A perfect woman’s dilemma








Through the sound of murmuring voices from people in audiences who talk and walk and eat and dance and maybe don’t care of anything that matters strong voices sings from the big scenes of the world and they sing and sing again about “A Change Gonna Come” and they do it time after time.

I want so much to believe in those pious singers strong willpower and confidence – as we all know faith can move mountains and the heavy is to be trusty and not those bunches of stone masses.

But he and I, we both know deep inside our dream of to get together is a naive desire that maybe never will come true.

And sometimes a secret whistle in me plays a doubting and reproachful tune, telling me it’s so very wrong and selfish of me to let him stay with me and to allow him to dream of a life with me – when he truly for his better welfare could find love and a real life elsewhere, not wasting his time on me.

But I understand the choice is his and I have to step back and pay him the respect to decide what is right for him. And he mean seriously, so he told me – it’s me and nothing less than me! It’s stunning and I’m amazed!

And I try to embrace it! But still stays this worrying whistle in me. I know it’s my problem and not his and I surely want to keep him safe from it. But it is not that easy to try to be a perfect dream woman.





Inspired by Bess Greenberg’s voice, the lyric in the song and the sounds from the environment in which the video was recorded.  “When it’s not comes easy” (written by Patty Griffin).

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