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Such is our togetherness (Sådant är vårt tillsammans)

I sit in my living room reading a novel that annoys me because its boring banality, even if I realize that is precisely the subject for the novel. (Loneliness in a spoiled middle class family, have it all and lack … Continue reading

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“It could be worse!”

Have a bad government with confused ministers who don’t know how to find their own hands in their pockets, wishing for another reign but realise the alternative we would get an even worse government that is not footed, but for … Continue reading

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Longing for the sea (längtan till havet)

I have lived at inlands my whole life. Now with age it feels as if the inlands choke me and I’m longing to the sea. But I feel trapped in poverty and my lack of health and supporting friends. You’re … Continue reading

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I’m sorry

Was I stupid, or was it you who misled me on purpose? No matters! We have all our desires. And I don’t want to blame any of us, but to say “I’m sorry it became as it became”. As these … Continue reading

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I met you in my dream / Jag mötte dig i min dröm

            I met you in my dream and we walked hand in hand on a beach below a city I have never seen and you told me “I will never forget you” and I woke … Continue reading

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I vintertid, fritt efter Rimbaud

I vintertid färdas mina rosa drömmar vida till blåa säten i en täckt vagn där kyssar, vilda göms i varje mjuk vinkel och vrå Du sluter dina ögon mot isens kyla mot svarta demoner och vargar som yla här kan … Continue reading

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I am a private person

I am a private person who is living with words and only with words. It’s so easy to make me feel uncomfortable. But my words are all public and accessible to everyone, yet my words are not touchable (unfortunately, not … Continue reading

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