Jag trivs bäst bak låsta dörrar med 7tillhållarlås (travesti på Ulf Lundell, Öppna landskap)

“Öppna landskap” (Open landscapes) is a ballad by the Swedish rock icon and author Ulf Lundell. The song is often sung and well known to Swedes, sometimes called “The unofficial Swedish Anthem”. It was released in 1982 but the Swedish “landscapes” have changed a lot since then. Now it’s all about closed borders and restrained rules of life for everyone. No fresh winds blows any longer and the larks have stopped singing high in sky. The following verse is a travesty of the song loved by most Swedes: “I thrives best in open landscapes, near the sea I want to live…”


Jag trivs bäst bak låsta dörrar med 7tillhållarlås
drömma om lingon-sus och äta köttbullar med brunsås
Jag trivs bäst bak låsta dörrar med oknytten utanför
Där tystnaden får härska och ingen kommer här och stör
då twittrar jag om natten mitt hat och kryddar det med bolmört
och tusen lajkings senare, sover dockan och jag så sött
Jag trivs bäst med stängda gränser, inte en jävel över bron



I like it best back home behind seven double locked doors,
sugared fox berries and eating meatballs with brownish sauce.
I like it best back home, keeping the goblins far from here,
where silence prevails and no one comes and interferes.
Then late in nights I twitter my hatred spiced with henbane
and thousands liking later me and my doll sleeps in sweet gain.
I like best closed borders and no fucking strangers over the bridge.

rose, whiterose, white




Open landscapes in the Sami language

You can listen to “Open landscapes” with lyrics in English and Arabic,
search at youtube.com/watch?v=HkbBK4bKjfA

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