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“If the people go hungry, they will eat their rulers”

Your destiny in the orange envelope     I I want something new, I need something new, I want something else. And I surely don’t want the living conditions I have. II Lack of freedom and poverty is to not … Continue reading

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Mother of five (Mater Dolorosa at Rinkeby)

Mother of five, son why did you not die in my womb? From Rinkeby to Dubai now prison for life for murder? You never came back home, reading your truth in my eyes! Son, you grew up to become a … Continue reading

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Kindly kill yourself on an unnoticed day

It is a popular game, blaming others! Everyone points fingers at everyone and nobody is good enough: you’re white not good, you’re black not good, you’re a “leftie” not good, a “right-wing” not good, you’re a criminal not good, homeless … Continue reading

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