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It’s not about being ”right” or ”wrong”

It’s not about right or wrong here! My feelings are what they are and I react like I react. ”Right” or ”wrong”, OMG! Please! It is what is! I’m unhappy because I strongly feel you’ve not a clue how I … Läs mer

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Modern Times (life and love in texting)

  Hello! I’m good! I’m in a bus. I’m traveling now to a new place. Tomorrow I will be home. Our journey will end today. This is my last place to visit. I love you so much I love your … Läs mer

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”Hello! Hello!”

        We had a chat, just like every night about this and that I don’t know what didn’t go right but I said something aimless and she left saying “Hello! Hello!” Like crazy! She left me! Where … Läs mer

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Some thoughts about the art of writing and the art of reading

        To write words and get it right is not always easy, but it’s nothing to compare with the shock it can be, getting to know what the person reading you believes you have written! I hope … Läs mer

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The other one

Some people have a certain talent to make you feel unloved, never answers on what you actually told, but lecture you and then blame you for it, twisting your words. You know the guy simply was a jerk, yet it … Läs mer

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You have such beautiful eyes

You have such beautiful eyes, but what is it you see with them? When I ask you this and following complex questions about the life you say you want to create with me, you avoid them by consistent not understand … Läs mer

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not talking, but just walking

        not talking, but just walking had been the only road that could had led you to me and me to you, our eyes would had seen those open fields thoughts and words only put fences around … Läs mer

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