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Once I looked for Mr. Goodman

Once I looked for Mr. Goodman. He was a good Christian man, but he never made it and I went on alone. And then the American people elected Donald Trump as Mr. Goodman, well: “fuck you”: Mayor of London, Pakistani … Continue reading

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My “ugly” Arabic lover!

My “ugly” Arabic lover! His eyes are far too deep! He laughs ways too much! His ego takes a lot of space! He talks and talks all the time! Except when he’s looking at me! Then he’s silent, just looking … Continue reading

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I kissed a Muslim man and I liked it

I kissed a Muslim man and I liked it. I’ve nobody to tell and no one can ever know in a world of hatred. I kissed a man and I liked it. I still do. I’ve nobody to tell and … Continue reading

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