Fallen Angel

Lately it has been much of Tracy Chapman. I love her lyrics, but one line has caused me trouble: “I received an honest answer / When a lie would do”. I even felt a bit resentment of this line – because me personally, I can’t cope with lies and I hate hidden truths. But last night I was told something by a loved one I wish I never had been told – I now understand the meaning of that line in Chapman’s song.


Through all years that have passed
I’ve kept in my memory the moments
when skin tenderly touches skin and
two hearts beat in same rate. I have
seen my angels, my lovers and
heroes in my mind fallen to
ground, crashed.

(Of different reasons,
but never like this now!)

And always music floats in my room
and follows me out on the street and
on my walks in woods and fields, carry
me further then nothing else carry.

Last night I saw you my angel, my hero
and desire coming to me being straight
about yourself, only to fall to the ground,
crashing, a fallen angel…

…because I received an honest answer
when a lie would had been enough and
no music in this world can restore my
attraction for you, prompt dead.




(the lyrics in the video is Czeck)

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