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I will see coltsfoot flower this year too

          I have been sitting at my desk today for hours waiting for the blessed words to come to me. But my words seems to have ran out through my door with him who said he … Läs mer

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  I said  ”you could at least try to communicate”. He said ”how is the weather over there”. ”It’s rainy but not cold”, I said. ”It rains a lot here”, he said. ”Not a lot here”, I said. ”It’s cloudy”, … Läs mer

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Tailing to dog? (Living in the English language)

I feel like I’m tailed at the moment? Some to dog me on my own blogs? Well, what can one do?  I lives on and spend my days as I use to do – read and write, eat and sleep, … Läs mer

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Early Morning

I wake up very early in the morning and I start to read through my old texts, those I work on now to do something off. And it strikes me in my reading, some years ago I had not yet … Läs mer

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Scattered voices whispering in the winds

In Swedish below Another day Silent snowing Snow plows roars I feel a cold coming and I leave, going online *** You must be merciless Burn your words in fire Keep your heart loving and your hands skilled It is … Läs mer

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It’s the end of March

It’s the end of March, and it will be the 6th year that I have lived in this flat. Almost all my pot plants has died during this time. Except for my snake-plants who excitedly and sticky bloom once a … Läs mer

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