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Visiting the local library

                I (Friday, February 7) It is a Friday noon and I’ll wash my hair and when it has dried, I intend to take the bus to city and walk from there to … Continue reading

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One-man riot

There are riots in Hong Kong, there are riots in Paris and in Barcelona. There are riots in Bagdad and the cities around in Iraq as well as in cities in Iran as Tehran and around in the country, tell … Continue reading

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Voices speaking to the melancholy Swedish soul

It’s the underlying lost melancholy white tune in Springsteen and Harris voices beyond any lyrics, music sets and genres. It sneaks out on you, forces itself on you, it’s you far from forged reality grilles. And it tells of the … Continue reading

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November Sun over EU meeting in Gothenburg and over Samiland

                The big event today according to Swedish media is the informal meeting of EU top leaders in the city of Gothenburg (in Sweden). The city is called “besieged city” in local media, … Continue reading

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The bull in Madrid and the donkey in Barcelona

There seems to be very little of sympathy in Europe for Mr. Puigdemont, the President of Catalonia, and for his efforts to create an independent state. The objections are several by many on different levels, public or private views. It … Continue reading

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To talk too much – or not talk at all?

                  We have in our world today a big mouthed leader who is an idiot… After having him as a pain in ass for the last year or more – his last … Continue reading

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Hurry my love, hurry to love…

Birgitta Ulfsson, actor and theater director, died last Sunday October 8, 2017. She became 89 years old. (Born 1928). I didn’t know Birgitta Ulfsson personally, but I became sad to read that she had passed away as if she had … Continue reading

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In the dark night I stand here and see the light in your windows…

I have no  authorization for the translation below, therefore it can’t be copied and spread, but stay on this blog only. Thank you! Karin Boye Swedish poet living 1900 – 1941 Dedication, poem number 14 from a poetry collection 1927 … Continue reading

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And the good men take their spaces…

This morning, me and my coffee and eyes on web newspapers: and “the good boys” take the spaces, seemingly unaware of what they do – and “the girls” let them!   (But better believe me: every woman born knows!) Yeah, that … Continue reading

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The Fox (Nostalgia)

  In evenings, just when the first darkness falls and humans not sleep yet and he’s just began his nightly round, since his growling intestines forces him out from one of his temporary hiding places, he becomes standing for a … Continue reading

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Move forward! / En Marche! / Shosholoza (Love a little more)

          No one hates as much as the one who has been rejected, but us all gets there at times. You better let it go! You can’t force someone to join you. Learn to live and … Continue reading

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Ms. Evil Eye on visit

        What now – Ms. Evil Eye on visit – I spit three times over my left shoulder: If she comes near me again I swear and promise I would rather kill myself than let her stay … Continue reading

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