Morning tea, waking up slowly

When I wake up in the morning, my eyes are tiny reddish in my spongy puffy face, my nose is even bigger and I cough and sneeze and farts. When I hurry to the toilet not to pee in my panties, every joint in my stiff body cause me pains and make me moan loudly. The bathroom mirror shows me in misery and worse: my hair standing wildly up in all directions and refusing to obey every my try to tame it with a wet comb.

A pic copied from the web, not me!

Frankly, I don’t want anyone to be in my way when I wake up in morning, least of all an unworldly Romeo up in the blue. My cat knows all that about my slow mornings, but not him – oh no, he doesn’t get it! And firstly I read this morning he had wrote me: ”when you wake up you will find near your bed your breakfast… I make it for you … and one red flower near …” Yuk, that was an unwelcome demanding offer! I can’t live in that soap opera he wants me in and I had to stop this bold romantic knight. I replied stern: ”I don’t want that when I wake up!” Actually it was the gentlest I was able to reply! But of course that infatuated guy will get acid, me not play along in this his romantic fantasy (one of them all). I whish him one day to become real and authentic, hopefully to make me a cup of tea while I’m in the bathroom and set the cup in the living room at my desk and leave me to drink it in peace while he nicely wait for me to slowly become myself, awakened and refreshed into a new day, welcoming my companion, him!

When I told him, he wrote me, ”I learned something today about you, I just need to know more about your world, all to the best for you”. Sigh! He is who he is!

rose, white




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