Friday now again – and I’m just tired!

No, I’m not breaking up
I’m just too tired and too
old for smileys, what about
an old fashioned conversation
improved over “keep smiling”?

Another week has passed and
I look in my bathroom mirror at
that whey-face looking “before”
with no possible “after”. I ask this
flabby face what have I done – and
I mean all of what I haven’t done:
change the world to a better place,
end all war and starvation, moved
Trump from his office and written
a Nobel-winning novel and earned
a fortune by luck and becoming
loved and loved and loved,

Nada – y nada será!

I’m just a tired and pale old lady, too
weak to carry me home on my own!



Look at the end 1:12 and forward to the end of the video – it’s like the dog understand what the song is about and want to comfort his master! Wonderful, I love living with pets!

“Hurt” is a song written by Trent Reznor, also sang by Johnny Cach.

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