Voices speaking to the melancholy Swedish soul

It’s the underlying lost melancholy white tune in
Springsteen and Harris voices beyond any lyrics,
music sets and genres. It sneaks out on you, forces
itself on you, it’s you far from forged reality grilles.
And it tells of the sad gloom in my Swedish soul.
With roots in times long gone, still that sad poor
country maid with no future walk to and fro her
milking and kitchen duties, while she secretly is
dreaming of a lost love that’s never been. Bound
to class poverty, misused by some master behind
a matron’s back, poor girl join the single mothers’
army in shame far from the church blessing and
favors. She shows up a hundred years later still
in dreams and with her eyes stinging in front of
her laptop screen’s seductive and pale light. She
gets nausea of the smell of poverty cabbage soup
just like the daughter of Indra in the Strindberg
drama. But dresses in blue for a Saturday dance
and a love to come and life to finally begin before
it ends up. Because if we have nothing at all, we
must at least have dreams something can come to
be, that life is possible and has a meaning of any
kind. And behind the reality grilles melancholic
voices sings, covert tunes of white pain in the wells
of our souls, those rare tunes carried out by bards
that becomes blessed and raised by those drunken
and screaming crowds. And it never comes real. We
stretches towards the other, but all we ever share is
the loneliness in our lost sad souls. And we are all
the lonely cowboy riding headed for her sundown.

Till vänster: Troligen är detta lillpigan Signe Desideria Säfström (1884 i Vaksala) och arbetsgivaren Lundins dotter Hedvig Helena på Johannesberg i Funbo. Signe Desideria Säfström flyttade därifrån den 24 oktober 1900. Foto: Johan Lundin. Bild från Upplandsmuseet. Public Domain.
Till höger: Två pigor utan namn hos patron Wallmark på Hällevadsholms gård den 2 juli 1923. Foto: Oscar Färdig. Bild från Bohusläns Museum. Public Domain.


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