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Part I, Saturday

It’s the weekend after Sweden voted for new leaderships in counties and parliament. The mandates for the parliament after the final statement is 144-143 to the favor of red/green bloc, but Swedish Democrats receives 62 mandates.

The current Prime Minister and his government hangs by a string, urged by the bourgeois bloc to hand over the baton. As there’s a third competitor fighting for power, the extreme right wing party Swedish Democrats, has promised to vote down any candidate if they are excluded from participating in the country’s governance: we have a deadlock!

But two blocs want us to believe it’s a fight between the two blocs, ignores the real power situation.

It’s Saturday morning when I starts to write this entry. I’m going to the library again this day and I wouldn’t dare to try to bike this time.

I woke up today with my right arm still hurting. Today it’s 17 days since I had my bike accident and my arm is still not fully functional. But it is better, I seldom have to take painkillers and I can (almost!) lift my arm to deodorize that right arm pitch without groaning.

But now and so far as writing this I have just had my coffee and read the online news. Far away: the hurricane Florence in US, the typhoon Mangkhut on the Philippines and Idlip Syria paused. But there is no news local and nearby! ??

So the broadcast websites writes about an increasing use of Viagra among young men. And my favorite paper writes about, well whatever… I started to read one of their chronicles instead making me laugh. As many of the papers chronicles are written by established novelists, they are very good and entertaining to read.

But meanwhile this amusing reading, I’m thinking: we got those terrible environment disasters, one after the other – and here at the local and after the election there’s just a dead lock. And chatters! The natural disasters should be the matter – and UNs Secretary-General urge all leaders and common people to see the big picture: the survival of the planet is on stake. The responses are too small and fragmented to give any effect or hope. All is so small and minor, like the local small green party fights for flight taxes to if possible limit air traffic… It’s small! It’s not enough!

Dead lock! The Swedish Democrates Party of course deny the imminent environmental threat and has just one mayor explanation to whatever problem they see: foreigners living here (especially Muslims), and demands as final solutions to whatever may be “no migrants in Sweden” “Sweden out of EU”.

But note, their election campaign emphasized “better healthcare” and “better pension for the elderly”. For whatever cause (I can’t explain), they gained so much votes they now have a swing role in the parliament.

Whatever candidate for the Prime Minister post any of the two blocks will suggest, the Swedish Democrats have promised they will vote them down in the parliament. That will be their strategy if not any block promise them increased influence and power and further: accept their migration politics.

Ultimate this strategy can lead to a new election – and the Swedish Democrats looking forward that scenario, as they believe that can give them even more scores and more power in a new coming government.

The opening now can only be found within the characters of the leaders of the so called ”decent” parties in the two blocs. Yes, I’m mean precisely: in their personalities!

cover to a childrens book, nothing to do with my text

The current prime minister’s background as a single factory worker and welders are sometimes mentioned in political debates or in media. But it seems too easily forgotten he made a career from the factory floor and advanced to be a union leader. And he became trained to be a very skilled negotiator in difficult and locked labor disputes with the tough unbending employers of the time.
Therefore, the right wings conservatives should not rejoice too much, the old dog might wakeup to these peculiar situation and scent it as a morning air: and  he knows his craft!

And “he who laughs last laughs best”!


Part II, Sunday

The Saturday bus ride to the city and the library ended in bad spirit as I was mocked on the bus by two teenage girls from my rental area. This because I have mobile problems and walk with a stick. Yes! This, because I’m an old Swede and they are young migrant people.

(I think there can be a simple explanation to their misbehaving as they might overheard and misunderstood a conversation a Finnish woman had with me on the bus the day before, asking me if I am Swedish which I confirmed. Some Finnish people living in Sweden don’t like ”foreigners”, but on the other side they have problems not liking native Swedes either. It’s a cultural conflict  beyond my understanding. So the girls are forgiven.)

But I’m moving in November from a rental area seemingly having a future as becoming another “no-go-area”. I’ve been thriving here, very much so – but I’m happy to get away  in time before it begin to smell rat for real.

People are trying to create a slum in my house area by deliberate littering in the common storage rooms, smashing shop windows and glass walls on the bus stops nearby. And people acts hostile to natives Swedes who are (still) living or visiting the area. The taxi driver badly refusing to help me the unfortunate accident day was a migrant. With such as the Swedish Democrats and nazis acting sluggers in the public room, ”decent” people silent  as they don’t want to get those rasicts air under their wings. I told my son in phone,  but shshsh…

Most taxi drivers are immigrants, even though they have academic merits as medical doctors and engineers and – whatever! It takes about 8 years for an immigrant to get a job in Sweden and by then they have of course lost their original competence. Such competences Sweden starving for! It’s ironic!

The mistrust among immigrants against Swedes is in line with the formation of the Swedish Democratic Party. Yes, I blame the SD party for have created the last years of hostility and distance among immigrants against their neighbors.

It was once said that Swedes were difficult to get to know and it was true back then. Now it’s the opposite: new Swedes are impossible to get to know, they just don’t want you! I have lived the past ten years in a multi cultural area and have just had one foreign friend during all these years. I could as well have lived in the desert with just sand as my company!

We live in bad times that requires moral standards, personal strength and developed critical thinking in each individual.

I felt so ashamed the last week just before the election when I’m sitting in the bus home read an election poster at the street, saying ”No more migrants to L***”. It was so embarrassing for me as a native Swede: this in my country! I don’t blame people from other countries if they react negatively, when they see and listen to such terrifying propaganda.

If you are constantly questioned and misrecognized, you will certainly be prickly as a hedgehog and hostile back.

We have a “no-no-talk-about” in Sweden. It’s in Swedish called “beröringsskräck”. A native Swede don’t dare to say anything that’s not “political correct”. And misunderstood  you’ll get mocked on the city bus – apparently! And if you breathe incorrectly some ambitious and zealous migrant will shout “Islamophobe” to you. It goes the both ways.

So we have many elephants in our little country room. And the SD party cheering. I fear the last laugh belongs to them in this matter!

It hurts! No healing offered!

And this Sunday morning I woke up with severe pain in my injured arm. I lubricated my upper arm muscle with sports ointment and took two painkillers. And then I could make my morning coffee.

On the Monday a week ago, I called the health center to get a doctor’s appointment for to look up this never healing arm that still causes me problems and disables me. And it worries me too!

The Swedish government brags of having a healthcare guarantee you will soon meet a doctor.

After you got the appointment, that is. They just forget to add you first must speak on the phone with a nurse and she decides if you will get a doctor’s appointment at all. As many others, I was denied an appointment – because my injury would heal over time. She said!

University Hospital in Linkoping, US, is one of the country’s seven university hospitals and is located in the region of Ostergotland. There are about 600 care places and about 5000 employees work there. The University Hospital treats patients in need of highly specialized care from all south-eastern Sweden.

Politicians regardless of party or bloc, focuses on specialist expertise in the health care and they put the money to build new and terribly expensive hospitals, all placed in the major cities. And now pregnant women travels for hours to get to a hospital. Coming there they are forced to give birth to the baby in the car at a parking place, refused to get a hospital bed. Assisted by the expectant father and horror-struck husband with no medical skills.

The sickness queues in Sweden can be more than a year for getting operations and people sometimes die before they receive care – or have become too sick to be treated.

This, while common and not life threating disorders such as pain in the back or hips or chronic sleeping problems and the like, are neglected and forces people to suffer for years and years, never getting any help.

But the primary for the healthcare is that the staff meet you in a friendly manner. No matter you will go home with nothing. They now try to expand this ambitions to demand that patients should be kind to the staff too!

Kiss my ass, frankly.

Did I wrote that the ultra-right wing party promised big an loud a better health care in their election campaign and especially better care for the oldest? Yes!

Yes! Those times – and it has been quite often the latest years, not getting younger – when I’ve been sitting in a waiting room at the health center, I always seems to be in company with a lot of extremely old people! ”Where do they all come from?”, as Beatles once put it. And so much older than me! And I think “what do they get out this?”

And I think the forbidden thought we all elderly must cost the society a lot of money.

The Swedish Democrats says they want to protect “Swedish culture”! Well, maybe we should reintroduce the old “ättestupa” then?

Wikipedia: Ättestupa (Swedish for kin/clan precipice) is the mythical practice of senicide during Nordic prehistoric times: elderly people are said to have thrown themselves, or were thrown, to their deaths. According to legend, this was done when the old people were unable to support themselves or assist in a household. Even though there are many places in the Nordic countries that are said to have been used as ättestupa, today it is not thought that the practice actually existed, but that the notion of ättestupa is a persistent myth.

No, like all scammers the Swedish Democrats want to use the old and weak people for their own benefit.

In the middle of the past week I was having a dream in my sleep. I dreamed about the Swedish Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson and meanwhile I heard Status Quo singing:

Whatever you want
Whatever you like
Whatever you say
You pay your money
You take your choice
Whatever you need
Whatever you use
Whatever you win
Whatever you lose
You’re showing off
You’re showing out
You look for trouble
Turn around, give me a shout
I take it all
You squeeze me dry
And now today
You couldn’t even say goodbye

And while Status Quo sang, stick drawings girls mingled into my dream, dancing cancan to the music.

Sudden pleased I then awoke, but the aching arm rapidly turned me down.




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