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The footprints we make in others

Like you smitten me and like I smitten you to burn, to then disappear and become to ashes. A petrified footprint found in Kenya 1.5 million years old. The olden tales about lost paths and of grievous searches for the … Läs mer

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Our various landscapes

We have different landscapes in our souls, you and I; never see the same. Sand slipping through fingers is only something symbolic to me, I’ve never experienced such. And a desert is also something figurative to me, only a word … Läs mer

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Fleeing Dragonfly in May

                  I’m standing now afterwards in front of my mirror and admires my latest jewelry. It’s a necklace in form of a dragonfly. This ancient insect has existed 300 million years back … Läs mer

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Moon Girl

Then one night the Moon Girl looked at her crying face in the water and she told herself ”Girl, that man doesn’t make you happy”, but the Water Girl had no ears, but simply tears.

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