Kindly kill yourself on an unnoticed day

It is a popular game, blaming others! Everyone points
fingers at everyone and nobody is good enough: you’re
white not good, you’re black not good, you’re a “leftie”
not good, a “right-wing” not good, you’re a criminal not
good, homeless not good, lonely not good, hare-lipped
not good, unhappy not good, you’re rich not good, poor
not good, you’re an addict not good… All blame on you!
See others alike: at times that is what it takes to survive.

But if you will kill yourself during the Christmas holidays
because life is too difficult for you, then you will be pitied
and not all your devastated survivors: children, relatives,
friends, coworkers, all those who never ever again will be
able to celebrate Christmas without feeling bad because
of your suicide! But no one blame you, the one who acts
and causes others suffering! Why? Pull yourself together!

Wait for an unnoticed, not Christmas time. Killing yourself
will hurt others for life and the survivors will blame them-
selves for your death! We point finger at those who struggle
on with life: it’s not right! Suicide it’s not sadness but anger,
hidden: in the doer who flees life and in those who lives on.
rose, white

See others living not with empathy but with compassion, no
finger pointing. People do what they do, but it is not on you,
that’s the survivors’ hard lesson. At times love doesn’t help.

rose, white

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