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The pains where my soul is seated

        If my soul has a place in my mortal body, then it hides behind the lower tip of the right shoulder blade. You were always on my back and pushed me with your intensity and tough … Continue reading

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Tom talks to my young suitor

  He think I’m weak and he think I’m fragile, yet he cling to me harder than glue. I want to die with him inside me, but I don’t know if I ever will be able to live with him … Continue reading

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An actual description

“Keep smiling” is the worst advice and pressure people can ever put on themselves and others. It should belong to “the human rights” to be able to talk about melancholy moods without getting moralizing from someone, and not least from … Continue reading

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Friday now again – and I’m just tired!

No, I’m not breaking up I’m just too tired and too old for smileys, what about an old fashioned conversation improved over “keep smiling”? Another week has passed and I look in my bathroom mirror at that whey-face looking “before” … Continue reading

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Love gives depth and color to life

              Love gives depth and color to life. Without love, live becomes grayish, dull and pale and two-dimensional like a yesterday’s newspaper page, tattered full with house flies poop, it’s just nonsense script. I … Continue reading

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