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July gloom

And the rain keeps on pouring from the sky, my balcony plants flooded into rotten roots. A face fades away and the days’ grays, alike my hair while my lonely heart shrivels. And I feel like I am sinking away … Läs mer

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The bitter taste of a depressed man

        He said, why would I make friends when people are just fake, I’m lost in a fake world, I’m 34 and my life is over. I said I just got a headache! I woke up too … Läs mer

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Unhappy, although I’m loved (forget me not)

        I’m unhappy, although I’m loved. And I tell myself every day to be content with what I have, but that doesn’t make me feel better. Unsatisfactions eats my soul like mice making hole in a pantry … Läs mer

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I have a cold in my soul

        I woke up again today with a cold in my soul. When will this bluesy flu let me be free? I went down town the other day and I saw a man in a wheelchair with … Läs mer

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After gloom comes sun and snowdrops

”After rain comes sun” – even if it ”never” seems to happen to me or my dreary life I never come to terms with. I walk in weeks in muddy water, but this Saturday the sky is so blue and … Läs mer

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