobody loves
me today, I’m going back to
bed to wake up to another day






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The bitter taste of a depressed man





He said, why would I make friends
when people are just fake, I’m lost
in a fake world, I’m 34 and my life
is over. I said I just got a headache!

I woke up too early next morning still
with a headache. I felt sad for me and
for the poetry he had lost grip on in his
life. Him off, I felt both relief and grief,
because I had come to love him a little.
Despite a lot of vinegar in his dressing!

And now afterwards I can still see him
in my mind walks the streets in the city
of Nowhere. Knowing no one and feeling
like no one and counting all his bruises.

Did he ever bother to see me? Maybe he
has simply now made me to yet another
tearing and thorns in his jacket and soul?
Wonder, will he ever get out of himself?

Although he rejected people he had to
marry, he told me, as it was “expected”.
I said no one forced him to. He asked if
I wanted him to be alone whole his life!

It was there our companionship got its
deadly shot. And I pity the one he once
will marry as he may make her to suffer
neglected as he himself feels like now.






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The road to let go


3600 miles as the crow flies from your heart and body,
4500 miles on roads where my feet have never walked.
Years have passed and how far have we come, tell me!
And how long do I have to walk and talk to myself to be
able to tell you the way ends here? How long will I whine
to the crows about you and not listen but keep suffering?
Do I need love so much that I blindly believe you love me?
The road to let go is so much longer than the road to you!




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Once upon a time I had a crush on a young man

Once upon a time I had a crush on a young man. He had such a lovely mustache, dimples in his cheeks and very blue eyes. He looked at me and got my heart to beat faster. But he was a good looking middle class college student and busy every time we met with his political meetings. And I was a working class girl with severe underclass complex, and I was bored at everything that wasn’t poetry and I honestly believed in the phrase “Around here you get what you can get”. Meaning, I didn’t believe he wanted me. So dispirited, I let me be hooked up by another guy. I was grateful anyone at all wanted me. Though I was a pretty girl but I didn’t know, shy violet me. He raped me one night at one of those conferences at that times and boasted next about what great sex he had had and my Mr. Romance got it all wrong and thought I was taken and I certainly was but not as he thought. So he withdrew when he saw me with that other guy. And I really wanted to go down through ground and disappear forever, wishes such not working at all on me. My world’s downfall it truly was, never recovering never talked about hidden deep in sad heart, such are. And what do people see when your heart gets crushed? Not even the valium pills cared about it. And further, men seems to relate to men only and act with women as they are a property to someone. Well anyhow, the good guys were apparently never for me, that what my story tells me over and again and I guess I have to be grateful to have had some lovers at all through the years and even had orgasms now and then. But I have realized I still have not learned anything by my past experiences, as I’ve done it now again – got a crush on a nice man and messed it up for me.  And gosh, I feel like shit over myself being so unskilled in love matters. Maybe I should forget about romances and get a hobby, knitting for example? Well, I wish I had such interests and power over my heart. But I’m still in for poetry only. Never did toughen up.





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We’re simple people you
and I and our feelings for
each other are also simple.
But the world isn’t simple.
I wanted to release you to
free myself, but you didn’t
want to. So we stay as we’re,
living apart, faithful to what
we feel, rejecting a rational
happiness. I think it’s crazy,
you don’t. But I said if that’s
what you want, then it’s okay
with me! I lied. Being simple,
doing simple, but you know,
to let go is not simple at all.


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The elevator (invisibilized)










The lady in the elevator looks down on you,
but what do you care!
You’re going up and she’s going down, you’ve
nothing to share!

Mistreated all your life, people now look down
or through you as if you’re not there.
Still you’re expected to be nice and friendly,
smile whenever you share the same square.

Feeling sad, you’ve a kind of lump in your throat
of suppressed tears.
And your troubles overwhelms you, those no one
in the world hear and share.

And at all times, those you love and want have
turn from you to disappear.
And you feel you’re like doomed to live in
loneliness and despair.

But now you’ll leave the elevator at your floor
and put the key in the lock to your door.

In your flat freed from invisibility, you take on
your dark and silent and private sphere.
You’re familiar albeit not friend to seclusion, that what
others deepest in their hearts fear.

To meet others never seemed to work well for you,
as it always turned into a nightmare.
And tired of being disrespected and misunderstood
you don’t want to try any more, it ends here.

The lady in the elevator looks down on you,
but what do you care!
You’re going up and she’s going down, you’ve
nothing to share!






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There’s no tomorrow for what died yesterday





There’s no love around us anymore
what once has solidify will never change
It’s silly to believe love is all you need
when blindness becomes its only seed

Love will fade just like the sun goes down
there’s no tomorrow for what died yesterday

Love is the blindness that’s in you and me
Love fools us to believe our feelings are real
and whatever you feel in your heart is true
and that’s what’s inside everyone of us

Love is fading just like the sun goes down
there’s no tomorrow for what died yesterday

You drilled a hole down bottom of my dinghy
and it’s tough for one who cannot swim or row
I saved me with the cap from a bottle mail
hidden, forgotten then found, not your merit

And love has faded like the sun has gone down
There’s no tomorrow for the yesterday’s drown





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Dismissed body, missed (+ one haiku)


I have so many photos of you:
You are a wholesaler in selfies:
I take one to see what I sell out:
You stand by a swimming pool
wearing only swim shorts and
showing off a lot of your brown
body and I could easily eat you
like marzipan, a beauty to see:
I put the pic at my laptop screen
to take in what is not mine and
what’ll never be mine and what
might never was mine – after all:
Yes it’s called mourning this what
stings the soul but is told to cease
with time – and I don’t want that:
All these illusions through one life
and loves in the past which never
became more than fruitless hopes:
Wasted time and energy and words:
Words said and unsaid, squeezed
as grapes to songs and sweet music:
But I dismiss all that if not with you:
So can’t we be like “just friends”?




Jag har så många foton av dig:
Du är en grosshandlare i selfies:
Väljer ett att se vad jag säljer ut:
Du står vid en swimmingpool i
bara badbyxor med bar och brun
hud och jag skulle kunna äta dig
som marsipan, så vacker att se:
Jag lutar din bild mot skärmen
på min laptop att betrakta det
som inte är mitt, som aldrig blir
mitt och kanske aldrig var mitt:
Ja, ”sorgearbete” kallas det för,
det som svider i själen, men sägs
svinna med tiden jag vill inte det:
Och alla illusioner genom livet:
Kärlekar som aldrig blev mer än
förhoppningar och bortkastad
tid och energi och orden, orden:
Sagda och osagda pressade som
druvor till sånger och ljuv musik:
Men åt helvete med det utan dig:
Så kan vi inte vara ”bara vänner”?




Come closer to me                                                   Kom närmare mig
Embrace the moment we have                             Omfamna ögonblicket
Tomorrow never!                                                    Imorgon aldrig!


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“I’m fine, thanks!”

I looked after you
and found you in my heart,
that which I lost given it to you.

You hold yourself back with these “I’m fine”.
With time, it’s like serving a chicken to a lion.

We are like prisoners in chains, bound to each
other and we trudge through this mud we call
“love”. And then nothing to say but “I’m fine”!

There’re days when I want to free me to leave
you, everything to regret and forget. “Nothing
to say!” is like a grain of sand in an oyster and
“I’m fine” answers hurt the heart. I just hate it.

But I guess it is just a matter of time before one
simply takes off the chains, leaving it all having
nothing to say but an “I fine, thanks”!

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Sunday morning coffee insnowed in Sweden

Stockholm Sunday morning February 3, 2019 SVT

The weather reports promised large snowing at the East coast regions and it came and comes! I’m having my Sunday morning coffee insnowed in Sweden while the plow cars roar outside my windows and I read online a CNN article by Tamara Qiblaw “MBS ‘clampdown’ fuels surge in numbers of Saudi refugees”. If interested, you’ll get good information about the current situation for people in Saudi Arabia and those wanting to flee the country.


“Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?” entry Oct 2017

Rahaf Qunun AFP

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Our various landscapes

We have different landscapes in our
souls, you and I; never see the same.
Sand slipping through fingers is only
something symbolic to me, I’ve never
experienced such. And a desert is also
something figurative to me, only a word
for emotions like feeling “lost” or “lonely”.
I’ve never felt its dryness or its heat or its
cold, never its beauty. But I got to know it
through you. You’ve in turn never seen my
landscapes with mysterious fairy forests or
the sudden glades showing sunny glittering
and enchanting lakes; nor have you walked
lush green and flowering meadows where
lovers find paths making the dreams true.
But you wanted to. And I wanted you to.

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I took all I had and I used it and then I felt so empty
and I turned around for you. But you weren’t there
as I wished you would be. But again, what are all our
wishes worth? Nothing, nothing at all! It’s late now
and I’m going to bed, but I hope it’ll prove to be true
what people quote, that “tomorrow is another day”!



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A wolf got to do what a wolf got to do

A wolf kills a roe deer at the backyard to a bungalow in a small village Tierp about 130 kilometers north of Stockholm

A wolf hunting a deer into a village was shot yesterday, Tuesday January 29, 2019.

Predators lives on hunting, eating meat. How should we be able to have wild animals in our nature if we do not allow predators to eat the food they are created for to eat?

Human hunters shoot animals for pleasure and not because they are hungry. It’s kind of hobby to kill animals and see them die. But then they motivate their hunting with it is for the purpose to keep different species of animal populations within certain definite proportions in certain areas. And now a wolf has been shot doing the same job!

It’s the policeman at place who decides about shooting of wild animals. I have no objections of them shooting wild animals if necessary. But a policeman have not the qualifications to make the decision to do it. Only trained animal keeper and biologists have that.

Many of us in Sweden live in small villages with wild animals and nature around. And it is what we want to have. But it is certainly not a pleasant experience for anyone that a wolf go astray into a residential area there you live. But this animal was in hunt urges and had hardly any focus on the environment. A dog in hunt fever is in the same statement and it is not any unfamiliar phenomena for people dealing with animals. And such an event is not a threat to anyone around!

But this poor animal was caught of a crowd of different kind of people gathered and for hours and was prevented from get away with its prey. It is said it was wounded, but not really more than some scratches as must be normal for wild living animals. It was not cared pet, for heaven’s sake!

It was a wild wolf and its only “crime” was to be hungry. Hardly a reason to be killed for.

And hardly a reason to be caught in a upset crowd of people, policemen with cars, filmmakers, curious people and animal “experts”… All those crowded people confusing the poor animal – and then say the wolf  “did not behave normal”. Well!

Someone there could have taken the charge and decided to take the killed deer into the wood safe and let the wolf eat it. Or slept down the wolf and transported it into wild woods. Preferably among with its dinner!

The wolf was just hungry, remember!

To change subject to another diet than meat-eating. I’m a restricted lactovegetarian and I would be a vegan if I only my stomach would accept soya products and beans. As I’m also a diabetic I have to compromise with my diet for health reasons. But I could never be an omnivore.

Before this wolf event Swedish new papers have been written lately about a small group of violent animal rights activists. They were active some years ago until justice caught them an put them in jail. Now they are back returning to their criminal harassment of farmers. In their traces follows traumatized farmers and their children – and even the animals those “vegans” say they want to save are frightened, sometimes with deadly outcoming.

As a vegetarian it worries me that inhuman criminals like those people destroy the reputation and the acceptance for us “normal” people who has chosen another diet and simply don’t eat animal products. We vegetarian with common senses don’t harasses others for what they chose to eat.

Nor would I discredit others for different life choices, such as opinions, appearance or clothing, etc. I might not “like” others life styles, but I have no democratic rights to interfere in others life in such matters.

It’s good fighting for “animal rights”. But humans are animals too, remember. And need protection. The world is full of humans mistreated. Women raped as war weapon. Poisoned farmer workers in cotton fields or coffee fields or mining. Homosexual’s discriminated in Africa and Asia, latest horror reports from Chechnya and Tunisia about horrifying torture of homosexuals. And in Sweden – farmers should not get their daily life destroyed because of the threatening actions of a handful fanatics.

Vegetarians is not a homogeny group. Some are vegans of political reasons and they seems to have no problem to eat animal products, naming their food disgusting name like “vegan bacon” etcetera. Then we have the (older) group I belong to, who simply can’t eat body parts from killed animals. It’s for us as disgusting as it might would be for  you if you are a omnivore to slaughter and eat your cat or dog!

Because of those now animal right terrorists latest actions a leader for a Swedish political party has publiced in media a statement for actions to protect farmers, saying she care for the safety of farmers and that she sees this as a democracy question. Further she claims that farmers are doing good things for our society and environment. That last statement can be discussed!

She has not understand the main objection against animal breeding: which is animals are not seen as animals but production units.

The food industry has no interest in to hold a vital countryside with a population or for protecting the environment, they just want as much profit as possible. The treatment of the milk cows’ reproductive organs is an exploitation of a species that is simply disgusting and horrible. The same is to say about breeding hens for egg production. A wild hen would not produce an egg every day.

We should not eat meat or milk products if we can avoid it. But there can be health reasons to keep a limited production utilizing animals – and frankly we need a production of meat for food to our dogs and cats (and other carnivores in zoos). Pets like cats and dogs are carnivores and it is cruelty to try to make them to vegans.

It’s cannot be anyone’s civil right to attack farmers and traumatize their children and terrify the animals in their stables. People doing this should be prosecuted as terrorists and get much harder prison terms than they get now.

The focus on to make a change in the food production cannot be directed on the farmers but on the consumers. And there is already a big change in human consumption behavior, something the grocery shops have adapted quickly to. Veganism is a new branch for money making.

You can’t change people’s behaviors with provocative demonstrations and nasty pictures of suffering animals, or by attack common people with reproaches for to create shame in them for eating animal products. It’s not working.

The only you get from that is that people will hate you for being a vegan. And people do! Sorry to say it , but a vegetarian has to take a lot of shit from ignorant people, even from people working in health care and should know better. Tell me!

If we want to end the exploitation of animals for  food production, we must  make veganism attractive for its nice, healthy and tasty cooking and for to be an appealing choice for how to save the planet  – and then people might want to join you! And that’s the trend now!

The trend will be  green dishes becomes more and more desirable and this change what people want to buy in the grocery stores.

Milk production must simply be made unprofitable and exclusive. Thousands percent raised price on each liter of milk would give the farmer and decent income and make the product to a rare luxury or a medication for sick people or for infants needing extra nutrition.

Yet even the grocery shops more and more adapt to the veganism trend, they have done it in some odd ways: Why must I as a vegetarian have to go to meat dishes with pork and beef steaks to get my vegan products or to the charcuterie corner to collect my vegan cream cheese? Why?

The other day in an unfamiliar shop I was shown to a corner to fetch my can with vegan sandwich spreading – this vegan product was placed above disgusting packages of blood pudding! It seemed to me of the facial expression in the young shop assistant’s face, she thought it was good that I as a vegan consumer had to put up with become disgusted for to be able to buy my goods.

I senses like being brutalized by the shopkeepers as for how they planning their interiors in their stores.

As a consumer I should be able to go to a common supermarket and get my groceries without become disgusted, running the gauntlet between the corners of animal products. It’s just a question of how the merchants plan the interior in their shops. They do not mix cheese and with meat products, so why place the small range of vegan products at the corners with animal products?

I’m so fed up with this! As it is no coincidence, as we all know, that sweets are placed near the cashiers, I think there it is no coincidence that vegetarians are shown such contempt.

I think there are probably the same kind of non-thinking indifferent people causing us vegetarians this inconvenience as those who were crowded around that wolf who only wanted to eat what a wolf is supposed to eat. A wolf is a carnivore, a human doesn’t have to be. We have a choice, the wolf had not.

And despite that, they shoot the poor animal! I became so angry when I read this news about this wolf event I couldn’t and I cannot help myself from thinking as the same as for arrogant merchants “such idiots”!


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Is love’s ending, love in vain?











Is love’s ending, love in vain?
I woke up and felt like a bus
had run over me, it was you!

Walking a street, no map and
not sure where to go or what
to turn to and eyes burns and
heart is a shrunken dried fruit.

Not happy, no more unhappy!

I’m measuring you: if you were
serious and true to me, then it’s
okay but if not, then I was used.
And I “must” feel this lousy and
low? Or is it “all in your head”?

But my wounded soul still asks:
is a love ending a love in vain?






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He wrote “I do not know what to say”

John Bauer (1882-1918) Prince in Moon land


He broke the silence, texting
“I do not know what to say,
I just want you to be happy,
but I think I failed in that.”

She wrote back:
“You made me love you,
you did not failed in that!”





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The request

Send me a sign!
One word, one line,
and make it all undone:
you’re not the one for me!
Turn to me, listen to my plea
be the one I want you to be,
the only one I want to see:
I crave a word and a line –
a returning lover’s sign!

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The empty hole-ways in my head

Everyone tells you not to look back (unsolicited), still everyone does behind their drawn bedroom curtains and in dreams. And I dreamt the last night about (a rarely remembered) lover from over 30 years back and I woke up annoyed with a dreadful headache. And when I (after a long silence) got a text from my latest one and still was colored of the dream I thought I clearly could see a pattern in my love life, how I have involved myself with the kind of men never doing me right. But as the day went on I realized I actually had not got any skillfull insight about my life patterns, but had a flu and sinusitis. “You need something expectorant herb tea to ease those inflamed hole-ways in your head”, my son told me. “Yeah, you are right”, I said. 😦

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This is the end of our story






And this is the end of our story:
so much hope and so little glory.
This is the end of a sweet romance,
which never got a single chance.

Know, in my mind I always see your face,
yet with time it will fade, others in place.

Know, a dream once touched by a kiss
is a sleeping beauty in smiling bliss
A lover left, he wakes with hard desires,
and others will give him what he requires

This is the end of a love story
that truly will not leave much glory.
I will always remember your lovely face,
but the time I wasted is my hidden disgrace.

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Part-time commitments (perspectives)


In an urbanized and modern society as ours, even “love” has a “best before” date. He always said to her “I could do everything for you,” and he told her his love was “forever”. But in practice his love was a part-time commitment and he was a busy man at his social arena and not much he did for her. Only her idle longing and suffering seemed to be endless and was very unprofitable for years. But as it’s true “time goes by”, she wrote after all her “wasted” years a novel about her fruitless love commitment. And “love” is the same superior topic no matter time. But time had changed the view of men’s world and she was right in time. Her novel became a success and she won a prestigious literature prize, money and a brand name giving her a “forever” living. But he was hanged on the public square in shame and disgrace. While she bought a classy bungalow in France, found a new lover but to soon divorce him too as love and longing is forever timeless, but the actors are regularly replaced. The hanged out man got back on feet and became a guru within his small crowd of still remaining old and faithful friends and he is now writing on a book about love and women and about feeling betrayed. “It will be a killer”, so he tells media. And shameful love and betrayal is certainly an eternal theme, still capable of giving good headlines and a living for some.

All while a dangerously poisoned and still neglected earth, in spite all alarm bells ringing on every square, sighs and dies.


Earth seen from the Moon

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Att vara den jag är / To be what I am

Jag har bara en önskan kvar
att vara den jag är – med lust
och inte vad jag kunde vara

Nog och nöjd med mig själv
om så utan hopp om ett du:
den hjärtesökta själsfränden


I have but one wish left:
to be who I am – with joy
blank on what I could be

Happy enough with myself
even if it is without a hope
to find a like-minded “you”
my heart-sought soulmate




There are things no one can ever tell you
is “a point of view” – and if that happens,
it is simply the end of the common road
and you will leave without a farewell and
your only effort will be not to let remorse
and bitterness catch you, others to blame.

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Making an apple cake for one

In English below!

Jag står i köket en dag och gör en äppelkaka för en då jag hör ett stillsamt skvalande från en granne, jag hoppas att det är från kranen i dennes kök, men nej – strax därpå följer det brusande ljudet från en toalett. Så lyhört är det här, men vem som kissade vet jag inte och grannen vet inte vem jag är om jag kissar och spolar i toaletten. Jag kommer hem och jag lämnar min lägenhet osedd och även om en toalett i någon av husets lägenheter inte skulle skvala och brusa i veckor, ingen skulle slå larm. Förr i tiden när folk bodde på landet var och en i sin lilla stuga och ganska långt från varandra, då hade folk koll på varandra. Om ingen rök hade synts i en stugas skorsten på två – tre dagar gick grannarna och kollade om det hade hänt något.

I was in the kitchen one day making an apple pie for one when I heard a quiet flowing sound in the pipes in the wall at my left and coming from a neighbor, upstairs so I believed. I hoped it was water flowing from the tap in they kitchen, but no – right after that followed the flushing sound from a toilet! So that’s how poorly sound-proofed it is in this house and my quiet new living, I noted while went on slicing the apple! But who tinkled, I don’t know – and the neighbor doesn’t know who I am either if they would hear me pee and flush my toilet.

It was no benefit for my cooking appetite, this. But I got the pie ready and brought it with my coffee to the living room. It didn’t taste so good though, but only because I had spiced with cayenne pepper instead of cinnamon. In the living room I often hear another neighbor cough and cough repeatedly on the other side of the wall. It sounds like she’s having a bad and long-lasting flu and I feel a bit guilty about watching TV after midnight, maybe disturbing the sick one.

I come home and leave my apartment unseen and even if my toilet would not flow and flash for weeks, no one would raise the alarm. In the old days when the most of the population lived at the countryside, each one family or loner in their cottage and a bit far from the others, people had a check on people around. If no smoke had was visible from a chimney cottage for two – three days, people made comments about it and neighbors went over to have a look if everything was okay or not.

Today, most of the western countries’ populations lives close to each other in cities (in Sweden almost 90%). We have what people didn’t have 75 years ago, a welfare state with social insurances providing the most basic needs for everyone. But you don’t know the neighbor next door, the one you incidentally may hear pee when you make an apple pie but still thereafter may die and stay undiscovered for months until the stench becomes unbearable in the stairwell; someone to call the landlord who call the police to break up the front door.

Joyce Carol Vincent

One reason a lonely death can be undiscovered for a longer time is “direct debit”. If you have a pension and a bank account with direct debit paying your rent and electricity and this can work long after you are dead. This kind circumstances around lonely death happens in Tokyo, New York, London and Stockholm.

This was what happened to young Joyce Carol Vincent, whom Carol Morley made a documentary about 2011.  And it even happened in my earlier living in an apartment house in the same small town as now a few years ago.

(I wrote a poem about this shocking experience and a woman reading my text wrote me assuming it was fiction and I told her back it was not and she got upset because I had wrote about it. I didn’t understand why and I still don’t? Lonely people avoiding others becomes invisible, but I think even grumpy loners deserves to be seen, or not? I still remember him, his name was Petersen.)

Another reason to become isolated while still alive and breathing is the Internet. Yes, I know it is said the Internet combats isolation and connect people and it is true – to some extend. But nowadays you can do your daily errands on the Internet: buy groceries, clothes and everything else you need, like order a pizza and pay your bills. You can even see a doctor online!

Yes, you can do almost everything online, never forced to meet anyone but the deliveryman. But you cannot get pregnant. And the only good with a dentist is you can’t get a tooth fixed on internet. And so far you can’t vote to the parliament on Internet. If you have good teeth and cut off your society and real and loving relationships you never have to leave your flat and you never have to meet another human in flesh before you are carried out by the funeral conveyors. Thus internet is a double-edged sword.

With Internet no one can touch you, but the modern society in which you live gets too vulnerable. This latter worries me a lot. Yet banks and authorities stubborn impose on us their services the Internet and it is impossible to find an office in the city to get to talk to a real clerk about any errand of yours. Never in flesh, hardly by phone “visit our website with your personal in log”, you are told! And I hate the thought that my personal medical record is online and if the electric or broadband is off (and it actually happens all the time!) I can’t get my medication at the pharmacy.

(Society’s expanded dependence on the Internet and the rulers’ blind trust in it and nativity or nonchalance regarding security routines is simply a catastrophe in certain coming. And further, I am convinced that the Internet will not exist forever but have its timeframe – and then in a future, where is then all the documentation constituting our societies? Gone! Back to the trees or the narrow caves, everyone! Well, it will at least solve the loneliness issues among us!)

But when psychologists (those writing information to you online, I’m thinking of) declare that Internet combats isolation and connects people, they refer to peoples private lives, not to any big effects on the society any of us live in. And it is true: you can get friends online. My social life is certainly online!

But I meet too often two types of “friends” on the internet: those who never can talk about sensitive and personal things but just claims that one should be “positive” and “happy” (and believe in God!) (and eat healthy) – and then those who just whine and whine about their lives as if they were the only ones having problems and shortcomings in life. And then there is the third type who writes nothing more “how are U” all the time. Therefore my friendships online are easy to make but never long lasting. Because even if I’m told I’m kind and tolerant and patient, I’m really not.

private photo my cat

And on this personal level – it is the lack of to talk to another person in flesh that makes people sick. Internet can NEVER replace that! Oh, you can get an animal – it’s a good idea as by touching a pet you can get healthier and cure much sadness and sorrows. But humans needs the touch from another living and warm human body to stay alive and to not become unhappy. Not even my lovely cat can replace another human that I can correspond with. Nature made the humans like that so we would survive as a species! To collaborate and seek protection in each other.

Loneliness can be okay really, but to feel shame of being lonely is not okay. Unfortunately loneliness in the modern society is very much connected to feelings of shame – and it should not be! The lonely one is as good as anyone else and if lonely people only could realize this they could live a pretty good life and join in wanted activities without hesitate of  shyness.

But to suffer from loneliness is maybe a kind of luxury, as it requires some developed welfare in a society for a single person to recognize this need of others and then to suffer the lack? So if you have your basic needs but yet suffer from loneliness, it’s just a symptom of the progress of your society? But I guess this statement by me gives no comfort to you? Well, it doesn’t make me happier either. But I’m a woman and as such I talk about phenomena with no aspirations of giving solutions. We just must talk to each other and never withdrawn from others in shame of what we experiences as shortcomings. It can be a suffering to be alone, but it is a concrete situation to deal with without negative and disease-causing feelings.

Around Christmas and New Year, it writes and talks about loneliness in magazines and on TV (in Sweden), as if it would be particularly more painful at these occasions to be alone at home! And “the society” (=people) seems to mean that loneliness is something that you must be cured of, like with head lice or something similar unpleasant! And it is also assumed easy done with right shampoo and to only join different social activities and events that’s around you, always are in the city.

I really don’t know if loneliness always needs to be “cured”?  I also don’t know why those better-knowing- for- others people believes that drinking coffee with someone you don’t have the least in common with, except loneliness, would be a pleasure? It is a pain, trust me on that! It’s just like going to a prostitute and then calling it a love affair, is it not? Well, that’s how I feel about it anyway! And those easy-fixers-better-knowing people, they forget you can feel extremely alone in a group of people!

Luckily we have in our societies something called “culture”, those collected experiences from centuries back expressed in different forms, which can compensate you who lives today. You have books to read there to meet like-minded you maybe can’t find in your living context. You may find yourself fulfilled study art or ancient architecture or train history. Or something else similar that’s meaningful to you. It is in this framework you also have the Internet as a rescuer in need.

Simple apple cake: Button a form. Slice and apple and crush some hazelnuts. Put apple slices, hazelnuts, cinnamon and bread crumbs in a small plastic bag and shake it all together and pour into the cake tin. (You can of course also spread the ingredients by hand in the oven dish.) Add a table spoon water to the bottom. Cover with sliced butter or a piece of oven foil. I spare the sugar as I’m a diabetic. It becomes a habit, live without add sweetness to life.

(Serve with low carb ice cream or vanilla sauce.)

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To have a voice and use it





To have a voice and use it. Connect with people or
separate and tear them apart. Spread love or hate.
Gain power for a purpose in good or evil. Give out
knowledge and open views, sharing hope and joy.
Or mislead others with words that are twisted and
dishonest, shrinking people into hopelessness and
despair and some kind of misery. To have a voice
but no one to talk to but the walls and the cat and
go to the grocery buying something only to be able
to say to the cashier “thank you, have a nice day”.
And she say “you too!” “You too” is a lovely phrase!




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I januari återvänder ljuset (January light)

I januari återvänder ljuset till landet
och hjärtan öppnar sina dunkla kamrar
och vädrar ut vinterns mörkertider och
jag – ja, jag tänker ju fortfarande på dig,
men undrar om jag lurar mig själv med
detta ihärdiga tänk och om det verkligen
finns några “om” och om det i så fall ska
ljusna också för oss, någonsin. Ja, januari
är liksom en massa nyväckta “om” och en
slags snövit andlöshet för det kommande:
Januari är ett annat ord för ”hopp”.

In January, the light returns to my country
and hearts open their shadowy chambers and
airs winter’s dark time – and me? Well, I’m still
thinking about you but wonder if I fool myself
with this and if there really are any “ifs” and if
so: will light be for us, ever? Yes, January back
is like revived “ifs” and snow-white breathtaking
expectations. January is another word for “hope”.


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Unhappy, although I’m loved (forget me not)





I’m unhappy, although I’m loved. And I tell myself
every day to be content with what I have, but that
doesn’t make me feel better. Unsatisfactions eats
my soul like mice making hole in a pantry wall, all
to consume my life assets – and leave poop behind.

And unlike lemons you can’t make juice of such!


Actually you can: google “How to be happy” and you get more than 5,3 million hits, but google “want to be unhappy” and you only get about 80 thousand hits and they are all about how to get over this (odd?) wish. In my thinking “Be happy” simply is a slogan to hit the head of others. Especially this is a slogan I get from Africans or people from parts of the world there people suffer worse than others with having no jobs and no money and no food and no toilets and no clean water but have war and war and war and misery and sicknesses and a lot of mental traumas of all sufferings – but which it is taboo to tell about. The same with to be unhappy, “God will help you” I’m told! No, thanks: I’m happy I was born in Sweden there mental illness is not a shame and not a blame and melancholy is a famed national mood. But even here is unhappiness a state of mind you simply must want to cure, not to let your melancholy flourish. (Even if science nowadays knows creativity dwells in the same cup as depression and even only low you need your downs to reload your batteries.) But overall it’s “a must” to be happy – or at least you must want to strive to get it.

Therefore, I conclude that being unhappy and unsatisfied must be a revolutionary act!

Thus – I wake up in mornings being a pitch black revolutionary and I go blue to bed at night as a liberal, torn apart over myself as I only only get older and older, becoming 70 this year and soon I will be dead and yet I have not done anything of my life!  😦  Yeah, that’s the core of my bad mood and dissatisfaction with myself. 😦






niezapominajki is Polish and means forget-me-nots



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And next year with you

dailymail.co.uk photos WorldWarII





I said, next year with you wherever you are
and whatever will be. The future is anyway
off and it has with no mercy closed its gates
for me (us). But we have what we have and
then we turn around and see the other one
and a love we cannot flee but only embrace.


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A gift to myself


Winter chill, again. Got my body pains back, again.
Woke up in night, now again. And couldn’t go back
to sleep. Then I thought about other waken nights
missing someone, trying to keep it up and all years
passing. No gain. Sudden at random a rare thought
sneaked through the grid gates of my fortress mind:
“What if I would do something kind to myself?” Once
comen, the thought can’t leave but stays in my mind.





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Free ticket to Erdogan?

Trump and Erdogan in May 16, 2017

After the two last awful years living in the worl and trying to cope with it – now 1919 will come – and yes asking, what will come next?

President Trump announces American troops will leave Syria, claiming ISIS now is defeated. Which of course is his kind of “news”.

The tragic truth is that the United States intends to abandon its allies in the war, the Kurdish forces. And Putin applauds this decision that only will become a mass murder of the Kurds, Erdogan fulfilling his wet dream of killing all the kurds that exists.

The leaders of present time, they are disgusting people who lack all morals and common sense and destroy the lives of the vast majority of people on this earth. Terrible!

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If I’ve lost you, I’ve lost you!

photo by vonnely Feb 3 2014, the pond nearby my home

You have been a fortnight offline.
And if I’ve lost you, I’ve lost you.
I don’t cry but I don’t smile either.
It snows when I lower the blinds
in the afternoon. It snows when
I raise them in morning. Nothing
between. Yet my eyes are dry and
tired. It’s December, and it will be
darker and colder before the light
returns. But soon a new year will
come, blank and unwritten. I’m not
blank or unwritten, nor young. But
still I stay whole my day in front of
the screen, waiting. Well, I’m okay.
Have no complains. But the silence
here is deafening. It’s your birthday
today. Yes, I do remember! Do you?






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Vanity dreams getting you








To have someone special in your mind is not the same
as to have that person in your life. No, it’s not! Time is
passing and I fear you and I, we are drifting apart. Was
it all just vanity wishes and could we have done better?
But perhaps no harm done? As dreams may make life
a little easier to live? But if the dreams shows up to be
just delusions in one single mind? It would be too sad
and hard and for me as for anyone else, denial would
come before truth. But wherever you go, I’m with you
in my mind, walking in your direction on my sore feet
and I’m singing my vanity dreams, pure or out of tune.


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A real life that’s not poetry




Now last he told he’ll be out of work once again
and it annoyed me a lot, as it’s like he lives from
one day to another, having no plan that includes
me in a future, but having a mind full of narrow
disagreements. But once he said “I wonder if it
will be like this forever, if we ever will be able to
meet and if we ever get a chans to be together.
And I said “your love will anyhow come famous
from the many poems written by me, so far real
as we can be”. But he said, “I don’t care if to be
literature or any about your writing. I just want
to be a real person in a life that’s real with you”.




The water tower nearby the house where I nowadays live, enlightened a previous year before my time at Valentine’s day. Image copied from the website tindradesign.nu





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Igloo wish, December knocking


I do wish you the best: a better job,
safe with good salary and a future,
a home that’s warm, loving woman
a couple of kids and a good health.
But if you still will say you just want
me, I will give you all what you want.
If so leave my cozy liberated igloo to
live in a poor tent in desert with you.






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Cold November (Snow bunting song)

(On November 24)  November Snow

November is now snowing outside my windows,
but where are you in the night so dark and cold?
I live near the Arctic Circle, feeling lonely and old:
when will you come to my Nordic latitude and to
my lone bed to heat my feet and swing my soul?
Tell a snow bunting who misses her summer love!


(On November 27)  Minus, bright Sun

minus and cold
no gloom but bright
sun on short visit at noon
woolen socks, tea in a mug
and an easy chair waiting for you





I have never seen a snow buting and didn’t know about this species before reading on the web about it. But the nature in the video below looks just the same as there I live in Sweden. But it’s from Ontario, Canada, recorded on a train travel. Beautiful scenery! 🙂

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Evening call in morning light

I miss so much, you to be present
with me. Your smile when you gets
your eyes on me on the screen is just
stunning, your gentle voice makes me
smile and so do your tender touch, if so
only imagined and in my dreams. I’m so
happy we found each other: this is a true
miracle: mutual love – if so on a distance!

Yet, morning comes with hard bright light.
I’m not young and lovely anymore, but old
and idle and walking with a cane while you
still have your young needs, and what may
be for you nothing more than a body for it,
you think you do not have to tell me as it
would only upset me. But, we can all find
online the silver lining that makes our grey
daily life bearable. What was real, we may
never get to know. And happiness is a
choice. Well, that’s what I’m told.



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Grayest November in Sweden


Hidden hate in my heart in Stockholm Sweden in greyest November with
daylight less than 8 hours, keep the flame. That’s when an official explains
to me how an expandable and adjustable shower curtain rod works. “Buy
on IKEA” I’m advised. And I simply hate Sweden and the Swedes! So much!

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Life and love


It’s easy understanding love get difficulties to
survive in daily life for those poor who hardly
have money for the day and are forced to live
in a pitiful hut there rain comes freely through
an airy roof, no protection against heat or cold
or bad and bullied by a cold world without any
compassion for the small and vulnerable. Love
and tenderness comes into trouble, yes!

But if you have your basic needs if so barely but
still can chose to eat food you like, have decent
clothes, a heated house and a door of your own
to lock out what’s unwanted – and yet not have
someone who loves you and makes your heart
beat harder? How is life then for you?

You wish you could be contented with what you
have, as those “know-how” people advice you to,
but your heart is sad and gives you no peace and
you begin to feel unhappy every woken moment,
tempted thinking you could easily leave your safe
life only to get love in life – if so forced to live in a
hut! It would be alright with “the rest”.

Most don’t believe in that and don’t live like that,
but strive for money and status and fame and good
pensions and they look down at those who do not,
thinking they are romantic and weak fools, having
no goals for life. But nothing can matters more than
getting to sleep close to a loved one’s warm body.

I’m haunted by the unhappiness in my soul that asks
me all the time: What is the point of waking up alone
every morning and face life without you? Nada!


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Moving into gloomy November


Two weeks not a word from you is a very long time,
two weeks at a new place is too short to feel home.
I’m tired and worn out after all hassle with the move
and I wonders about you, maybe you’re on another
road and direction while I’m stuck here in dead end
resting in an easy chair at a window with a new but
narrow view. It’s a back street with a row of houses
having windows blindly staring back at me in a dark
gloomy damp November fog that embrace the street
and the people passing by. Trees now lose their last
golden leaves in rainy missing tears and indoors in
a new silence, I’m sailing in my mind into the dense
and greyish white mute fog wall out there, telling me
nothing about how it gets or about you. Oh, I’m just
fine, I can’t complain, have what I need. But I miss
you though. I wake early before dawn feeling lonely
as ever and gets sad over my constant everlasting
loneliness. True, you can move to a new apartment,
but never move from yourself. But a Sunday during
my afternoon nap the phone wakes me and it’s you
asking why I been absent lately not given one word
to you. Oh smile! You’re my gleam of light in gloom!
You’re the bird I don’t have in my hand but sings in
a bush only for me. Your’e my lonely longing and I’m
your desire. Come gloomy November or lovely May!





photo private by vonnely November 11, 2013

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The need to create holiness (Save Our Souls!)

If there is no Paradise, then it’s truly urgent we invent
such a space having power to provide forgiveness for
all the evil deeds we are forced to witness in our time
and to an extent we can hardly cope with it anymore:
our confused hearts in despair and our eyes feels like
burned in fire! And if there is no God, then we have to
create that living holiness in our hearts, this to survive
and remain as sentient and loving individuals. It’s you
and I and we all! What we gave, money cannot tell.

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Voices speaking to the melancholy Swedish soul

It’s the underlying lost melancholy white tune in
Springsteen and Harris voices beyond any lyrics,
music sets and genres. It sneaks out on you, forces
itself on you, it’s you far from forged reality grilles.
And it tells of the sad gloom in my Swedish soul.
With roots in times long gone, still that sad poor
country maid with no future walk to and fro her
milking and kitchen duties, while she secretly is
dreaming of a lost love that’s never been. Bound
to class poverty, misused by some master behind
a matron’s back, poor girl join the single mothers’
army in shame far from the church blessing and
favors. She shows up a hundred years later still
in dreams and with her eyes stinging in front of
her laptop screen’s seductive and pale light. She
gets nausea of the smell of poverty cabbage soup
just like the daughter of Indra in the Strindberg
drama. But dresses in blue for a Saturday dance
and a love to come and life to finally begin before
it ends up. Because if we have nothing at all, we
must at least have dreams something can come to
be, that life is possible and has a meaning of any
kind. And behind the reality grilles melancholic
voices sings, covert tunes of white pain in the wells
of our souls, those rare tunes carried out by bards
that becomes blessed and raised by those drunken
and screaming crowds. And it never comes real. We
stretches towards the other, but all we ever share is
the loneliness in our lost sad souls. And we are all
the lonely cowboy riding headed for her sundown.

Till vänster: Troligen är detta lillpigan Signe Desideria Säfström (1884 i Vaksala) och arbetsgivaren Lundins dotter Hedvig Helena på Johannesberg i Funbo. Signe Desideria Säfström flyttade därifrån den 24 oktober 1900. Foto: Johan Lundin. Bild från Upplandsmuseet. Public Domain.
Till höger: Två pigor utan namn hos patron Wallmark på Hällevadsholms gård den 2 juli 1923. Foto: Oscar Färdig. Bild från Bohusläns Museum. Public Domain.


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And if!

photo by vonelly, the path to the ponds nearby my home, October 17, 2016

And if one day my hands cannot reach for you
and you will be gone or never came my way, my
heart will still reach out for you. And if one day
my eyes cannot catch you anymore, the image
of your dear face will still linger in my memory.
And if one day your ears will not hear me call
for you, the stars above us will still sing songs
about a love and trust you made me believe in.


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Dead Queen, City of Stockholm

Members of the Swedish Academy in December 2017


Do not breathe the air in my capital, Stockholm city, be-
cause it is poisoned by the stifling stench of inbreeding!
Close eyes and ears to the city’s leading priestesses, all
blindly anchored in their middleclass crotches while they
vicious chanting songs denying your juicy ripe tempting
power of love. Avoid those rapists’ phallus courts never
giving you justice. We live in dangerous times: if ever a
Garden of Eden, it’ll be somewhere else. You’ll never find
your Tyche in the headlights at the Mount Parnassus, it’s
simply eerie fame. See, free to be is an African girl who
can walk to school with her book and secret cup of blood,
she smiles and sings with no fear: eyes open living hope.


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“On behalf of our nation…”


Trump at Ceremonial Swearing In at Ovale room White House. October 8, 2018

Following quoted from realclearpolitics.com October 8, 2018

“Members of Congress, members of the Cabinet, honored guests, and fellow Americans: It is my privilege to address you tonight from the East Room of the White House.

We are gathered together this evening for a truly momentous occasion. I have long been told that the most important decision a President can make is the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice. Well, in just a few moments, we will proudly swear in the newest member of the United States Supreme Court: Justice Brett Kavanaugh. …”

“…Very special and treasured guests tonight are Justice K about the “real” reasons why she resigns. I have certainly no idea, but I’m pretty sureTrump didn’t knew 6 months ago that she would leave her post and that he was as surprised as everyone else. Because, if he had known about it for so long, he would by now have had someone to replace her and would present that person at the same occation as now.’s amazing wife, Ashley. Thank you, Ashley. (Applause.) And their two beautiful daughters, Margaret and Liza. Thank you. (Applause.) And we are also joined by Justice Kavanaugh’s mom and dad, Martha and Ed. Thank you. (Applause.)

I would like to begin tonight’s proceeding differently than perhaps any other event of such magnitude. On behalf of our nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure. …”

“… Those who step forward to serve our country deserve a fair and dignified evaluation, not a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception. What happened to the Kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency, and due process.

Our country, a man or woman must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. (Applause.) And with that, I must state that you, sir, under historic scrutiny, were proven innocent. Thank you. (Applause.) You were. Thank you very much. (Inaudible.)

Margaret and Liza, your father is a great man. He is a man of decency, character, kindness, and courage who has devoted his life to serving his fellow citizens. And now, from the bench of our nation’s highest court, your father will defend the eternal rights and freedoms of all Americans. You know that. (Applause.) …”

October 9, 2018
Quote from edition.ccn.com

“Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has resigned and will leave her post by the end of the year.

Sitting side-by-side in the Oval Office, Trump praised Haley as a “fantastic person” who has “done an incredible job” and said he would gladly welcome her back into his administration down the line.
“She’s done a fantastic job and we’ve done a fantastic job together. We’ve solved a lot of problems and we’re in the process of solving a lot of problems,” Trump said.
“She told me probably six months ago, ‘You know maybe at end of the year — at the end of the two year period — but by the end of the year I want to take a little time off, I want to take a break,'” he added. …”

There are speculations about the “real” reasons why she resigns. I have certainly no idea (but a thought!). I pretty sure Trump didn’t knew 6 months ago that she would leave her post and that he was as surprised as everyone else. Because, if he had known about it for so long, then he would already have chosen someone to replace her, and he would have presented that person at the same time as Kelly announced her resignation.

About the big drama at the Hearings before the election of  Kavanaugh as a judge, I’m just a confused person coming far away from – wide-eyed happy we have not such odd performances in Sweden…!

art performance by Mattias Norström, Stockholm

Well, the scandals around The Swedish Academy may be of the same caliber? 😦 (Maybe The Swedish Acadamy will with time regain its reputation abroad far  from Scandinavia, but hardly locally in Sweden for “the (wo-)man on the street”. But it wouldn’t surprise me if with US’s Supremes Court, this scandal will roll off it like water on a goose, don’t you think?)


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Impossible love


When I think of him (all the time!)… there’s not so much about having distinct thoughts as about a constant inner awareness, perceiving his existence. He is a living presence in my soul. Living streaming water…

But when this underlying constant awareness of him occasionally reaches my conscious thinking during the day, I begin to think explicit shaped thoughts of him. At first just some sweet and smiling thoughts about him…

…but then comes the great, grown and rational and mouthful self, walking with big feet and taking over my mind having a whole Santa bag full with sensible doubts neat and tidy packed. And this giant delivers me sensible gifted thoughts about obstacles getting what I want to have in my life (him), thoughts that crumbles hopes to be at all able to strive for what I desire. But Santa points out for me I should become sensible and put my energy on what is realistic.

Because my lover I’m told, he’s a totally impossible love object in my part of the world, he just doesn’t fit in! “Birds of a feather stick together.” So if we would like to live together: well, it would just be impossible to make it work! When got to know his opinions and morals and deeds: simply impossible to put up with! And the quarrels we have had because of our differences (those he prefer to call “misunderstandings”): impossible to keep on with, it’s simply unhealthy! Thus, the gaps in age/culture/religions: it all together totally impossible, end of story! And a last stone to overturn the wagon of hope and faith and dreams: what would people think – if they knew! It would turn out to be an impossible everyday life for us both!

So after all these big thoughts from my superego I tell myself, “you see now: it’s impossible and you are crazy if you believe something else, so do yourself a favor and forget about him!” And I hoist that proud flag for a week. (More likely it’s not more than about five day at most I can stand this…).

Because after a few days I becomes so depressed and unhappy, feeling alone as in a ditch of darkness and mud: that’s life “without him!” So I’m calling. And he is always there! It seems impossible that he can be, but he actually is. It’s because he loves me, he has told me. He will love me forever, he has told me.

Every smug person are welcome to think I’m naive. But after a couple of years giving attention to “sensible” and depressing thoughts, I just have to give up such gloomy ruminating: I can’t cope with that kind of “common sense”! That’s what’s impossible to live with!

Now I try to relax and  learn to swim in my warm and romantic feelings for him: as he actually is there in my life – and I try to learn to avoid those troubled thoughts about how impossible this love is and just try to teach myself to allow it to be – whatever outcome. Common sense can’t feed my soul and heart, but he can – and if common sense were all we could get in life, then we would all be like living dead.


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Young longing

Jag har en åldrad kvinnas hud
och en krigares ärrade hjärta
men min unga längtan är bara
du; dina händers hängivenhet

I have the skin of an aging woman
and the scarred heart of a warrior
but my young longing is only you;
the devotion in your hands


Summer dreams, Aldo Luongo

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Chinese drama, Internet use and Swedish matters of the heart

Skogskyrkogården, Forest churchyard outside Stocholm City

According to Swedish newspapers reports in September were public institutions in Sweden such as Sweden’s television and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs exposed to massive attacks by Chinese internet trolls. The affected have confirmed that “an increased activity has been noted” on such forums as Facebook, email and Twitter but did not tell more about the extent and effect of those hostile attacks or how they handle the situation.

What triggered this situation is the story about three Chinese tourists who arrived at their hostel (hotel or hostel) in Stockholm in early September one day before they had booked rooms, but still wanted access to the rooms. When the hostel staff relentlessly rejected this demand it all end up in a big drama – finally a police patrol had to remove the tourists, first from the hotel and then from the street outside the hotel. The police patrol dumped the violent tourists outside the city on a road next a churchyard, Stockholm’s Skogskyrkogård (Stockholm Forest Churchyard).

This is actually what Swedish police units usually do with disturbing people at public places: take them in the police car and dry todrop them off at the countryside. This method can be discussed: if it is appropriate to dump troubled people outside town without checking if they have opportunities to get home or are suitably dressed for the season in a Nordic zone. But it can hardly be described as “police brutality”. Rather like a show of Chinese “drama queens”!

It has been speculations about this incident and furthermore about the following massive and aggressive reactions from China, state and embassy and Chinese media. One theory is it was a kind of “culture conflict” as this kind of dramatic behaviour would be very strange and awkward for Swedish people. But I think few in Sweden beleives in that. Another theory and more credible,  is that has a background in that the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has requested book publisher Gui Minhai to be freed from the Chinese jail.

In short he is a Swedish citizen of Chinese ethnicity, who from his home in Thailand has published books critical to the Chinese dictatorship. He was kidnapped and imprisoned in 2015, released in 2017 and then kidnapped again in 2018.  His health is so weak he is at risk of to dye, as denied medical treatment and visitors, isolated and handed over to the Chinese dragon’s reckless jaws.

Whatever authenticity of the tourists’ story in a dilemma, the local media reports in China have make impressions among its own public and upset common Chinese people telling they never ever want to visit Sweden as tourists. Well… who wants them?!

The  Chinese reactions to the hotel incident is one example how Chinese agencies and authorities act aggressively in Europe: by spying on Chinese people living abroad, by internet trolling, by trade, by buying military interesting ports and having ownership in multinational corporations stated in Sweden and abroad (like AB VOLVO) and by official offensive political pressures and threats.

VOLVO – for those who don’t know – is a Swedish multinational manufacturing company and its core activity is the production, distribution and sale of trucks, buses and construction equipment, Volvo also supplies marine and industrial drive systems and financial services. In 2016, it was the world’s second largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. (Wikipedia)

AB VOLVO is based in 18 countries and has 100 000 employees. A private Chinese company (Geely) is the major shareholder. The Volvo Group  trains its employees all over the world in “the right behavior” (Code of Conduct)  – and in promoting “human rights” through a computer game.

I don’t know anything about computer game uses as I’ve never come near a computer game even less used one. To me as belonging to an older generation grown up with celluloid dolls and wooden toy trains and Enid Blyton’s children books, this “Code of Conduct”  sounds like some kind of brainwashing. This even more as I consider moral and ethics to be something that’s incorporated into one’s personality and therefore much more basic than to learn to perform what the group you belong to and have around consider to be appropriate behavior. Even a sociopath or an autistic person can learn to performe proper acts in front of a groups eyes.

But a big company must have tools to act against misconduct. And it is really good those bad apples that must be among 100 thousand co-workers knows what applies.

And the Chinese on whatever level are probably okay with it even if it includes such mysterious luxury as “human rights” (whatever that can be, they might think?), but they are familiar with training people to right thinking and are even more pleased with “retrain” Muslims in their re-education camps.* And the big man himself is a product of retraining as spending years of his youth in Chinese retraining camps, not to forget.

(Last on news (5 – 6 October) about the Chinese repressive actions is the report the President of Interpol Meng Hongwei disappeared without a trace during a trip to China. His family hasn’t of him since September 25.)

När man talar om trollen så står de i farstun (it’s an old Swedish saying = “speak of the trolls and you have them standing in the hall”, it’s a warning not to talk about evil things, but it is also told from ancient times: trolls, they crack and die of the


“Let there be light” then!

The invention of Internet opened the world for people everywhere and became a door opener and a meeting point. But now Internet is partly captured by dubious and dark interests. Therefore has the internet become a possible danger for the indiviual user such as you and I, as being an arena for extremist political propaganda, pornography traps, spamming and scamming and it’s done by using sneak paths, skillfully fooling our minds.

The questions to ask are like: Can an individual and free thinking be possible to create in today’s world? Is the  fundamental need in the human to trust others possible to hold?  How do you avoid to become cynical but to keep your heart’s welfare, its joy and lovingcapacity? “All you need is love” easy said!

Both Russia and China wage a massive cultural war against individuals and governments in Europe (and the US) with their known troll factories. And from my local and maybe limited level I see them as more dangerous for the Swedish democracy than the national nationalist party “Swedish Democrats” (commonly named “SD”). This party who received 17.5% of the votes in the last election in September this year – which worries many who dislike their harsh immigrant rhetoric. (Which is an overwhelming majority of the Swedish people, that’s good to remember!)

A digression from the main subject


I know of course that we have more dangers for our democratic values in front of us than from China and Russia, like the white power movement lead by that T-rex fellow Steve Bannon and his friends, having the goal to destroy EU and the liberal democracies in Europe. But not even the nationalistic and conservative Swedish party “SD” want to join them, as they so obvious carry the signs of the plague. We have also the danger from the Turkish President Erdogan, intruding in European countries.

About 100 000 Turks lives in Sweden – in fear for Erdogan’s secret agents. Likewise we have the same danger coming from Iran, who spy and threat people with roots in Iran but now lives in Europe. But this criminal and nasty activities are less depended on internet control but are more of physical nature, concrete and life threating, coming from neighbors and members and leaders at Mosques. (True believers must nowadays find Allah in their homes as the sons of the devil ockupies the houses of holiness.)

Four Russian hackers were the other day deported from Netherlands and charged in US. It’s the same kind of ruthless crooks like those who so cruel and scary poisoned people within the British borders! “Because we can”?

Those kind of monsters are certainly more dangerous and scary than young Chinese students getting pocket money to work as internet trolls. Even if they are as many and diligent as ants in an anthill.

Hugo vad der Goes (ca 1440 – 1498) The fall of Adam and Eve


I’m happy to live in Sweden. It’s not a Paradise on earth, but Sweden is a developed democracy with a rule of law. All people, regardless of what they are, have the same rights and they are legally protected from discrimination.

But for about 10 – 12 % of the Swedish citizens  are those legal rights more a paper statement than living proof as they have their roots abroad. Still the fact is, those foreigners who come to Sweden and threaten people steady living here, they commit a crime on Swedish ground. It means Erdogan is a criminal and if I were Angela Merkel I would not shake his hand without spit in my own first.

To return from this digression, back to the Internet perspective:

What worries me for my Swedish society is that we Swedes and especially the Swedish authorities are such ingénues, especially regarding to the use of IT and about caring for the IT security and getting knowledge about it.

Our society is almost completely digitized. And as modern warfare looks, it means our society is terribly vulnerable. It’s said in today society is not about weapon and traditional military equipment. We live in a culture war.

*I use the term “culture war” as Christopher Wylie expalin it, check him on youtube and The Guardian
*Cambridge Analytica whistleblower: ‘We spent $1m harvesting millions of Facebook profiles’.

ÖB, General Micael Bydén

Swedish ÖB (Swedish Chief of Staff of the Army) can dance on Pride and sing “Suspicious Mind” all in order not only to fight prejudices but also take advantage of the opportunity to promote more money and political support for the Army Forces and its needed reconstruction. But we need more Must and not more machine guns and soldiers. I’m of course proud of him for his Pride performance. But we need (more of) a security service that detects all the spies threats from states like Russia, China and Turkey (and others) operating in Sweden.

(“Must” is a shortening for the” Swedish military intelligence and security service”.)

The IT Scandal

An interview with the Prime Minister at the time, Stefan Löfven: Transport Agency data breach is a “train wreck” Swedish broadcast interview24 juli 2017

We had the IT scandal this year revealing that technicians in the Czech Republic, Romania and without security had for the last years access to almost all of the Sweden’s infrastructures, including names and addresses of people with a protected identity or other sensitive identities, like military security agents.

When the scandal was a fact (at last) and media chased the ministers for responses, the Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson said to the journalists nothing suggested that any secret information had leaked. Of course not! No one can ever see if it has happened!

The media had difficulties long to make proper researches of this and they experienced it such as officials tried to put the lid on. But then the Constitutional Committee (KU) grounded in the parliament, criticized the government for handling the so-called IT scandal at the Transport Agency, not only for inaccuracies in the management of IT operations but also that the information inside the government was unclear, meaning politicians and their officials couldn’t inform or avoid to inform each who should have known about the delicate situation.

Those people responsible for our country and the safety of the ten millions citizens in this country, was not responsible at all. But this all began during the previous bourgeois government led by the former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who ordered the outsourcing of our IT security formering, this in order to save money. But of course also for political reason, because for a conservative government private enterprise is better and more pleasing than a state ownership, even when it comes to the country’s security issues.

Three ministers were required to resign, but the Prime Minister fired two. The Minister of Home Affairs, Anders Ygeman was kicked aloft: as he became the group leader in the parliament for the Social Democrat group. He became then more visible than the prime minister himself at press conferences. After the election now in September this year, he is even more in power and visible. (He seems to be preparing to become the next party leader.)

So in the Social Democrats Party leaders became rewarded when they have committed failures. Thus it seems the Social Democrats protect their own leaders, not their voters.

The Minister of Infrastructure Anna Johansson was also fired form her post. Only three weeks after the election now in September, she was appointed as chairman of the labor market committee in parliament.

I got a shock reading this last in a newspaper – and that’s the reason for I at all write this blogpost: I’ve voted for this party and even if it was a tactic vote, I now I felt scrupulously deceived. Stupid me! But if I am still alive at the next election, I will not vote the same again, that’s for sure!

Thus… in the Social Democratic Party, claiming to represent the vast mass of wage earners and low-income earners and has done since 1800s, the representing leaders who misconduct are rewarded with other top jobs. Not to mention the former workers’ representatives, who after to their political missions, turn to jobs in business to then retire as millionaires. It stick in one’s craw!

Social Democrats are no longer the people’s party. All they want is to have and maintain political power and to be richly rewarded for it.

The Swedish populist political party, the Swedish Democrates (SD)

It is in this perspective to see the success of the nationalist party in the last election, September 2018. Representatives of the party can say idiotic things about ethnicity to the media, in their own media and at election speches and in the parliament. Their supporters may write horrible and/or stupid things on internet blogs and they have a lot of shady news magazines, and always creating new ones having an internet war for “alternative” truths.

But their success is due to the fact that common people are dissatisfied with the politics that has been conducted the latest decades, especially by the Social Democratic Party, but also the other established parties. People voted for nationalistic and populistic Swedish Democrats (SD), not for liking their agenda but because of the frustration with the politics overall.

One can call SD for a racist, nationalist, Populist Party or whatever given derogatory epithet. It’s all correct! But it won’t change the fact it has become a parliament party through which they disappointed and neglected in the society show their dissatisfaction. It’s a watch up, really!

Unfortunately are the politicians in this party hardly capable or interested in taking care of this dissatisfaction among people, but using it only looking for their own interests.

Our votes are simply wasted as garbage. Should we then follow (Voltaire’s novel character) Candide’s advice, end listening to the silly talks in the public space, such false and quasi-philosophical lectures about what creates happy minds, bullshit frankly – and devote us to the own garden and its needs of care?

How to handle strong frustration, “me” contra “society”?

Voltaire, French writer and philosopher, living 1694 -1778

I have since spring or before, struggled with increasing feelings of gloomy frustration about the social climate today, not at all being comfortable be in present times. Then Voltaire’s novel “Candide” came to my mind.

Candide’s conclusion is that one should ignore populist and falsity lectures and talks about “the world”, but take care of what you have for hand, your garden. And I wondered (as many reader of the novel before and after me) what it could mean in practice (especially for me) and the consequences of this advice: should we all turn our backs to society and leave it to their place fate in the hands of greedy and / or antidemocratic interests? Or what?

It may sound a bit strange and farfetched, but I got a kind of an answer that freed me from the valley of hopelessness and depression when I happened to see a video on Youtube. It shows the rescue of mountain lion kept as a circus animal and chained at the back of a pickup for 20 years. It was freed by a group of Animal Defenders International (ADI).

This unselfish work for saving an animal brought light back to me and drew me out of my low mood. What could give you the same relief – I do not know! But there is always a way and a door to freedom. We are born as moral beings, reaching for others’ wellbeing.

Quote 1 “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Nelson Mandela

Quote 2 “It is not possible to be in favor of justice for some people and not be in favor of justice for all people.” Martin Luther King Jr.

For sure, to vote in elections for a conservative populist and dissatisfaction party is absolutely not an option. The bigmouthed populists want to close the doors and borders between people and countries. It’s not the right way. But we need to shut down the opportunities to misuse the Internet and prevent companies from rob people and nature for profit and we need to open the doors between people, giving welfare, knowledge sharing and freedom for everyone. This includes the homosexuals in Africa and Asia – and Russia (whatever comes from there)!


Animal Defenders International (ADI)
Last Chance for Animals (LCA)


We’re caught in a trap
I can’t walk out
Because I love you too much, baby
Why can’t you see
What you’re doing to me
When you don’t believe a word I say?
We can’t go on together
With suspicious minds (suspicious minds)
And we can’t build our dreams
On suspicious minds

* Want to know more about Chinese retraining camps ? google Human Rights Watch web page:


September 9, 2018
“Eradicating Ideological Viruses”
China’s Campaign of Repression Against Xinjiang’s Muslims

The quote below from this report by Human Rights Watch:

In many ways, the treatment of all Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang – those held inside detention facilities and those ostensibly free – bears disturbing similarities. Inside political education camps, detainees are forced to learn Mandarin Chinese, sing praises of the Chinese Communist Party, and memorize rules applicable primarily to Turkic Muslims. Those outside the camps are required to attend weekly, or even daily, Chinese flag-raising ceremonies, political indoctrination meetings, and at times Mandarin classes. Detainees are told they may not be allowed to leave the camps unless they have learned over 1,000 Chinese characters or are otherwise deemed to have become loyal Chinese subjects; Turkic Muslims living outside are subjected to movement restrictions ranging from house arrest, to being barred from leaving their locales, to being prevented from leaving the country. Inside, people are punished for peacefully practicing religion; outside, the government’s religious restrictions are so stringent that it has effectively outlawed Islam. Inside, people are closely watched by guards and are barred from contacting their families and friends. Those living in their homes are watched by their neighbors, officials, and tech-enabled mass surveillance systems, and are not allowed to contact those in foreign countries.

A  Swedish report: sns.se/aktuellt/sns-analys-nr-51-kinas-medier-politik-och-ekonomi/

China works on all levels, latest news: the President of Interpol  Meng Hongwei stationed in France has vanished during a visit to China.

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Dreamy lovers






If you are awake now, I’m certain you think of me.
If you sleep, I’m certain that you dream about me.
If you were here, our dream would be true reality
and our reality as we dream it should be. You still
want me and even if real meetings would not be as
we expected: in dreams we reach each other again.

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Moving, still steady

photo by vonnely November 18, 2017

I’ve lived in this house for ten years but
for the last years I’ve mostly been online,
it all while I tried to shake off my feelings
of wearing a cooling suit of loneliness and
desolation. Solitude has for long been my
curse and in times of despair I’ve wonder
why I’ve to suffer such burden and shame.
Sadness stays my only steady companion.

I’ll move to another house not far but still a
different road. But I fear I’ll repeat the same
pattern and a change will never come to me,
my love forever a dream never coming true.
But what he told me is true: that we became
lovers isn’t a miracle, the miracle is to meet.
Hope stays with us: a bright dot in dark, but
sadness stays as my only steady companion.

Now in process of leaving, a rearview mirror
has come to my eyes and I see the beautiful
surrounding nature here has fooled me my
loneliness and sadness were only a state of
mind and not for real. I’ve tried to be happy
and lived here long I know every tree but not
one single person, sadness my companion.
But I write about it because we are so many.

These alienated and cold neighbors around,
they can’t afford to give others a “hello, how
are you”: some lonely renters here have died
all alone only to be detected only by the smell
and then to be discreetly transported away in
slowly driving ambulances, not to bother any.
And sadness has been my steady companion,
while I combated bitterness, hate and grief.

But I’ve met a man and he insists on loving me
beyond what’s common and sensible. He lives
far away but he has also a steady place in my
heart. His love melts my frozen soul like butter
melts on hot toast and causing me little smiles
come to dance on my lips. Similarly, his friends
asks why he smiles so strange, but he can’t tell.
Sad to be apart, we’re still steady companions.


photo vonnely July 21, 2018, my present living

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Dark chocolate love

And whenever we’ll meet I’ll offer you a piece
of dark chocolate and a cup of coffee. If you’re
hungry I’ll make you something to eat and if
you’re tired I’ll give you a bed to rest. But my
heart I’ve already given to you. It rests in you
wherever you go like my heart rests in you.

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Dancing smile

Standing in my kitchen, spreading butter
on a slice of toasted bread sprinkled with
poppy seeds and suddenly I sense a little
shy smile dancing on my lips: oh, it’s him
on my mind! I once melted like butter on
toast for his tender feelings to me. And it
lasts: his hot love that makes these little
modest smiles come to dance on my lips.

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So.. what happened in Sweden this Tuesday?

The Prime Minister was voted out of his post today. The new Speaker of the Parliament will now organize and lead the preparing talks with the party leaders in order to choose a candidate  for a new Prime Minister post with the task to form and lead the new government.

It will not be easy as there is 143 members for one bloc (four bourgeois parties united in “the Alliance”) and 144 for the other (two socialistic parties and one green party in cooperation). The third bloc is the nationalist party (the Swedish Democrats, common shortening to SD) has 62 members.

This third bloc act thumb on the scale, having demands to get power and influence. To enforce their demands they have promised to vote down every try to elect a new Prime Minister and later on make a new government unable to work on its budget – i.e. if they not get influence and power in the coming governemnt: primary over the migration politics.

The yesterday elections of the Speaker and his deputies will not have an effect on the coming government’s politic. Given these post the Speaker gains higher rank than all other member of Parliament, but he can’t longer act politically,  just be a moderator for the whole Parliament in work. Yet the process performed during yesterday elections for the new Speaker and his deputies showed that the majority of the parliament parties can handle this outsider extremist party with some cleverness and discrete cooperation. I think that is good and a bit promising for the coming four years.

Of more importance this day is that a law was clubbed, determining that a number of young people of Afghan origin will receive temporary asylum to finish their high school studies in Sweden. Those youngsters has lived in a hellish inhumane limbo of hope and despair the last few years, supported only in the daily life by voluntary groups of Swedes. But EU might will suspend this law.

More: the Chinese government has complained to Foreign Ministry about a satire program in Swedish TV. Given China’s treatment of Muslims in the country, it’s amusing anything from Sweden has annoyed the Chinese government. But the criticized satire program is actually not good and not at all fun but stupid – in my opinion. And I don’t waste my time watching such crap, but a trailer has been shown at the news when reporting about China’s official protest – and to me this satire seems tasteless, prejudiced and racist – just like the protest tells. But for China’s government there will probably be an upsetting discovery that the government in Sweden is not in control over any media. What a surprise for a brainwashing totalitarian dictatorship!

Further this Tuesday: I read today a chronicle written by an experienced journalist and political commentator. Just that she is such an experienced and well-known journalist and political commentator makes her text so shocking to read. She in her turn is upset that the racist party are maneuvered in the parliament by the other parties, saying that this is the end of our democracy and she fears the worse for Sweden in future.

This, she argues, is because we do not give the extremist party (SD) in the Parliament its rightful influence and we do it, so she says, because “we do not like their opinions.”

Now you well-educated middle class and middle age white lady woman: racism and oppression against others are not having “opinions”! It’s to strive to deny people their rightful places and influences in society among “us other” (native, straight, white, one-eyed or whatever) people in workplaces, housing and in Parliament and doing it by use a rhetoric that is offensive and insulting to individuals who are Muslims, immigrants, not of white complexion, women, Sami, Jews, homosexuals and…

Of 9 million inhabitants in Sweden, we have one million heartless and calcified humans – it’s 17,5 % of the voters in this September election – who have prejudices to all others millions living here and they take themselves the right to bully, troubling and limit the lives of certain groups that is made to be vulnerable people. Lady, who are you to defend those kind having that kind of goals?

It’s not so much the nature of reality that is the human problem, but how we choose to interpret the reality – and the consequences of our interpretations.

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“Träd föll över man – omkom” (Falling tree)

“Träd föll över man – omkom”: Det var en och samma irriterande rubrik i varenda dagstidning över hela landet den gångna måndagen – då inget speciellt hände annat än Sverigedemokraterna blev satta på plats i talmansvalen. Nu kommer tisdagen inrullande – och även om samma slags olycka antas vara osannolik två gånger i rad antas ändå statsministern idag få sparken från sitt ämbete. Träd faller över man…





“Tree fell over man – died”: One and the same annoying heading in every local and daily  newspaper across  my country this past Monday – when nothing special happened other than the nationalist party’s (Swedish Democrats) candidated for second and third deputy Speaker posts in Parliament was beaten, as he lost in all elections. Now comes Tuesday – and same unfortune is said unlikely to be twice in a row – though today the Prime Minister is expected to be fired. Tree falls over man…

(current) Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (until 2018?)



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