Disgusts! (in Scandinavia today)

Denmark’s government wants to introduce segregation to eradicate segregation. The Danish government has classified 20 residential areas as “ghettos” and to 2030 they want these areas to be gone. The proposed measures put forward are to expropriate housing  and tear them down. Those who now live there and commit crimes are proposed to receive a double prison sentence against those living in neighboring areas, not classified as “ghettos”. The person who moves to an apartment in one of these “ghetto” areas and living on social welfare of any kind are proposed to lose half the contribution. Children of migrants (coming from outside Europe) are proposed to be denied schooling – if they do not undergo a language test in the Danish language and are approved in it …

And the Danes hope to inspire Sweden in the same direction! The only thought make the hair stand on end for a normal Swede! But the Danish have always been happy going fellows with no scruples, not at all alike we withdrawn and stiff Swedes!

Now, one should know that although Sweden’s face outside the country and in the world may seem progressive, human and feministic, having a good reputation for those abroad holding and value humanism – but Sweden has a different face within the country’s borders. We have a Social-Democratic Government, which in practice pursues a right-wing policy with strong conservative values and fully focused on trade policy benefits – even in cooperation with dictatorships. The government’s primary ambition is to “preserve Sweden”, ie. save the welfare system the former generations of social democratic  governments created during many decades of hard work.

This is done by introducing laws and prohibitions and restrictions, such as shut out migrants by closing the borders, denying help to parents with chronically ill children who need 24-hour assistance at home, chasing what they call “contributors frauds” to put those cheaters in prison, etcetera. But okay, the Swedish Finance minister has criticizing tax-evicted millionaires, in passing.

The Sweden’s finance minister urged in the parliament the other day ordinary people not to give money to beggars. Because, as she said, one could by that contribute to eventually trafficking of those people and there are terrible living conditions of beggars victims of that.

(But this was, to be fair to her, a response to a right-populated party’s that called for the government to introduce begging bans in Sweden – which she rejected. However, the Sweden’s finance minister has occasionally before slipped her tongue revealing her ultra-conservative and negative views on vulnerable groups of people, like migrants and beggars from Romania.)

Norway has a right-wing government. Finland is traditionally xenophobic and accepts very little of immigration.

(Both Denmark and Norway’s leading parties are called “Venstre” (The Left) but they are strongly Conservative Social-liberal Parties, why they call themselves “Left”, I don’t know -but it’s confusing.)

Also in Sweden the Right-wing values winds are blowing cold and the debates are characterized by talk for military arming and a revived fear of the “Russian” ghost.

Finland is also traditionally afraid of its Russian neighbor – and in historical terms, it has all reason to be.

Finland urge Sweden to join NATO together with them. Sweden’s Foreign Minister has certainly strongly rejected this. Military strategic, it would be a counterproductive provocation putting the whole area in danger, not only Sweden. But as said, the Russian ghost from the 1950’s “cold war” times has woken up in Sweden. The military is sniffing morning air and requires more and more money and resources, holding press conferences and being very visible in Swedish TV news. And all Swedish parties promise the Military to give all what army want! To keep Sweden safe.

A political investigation initiated by the government about Sweden’s security in an eventually crisis situation, stated in its conclusions that “a war against Sweden can not be ruled out”.

It’s of course the “Russian” ghost again, as usual! But why Putin would have any interest in to invade Sweden, that is a real mystery to me!

But yes, the military forces are being upgraded, a regiment has been reintroduced on the island Gotland – the island is the outermost border east to Russia. We have now 350 guys there to defend us Swedes against Putin!


Sweden’s television followed up this investigation – that one who’s chairman loudly and much spoked out in media of that a war in the future can not be ruled out (scaring the shit of common people) – with crisis management advice by experts how every citizen is obliged to get ready for a crisis. Every household is now obliged to  have a supply of food that is enough for a week. Water also, 3 liters daily to drink and 15 liters for hygiene.

How to succeed to drink as much as 3 liters of water in one day was not told! Nor was it told how those millions of refugees in under-dimensioned camps out there in other parts of the world, manage to survive with no supply of food or water, healthcare and toilets for months and years.

We Scandinavians have grown up with the consciousness that we live in a human and kind-hearted part of the world. We can forget about that! We are no better than any other terrible inhuman part of the world. Shame on us, shame on Scandinavia! Give us a break, you buttery Danish Viennese pastries!

It has lately been heavily snowing in Sweden, with several days and nights of very strict life-threatening cold. Yesterday (Wednesday) an asylum-seeking woman lost her common sense for reasons unknown by people around. She took her two children and went barefooted and without warm clothes as jackets out into the snow – and disappeared. Some hours later in the night police with searching dogs found them in a nearby forest hill lying in the snow. The woman was dead, but the children were still alive and are now in a hospital with severe frost damages. They were told there their mother is dead.

Stockholm City Mission is working hard and intense day and night and night to provide homeless with blankets and warm clothes and to give them a place to sleep in shelters and churches at nights.

The only thing that really demands us to stock food for a week in Sweden is actually the weather in some winters. And it’s snowing so much and is so cold and the roads are so dangerous to travel that car drivers are asked to stay home and not go to work and some schools are closed because the school buses are canceled. The only ones who resist the cold and the snow are the home care staff serving old people who lives alone and need assistance to get food and comfort. Tire wagons are ready to assist them.

A cold climate can be handled, not a cold heart. Not two frozen children who lost their mother.

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Three kind of “missing you” days

I’m struggling with three kinds of “missing you” on a daily basis. There’s a gloomy kind of missing when I have a sickness day and see an ugly and unattractive woman in the bathroom mirror, if in morning or midday or evening and I’m thinking “hell no! It’s only in my head, these romantic ideas, he does not want me, certainly not! I just fool myself”!” (And then I feel worse.)

And sometimes it’s a good day that has no mirrors, when I just smile out in the room every now and then – “because you are!” And I love him for just being, wanting me and loving me – and missing me like I miss him!

And then it is the third kind of “missing you” day when I sudden becomes sad and can’t shake it of me, but just miss him strongly because he’s not there with me. And late at bedtime when I put toothpaste on my toothbrush and incidentally looks up and see a plain-looking woman in the mirror looking back at me… I’m thinking, “Well, that is what he sees and that is what he loves and if he’s okay with it, so am I”. And it’s good, yes! But I’m still sad.

Yet I know I only have a weak day and tomorrow will be another day… Maybe I’ll keep up the courage and trust better tomorrow. It is possible! And this is how we live our life, him and I, a part of each other but still apart, not seeing an end to these “missing you” days. But maybe it is as good as anything?

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Victims or martyrs or heroes?

Florida Feb 17, 2018 protesters call for a reform of gun laws

Some thoughts from an outside person!

Inspired by the latest school shooting in USA (Florida school shooting February 14, 2018) a Swedish newspaper has conducted a peer review among their (Swedish) readers with the question “Do you think it is a right to carry weapons?” 83% answered “no” and 17% answered “yes”. (Source: Svenska Dagbladet 18 February 2018)

This simple survey shows a huge fundamental cultural difference between Swedes and Swedish society and Americans and American society, how common people experience what is a “right” and not.

(Boldly, I suppose that many other European nationalities – to be drastic: perhaps continents – share this lack of understanding of the American experience of what is real and true and right).

For the one living and brought up in another culture and views USA from another continent, it is something odd and strange with the average American’s emotional agony when the talk about the ownership of weapon for private use comes up.

At least, an American should be aware that even if other peoples’ admire them and love their music cultures, the Americans as people can also be considered to be very odd and strange. I don’t want to change anyone, no! But I think it would be a good idea to give it a thought about why that is so!

And as a Swede one is wondering: what on earth is a “private use” be of a weapon? “Private use”?

In Sweden, you have no right to threaten anyone with a gun in the purpose to defend your private property, in home or in store. But you are certainly entitled to use force to defend your own life.

The idea that it is the restriction of personal freedom to prohibit individuals from carry weapons is a cultural assumption of the kind that is deeply rooted in the (American) people’s soul.

But we should all review the collective beliefs that determine our individual identities, no matters what it is about. Why do you get so upset over this, whatever standpoint?

Many critical Americans are in despair over the real possibilities of changing people’s attitudes to the weapons laws.

I guess that’s the attitude people think is impossible to change, this idea of what it mean being a free American citizen? The concept is an overwhelming public perception on everyone’s mind so it can be  easy to fall for such a depressing view. It would be more difficult to clarify for yourself and then to accept that you all are slaves under the ruling economic interests – as in this case the arms industry. You are not free at all – as you are from birth, to dinner table and until your grave yard are run by forceful economical associations that do not even politicians dare to challenge.

As Tracy Chapman state it in a song “all that you have is your soul”.

School shootings in USA (or massacres elsewhere) begin to be in our all cultural patterns – terrible, but we (almost) get used to it! It is a culture pattern that includes strong mental images and photos of dead bodies and crying survivors and drifts of flowers outsides buildings on the last afflicted street – and people gathered to cry together… In helplessness.

But the survivors from the school in Parkland have not accepted to be made to traumatized victims by mass media, only crying and adding flower bouquets at the schoolyard! But they have talked hard and loudly to the media and sought politicians and demanded changes that will prevent more school shootings.

Young people who kept tears back in anger demands changes: this is what they give the media to show to the world. We do not want to be killed!

This is what is given to the media to show, upset teens and parents who demand a change: but a massive bullying in social media question them, slandering them. Some media still do their best try to keep them in place as passive victims. Working hard they got some photos to publish of crying youngsters in despair!

One might think it would be a simple claim from high school students: this to be able to go to school on an everyday without risking being shot or witnessing a massacre. It is a humble request, no one should be able to question.

But if you stand up firmly and bold against the oppression in daily life, you will not get the applause of the mob, but get spat upon and subjected to slander.

This happens now to these group of young surviving students traumatized by witnessing a massacre on their schoolmates and of those grieving parents who lost their children in the shooting.

A massive bully has questioned and violated these victims. It’s terrible and shameful. And why: they refuse to be victims and therefore they are made to martyrs.

“Welcome to reality kids”, Americans say ironically. I do not know if it’s a Trump effect this: that Americans who in past naively believed that “everything is possible” now believes that “nothing is possible”?

But what’s the reality! Is it the haters? Only? Social web haters are focused right on you, to obscure your view and blur your mind. Avoid them by boycott their sites. You don’t have to read that dreadful stuff, i.e. if you don’t wish to make yourself suicidal and extremely unhappy!

“The kids” do not want “likings”, they expect to be heard in order to bring about a change – that children are not murdered during their school day. Simply.

To me, these young people are the reality, even if bad people smear them. Those high school youths are the reality – and the future. Those who mock them for wanting to live safe and not be sacrificed because of ancient times cultural customs, those negative people belongs to the past.

Like other societies, USA has past times that no normal thinking American wants to return to. Those people back then who changed the society received no applause when they refused to be oppressed victims. Remember that! The abstained somehow from the private well-being, but they changed America into a better country.

Just a few examples:

Once upon a time, a teenager (Emmet Till 1955) was murdered for a white woman claiming that he whistled at the street after her. The murderers were released in court, but Emmet’s mother refused closed coffin and showed up her dead son’s massacred head for the visitors at the funeral.


Those strange fruits hanging from the trees are the past.


Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat on the bus to a white man and was arrested by the police (1955).


And remember the integration of black students 1957 “The little rock nine”!

Such segregations and killings in the public areas belongs to the past.

Martin Luther King knew he would be murdered one day but he continued to fight, telling loudly “I have a dream”. (Murdered 1968).

They were all Americans who showed, joined with others with the same kind of visions changes are possible. They were all subjects to oppression but refused to be victims and some became martyrs. For us later living, but still remembering – they appear to be not so much martyrs as our common heroes and role models to admire. There are still racists out there in the dark alleys, yes! But they are not the ones having the legal rights! They have no rights to harass and kill people. No one should be able to!

The Youth of Parkland February 2018: They are today our heroes who show the way to the future.

And do not call them “kids”, it’s a derogatory epithet.

Call them what they are: The Brave Ones! They provide their fingerprints for the posterity.



Rosa Park

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It’s snowing again and not even an eager little tit turns out to say a chirp. I wash my hair and think about your penis. Yet it’s not so hard lately, that sex thing. It comes and goes, the need. But I dislike being without it, as I think it’s unhealthy. I’m no health advocate, no!  I would be happy living a simple life with you and stay being a lacto-vegetarian. But the latter is not possible for me any longer – because on the ruling level, masses of living creatures are ruthlessly and cruelty exploited and killed in multinational factory productions. It’s horror and a disgrace for humanity and I can’t be a part of it anymore. It’s not about giving people food, it’s just reckless greed, killing our earth.

That is why I have to change my private life style. This new thing I’m going in to, to become almost hundred vegan – it is harder than I imagined. And how will it be for you?  You can’t live with me and be an omnivore! Certainly can’t any animals’ body parts ever be found in my/our fridge – and from now you will not even found cheese or milk there! Except for Feta.

my cat

Yes, I’ve read about goat kids being killed and burned shortly after birth only for the exploitation of the milk for food production! But I’m not a hard core vegan. Could one not make cat food of them, I wonder quietly? (The idea to make house cats to vegans is animal cruelty, even if you are disgusted of meat eating yourself, cats are carnivores – humans are not.) A goat is still an animal as nature created it and that’s the cornerstone in holding domestic animals for utility. So I buy Feta but only from a smaller Swedish family business, getting it’s products from free range cheeps and goats in Greece. The animals eat grass and live a free life in a pastoral idyll – and me, I have diabetes and must hold a strict low carbohydrate diet, I think it’s a fair deal. (I will never become a sectarian, I’m too much free spirit for that!)

It’s still snowing again and now I’m drinking my coffee while my hair dries and I think of you – as always! What are you doing today? How is your mother doing? What will future bring us (all)? The snowing out my windows seems to never end, but I have to leave home and get out there in the snow to buy me groceries – all the different levels of life coming together. Yes, all the levels in a society converges in the life of an individual. So it do in my body and my mind, all while the snowing goes on and my thoughts are with you. People ask “do you really believe what you do/think/say/write means anything or change anything?” Yes, I do! Except for those days I am depressed. And I prefer not to be, if you don’t mind!

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A perfect woman’s dilemma








Through the sound of murmuring voices from people in audiences who talk and walk and eat and dance and maybe don’t care of anything that matters strong voices sings from the big scenes of the world and they sing and sing again about “A Change Gonna Come” and they do it time after time.

I want so much to believe in those pious singers strong willpower and confidence – as we all know faith can move mountains and the heavy is to be trusty and not those bunches of stone masses.

But he and I, we both know deep inside our dream of to get together is a naive desire that maybe never will come true.

And sometimes a secret whistle in me plays a doubting and reproachful tune, telling me it’s so very wrong and selfish of me to let him stay with me and to allow him to dream of a life with me – when he truly for his better welfare could find love and a real life elsewhere, not wasting his time on me.

But I understand the choice is his and I have to step back and pay him the respect to decide what is right for him. And he mean seriously, so he told me – it’s me and nothing less than me! It’s stunning and I’m amazed!

And I try to embrace it! But still stays this worrying whistle in me. I know it’s my problem and not his and I surely want to keep him safe from it. But it is not that easy to try to be a perfect dream woman.





Inspired by Bess Greenberg’s voice, the lyric in the song and the sounds from the environment in which the video was recorded.  “When it’s not comes easy” (written by Patty Griffin).

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Incurable love

It’s so easy to fall in love!
It’s a bit harder to find love.
Hardest of all is to realize you
are loved and live with it without
freaking out. Why you, I ask myself?
You’re everything I’m not and you
have at times made me so angry –
but I don’t want to think about that
more! But you didn’t stop to love me!
Sometimes I fear you understands me!
I have almost got used to the miracle
you loves me. Why me, I ask myself?
Somehow, you’re my heart’s desire.
It is what it is – simply incurable!

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I am a private person

Woman with a cat, Pablo Picasso

I am a private person who is living with words and only with words. It’s so easy to make me feel uncomfortable. But my words are all public and accessible to everyone, yet my words are not touchable (unfortunately, not many fully understand the copyright rules). I would really hate to be quoted or translated! I’m a private person and I have to be as people can’t help themselves from bully me. It’s a sad story from my childhood to my mature age now and a daily anxiety I have to live with, whether I want it or not. I am also a private person of my own nature and my own mood. I do not like to get attention and I do not like to get touched. Physical or emotional. I live without others in the room but choose my inspirations in the world – just to survive of course. As no one is an island and nobody is really alone, yet if everyone is (but we all know about that)! I only talk to my son and brainstorm my thoughts with him and I live alone with my words and a calico cat. I do not want to be touched by anyone other than a certain Mr. A. and by him I want to be so very much touched and moved. But he lives 3600 kilometers far away, in a straight line for a bird to fly. I’m not a bird but a private and shy person who writes for no one, for everyone and for him. But he does not want my words or my blog he told me, he just wants me as a private person. He should have long arms to reach me! Or I should have wings to fly to him. But he has no long arms and I have no wings and none of us have money for travels – so we are just longing and longing and dreaming and dreaming, he private and secretly and I in public.

Jag är en privat person som lever med ord och bara med ord. Det är så lätt att få mig att känna mig obekväm. Men mina ord är alla offentliga och tillgängliga för alla, dock är mina ord ändå inte berörbara (inte många förstår tyvärr helt copyright regler). Jag skulle hata att citeras eller översättas, verkligen! Jag är en privat person och jag är tvungen att vara det som människor inte kan hjälpa sig själva från att tråka mig. Det är en sorglig historia från min barndom till nu mogen ålder och det är en daglig ångest som jag måste leva med, vare sig jag vill det eller inte. Jag är också en privat person av egen natur och eget kynne. Jag gillar inte att få uppmärksamhet och jag gillar inte bli vidrörd. Fysiskt eller emotionellt. Jag lever utan andra i rummet men väljer mina inspirationer i världen – för att överleva naturligtvis! Ingen är en ö och ingen är ändå riktigt ensam, även om alla är det (men allt det där vet vi ju)! Jag pratar bara med min son och bollar mina tankar med honom och jag lever ensam med mina ord och en calico katt. Jag vill inte bli berörd av någon annan än en viss herr A och honom vill jag bli så mycket mera rörd och berörd av. Men han lever 3600 kilometer långt borta, i rak linje för en fågel att flyga. Jag är inte en fågel men ett privat och blyg person som diktar för ingen, för alla och för honom. Men han vill inte ha mina ord eller min blogg sa han till mig, han vill ha bara mig – som privat person. Han borde ha långa armar att sträcka sig till mig! Eller jag borde ha vingar att flyga till honom! Vi har inte det och båda saknar pengar för att resa, så vi längtar och längtar och drömmer och drömmer – han privat i hemlighet och jag offentligt.

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February Sun





The sun is shining, the birds are singing
They think it’s spring, but we know better
It’ll take time for our spring to come to us.

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He misses me








I’ve never been to his hometown, but
it’s like I lose my connection with him
if he’s just a mile from his house and
city. His presence in me is gone and
I have to raise all my strength to tell
myself he’s still there for me! And he
who never else doubts the “us” he ask
me “when” and “if” we ever will meet
again. I don’t want him to suffer! No!
But it makes me happy he misses me
and wants me that madly badly much.


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Obscene exploitation: your milk and your coffee

Last Sunday Swedish TV showed a German documentary from 2017 “The milk system” by Andreas Pichler. (I watch it a few days later on internet (SVTplay). If you live in Sweden you find it there to April.)

If you watch that movie and then go to the fridge to take a glass of highly processed industrially produced – and actually drink it, you must be something special hardboiled. But for me this movie has become a radical change in my customer habits!

Actually we haven’t seen such cruel exploitation of living creatures since the child labor during the Industrial Revolution of 1700 – and 18 century. It is horror back!

The modern system of exploited food production destroys  normal farming and is a death sentence for the existence of individual farmers and their families.

It is an elaborate system of cruelty to animals. It is an elaborate system to fool customers to buy food said to be healthy for them (a statement that is so doubtful that the industry should be called fraudsters).

It is a production which is a danger to the environment here and in South America (the depletion of rainforests to produce GMO soy for to feed the cows).

Not even the people and nature and animals in west suffers from this pestilence of greed. Now the milk industry are in both China and Africa. Like in Europe the industry kills local farmers and diaries in Africa, make the countries there without means for work, becoming even more poor and starving.

It is even claimed in this movie those young men we all know about, who flee over the oceans to drown or end up as slaves in Libya, are sons of the cattle breeders who lost their livelihood because of multinational monster business as ARLA and Friesland Campina.

For my personal part I’ve been a lakto-vegetarian for decades. I was further more brought up on farms as my father worked as herd manager. (Which I believe might be the English word for a farm worker who is responsible for the care of the milk cows and the milk production?) Anyway, at that times a farmer could have 20 or 50 cows and still have people employed. (But I don’t say it was Paradise times.)

This my background as a child spending time in a cowshed makes me less sensitive of the use of cows for milk production. (So the common vegan argument is not working on me.)

Another thing not mentioned in the movie  talking special to me being a country girl, is not only the breeding giving the cow disabling udders that I found shocking. With my background spent time in cow shelf and seen it from close I was also disgusted of the dirt from feces. It was feces on the digs, the teat cups, the iron bars and the floor – and the workers clothes.

It seems these abnormal breeds of cows suffer from constant diarrhea due to their feeding state.

It is no problem for you as a customer for the heating of milk at the dairies kills the bacterial (pasteurization) . Happy now, going on drinking this industrial product with the white soul and face of an innocent angel, are you?

But not me, no!

my son drawn by friend during those work meetings he hates

I ordered (yes, I actually did!) my son to watch the movie too. But he was not able to watch the whole, it was too shocking for him. (Those cows have really suffering faces and their questing eyes is heartbreaking!)

But my son said he surely will go vegan – to the summer. “Why summer, it is a long time till then”, I said. “I need to experiment with alternatives”, he said.

Well, he seldom eat dairy products so it can’t be that difficult! Personally I will not need any experimental doings. Because I have already in a couple of days changed my diet!

To now I have bought the following dairy products:
Smetana (sour crème)
Cottage cheese
Fresh cheese
Feta cheese

I have used butter and olive oil for cooking. But from now it will be only olive oil and rapeseed oil.

There is vegan alternatives for cream and sour cream. I have already for a time used a label called Oatly, 13% cooking cream – as it tastes so good.

For my sandwiches I have now bought a vegan butter and a vegan fresh cheese (it’s Oatly too and luckily it tastes very good!)

When it comes to alternative dairy products there are a few local producers everywhere. The problems are the local groceries. All groceries have a whole wall of dairy products with all kinds of flavor and mostly – from ARLA.

I have at an earlier time asked for a natural yoghurt which label I liked very much but had problems to find in groceries. “It is not selling” I was answered. The same now with the milk from the alternative dairy close to my city. Luckily I have another grocery nearby that is still selling products from those local producers. (It is seven local farmers join together in a small dairy to challenge ARLA, I’m glad to now be a supporter!)

So I still eat yoghurt – but from those local small scale producers. Their cheese I can’t buy though as it is made with animal rennet. I have instead bought their dairy’s cream and mixed it with their yoghurt for a homemade fresh cheese.

There is an also a small scale producer in Sweden of feta cheese and halloumi, coming from free range goats and cheeps in Greece. Those product I will buy from now on.

homemade alfalfa sprouts

I will not go straight vegan then. But those who wants to do it, it is quite easy – but as far I see in Sweden there is commercial market in this area too. For example: for some years ago I could buy a small pack alfalfa seed for to grow sprouts for about a little more than one Euro. Nowadays I must buy the same product by a big “alternative” producer for about 7 Euro! I have found it is the same with a lot of “vegan” products. (It really pisses me off!) So if you want alternatives you still have to observant! You don’t need those expensive products to be a vegan!

Still it is probably easier to go straight vegan than to search for an alternative lactovegetarian diet!

There is a nice vegan blog I would like to recommend:

So you can be a Muslim and be a vegan.
(No excuses for you, then!)


Now I will finally talk about coffee!

I have a favorite blend of coffee. Last I was buying coffee the grocery had a special offer: I could buy three package for the price of two. Unfortunately the shells was a mess and very empty because other customer had been there before me – so I became standing there a while to find something at all for me to buy. Thinking! Reflecting!

I realized my favorite coffee blend has three variants of the coffee.

1. Fare trade and ecologic

2. Ecologic


3. a coffee commonly produced with bad working conditions and salaries for the farm workers

So I have as customer here three choices:

1. I can buy a coffee traditional produced with use of insecticide and bad working conditions for the workers.


2. I can buy the same coffee and blend but ecological produced.


3. I can buy a coffee that is ecological produced coffee on farms offering good living conditions for the farm workers.

I’m only asking: should I as a customer have those choices?

It is really absurd.

Local farming as an alternative good for animals, people and environment is shown in the movie “The milk system” with the farmer couple Alexander and Sonja Agethle in South Tyrol. link: http://www.suedtirol.info/wasunsbewegt/kaeseaktie

You also find Alexander Agethle at YouTube. Talking in German though.

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Sweden view, winter time

It’s very cold in Sweden this week, from minus 5C to minus 25C  to 30 in North. I loaded with food in the fridge and my kitchen cupboard last weekend and have since then refused to go out. Badly, today I must go outdoors to visit the drugstore and the grocery again. If I only watch up for the ice spots, I may be fine – if just have a warm knitted hat on my head… Viking life!

Winter outdoor swimming in Sweden and Finland

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Some call it juice others call it blues

That life is lemons is common knowledge
and what you make out of it some people
call juice, others call blues. Now – juice
need sweetness to be drinkable, but the
blues can’t be sweeter than it is in itself.

But some people just get broken and need
your support and benefit coupons for sugar
to cope with the unfair cruel paths of life.

And some becomes arrogant and pee on
everything they see and pity themselves –
who can stand them? But we know all that!

You and I, we have had a long road to trust
and understanding. You told “You should
trust me” long before I could. But I’m just
a part-time waitress at a rarely visited café
and you can’t find my pic or name in a paper.
I grimace over free flowing lemon juice and
at times I get a whim and raspy sing a blues.

With all juice and blues I have produced, it’s
not for no reason I address you as my honey
and my sweetheart. You are! I would gladly
handle all lemons if only I could have them
with you. You are afar and I miss you badly.

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Friday now again – and I’m just tired!

No, I’m not breaking up
I’m just too tired and too
old for smileys, what about
an old fashioned conversation
improved over “keep smiling”?

Another week has passed and
I look in my bathroom mirror at
that whey-face looking “before”
with no possible “after”. I ask this
flabby face what have I done – and
I mean all of what I haven’t done:
change the world to a better place,
end all war and starvation, moved
Trump from his office and written
a Nobel-winning novel and earned
a fortune by luck and becoming
loved and loved and loved,

Nada – y nada será!

I’m just a tired and pale old lady, too
weak to carry me home on my own!



Look at the end 1:12 and forward to the end of the video – it’s like the dog understand what the song is about and want to comfort his master! Wonderful, I love living with pets!

“Hurt” is a song written by Trent Reznor, also sang by Johnny Cach.

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He’s a short story

He’s not a poem but a short story.
Last word written, no more to say.
Nothing in it for a homeless heart.

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Vinegar and lemon juice (distracted day)




We have a quarrel now again and
he doesn’t talk and as ever before
I’m worried not knowing if it’ll last.

On the radio the old time pop star
Millie Small sings shrilly “What am
I living for if not for you…”

“So that would be the thing!” I think
acid minded, still uninspired to start
work I googles on this Jamaican girl.

She’s 3 years older than me, now 71–
imagine how time flies! We’re really
both too old for those lollipop boys!

So I end up in a house wife article how
to clean home the old fashion way with
lemon juice and salt, vinegar and water.

Scrub your stove with lemon juice and
salt, clean vegs with vinegar and water,
remove cat fur with wet rubber gloves!

Yes, those methods I need to handle you.
As songs will not cure anything, not your
strange way to deny you’re annoyed and
not my frustration and my tieing to you.

But vinegar and water, lemon juice and
salt will clean and clear my mind of you.
I’ll freed me to live and work minus you!








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Mother and son united








We came to talk about times that have been,
my son and I, last time he was at home and
I’ve since then thought and thought about it.

Thought what he told me then. It was about what
he had kept from me to protect me. It was good he
did it because it had broken me if I had known all
that happened behind my back. It was simply too
much: and it all to harm us, me as a single mother
and my son on welfare. It’s disgusting. But I didn’t
want to think about it anymore. Still, it came back
in my head. So stuck, and thinking and thinking I
began to feel bad, confronted again with old ghosts
and human evil, and those once so deceitful and
stupid people. Life has really shown me its back!

And the misuse of power over poor people, it’s
the same everywhere! But even if it belong to
the past, it still hurts me when I at times recall
how badly I was treated. It was so unfair! And
I talk again with my son how hurt I feel when it
comes to haunt my thoughts. But to tell and to
be understood, it eases my mind and lightens
my mood. The heavy weight leaves my chest.

I say I can hardly believe I went through those
awful times and survived it all! But I did! And
feeling better, it’s amazing to think about how
we saved each other and how we went through
it all and remained good people. The son saved
his mother from all evil intrigues. The mother
saved her child from the deeds of evil people.
That’s the main story. We are still talking and
looking after the other. It’s pure love and true
caring, it defeat and heal evil deeds. But I’m
always on my guard, not to let anyone else in.

street cats in Istanbul






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Thoughts in January and the beginning of the new yea about “dead ends” and “Catch 22” – life situations that are unbearable and impossible to handle… Everyone has at some time in life faced it.

In hopeless circumstances where all doors seems closed and you can’t see no way out how you try, you may come to feel like give up trying… then sudden opens a door ajar! Why didn’t you see that door before?

It was never there, or it was not visible for you… But now it is!

When a door opens, let the past go and leave for the new to come! Embrace it with all your heart and with no hesitations. Oh, you may have heard so called wise people say “if it looks too good, it probably is!” Oh, but you also know the tale about “The fox and the grapes”…

Trust yourself: you are strong now, you can handle both the good and the bad!

But if it is so for you that magic door hasn’t come visible to you yet, please don’t give up but keep your faith! Whatever your life looks, you have the worst behind you. Now you can only do the best with what you have – and be happy with that. Good things to come!




I wish you all a very good fulfilling 2018 all your wishes coming true! 🙂

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To miss you has become my daily bread

To miss you has become my daily bread.
My every day thirst is to hear your voice;
to talk to you. I think of you constantly. You’re a hurricane and the peace in my
soul. One day you will rest in my arms
and we will be together forever, happy
as in a fairy tale. That’s what we always
tell each other to keep hope alive.

Att sakna dig har blivit mitt dagliga bröd.
Jag törstar varje dag efter att få höra din
röst; få tala med dig. Jag tänker ständigt
på dig. Du är orkan och frid i min själ. En
dag ska du vila i min famn och vi ska vara
tillsammans för evigt och lyckliga som i
en saga. Det är vad vi alltid berättar för
varandra för att hålla hoppet levande.


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The old bard’s advice how to handle the pain of life

Gunnar Ekelöf 1907 – 1968
Swedish poet and
translator.  He is one of
the most significant, loved
and well-known poets in
the Swedish literature.

From the poetry collection Dedikation 1934

Note: The poem here translated by me and just for use on this blog and not for spreading or copying. (Reposted from November 13, 2013


Song to numb the pain

Go to the shore, mumbling in the wind,
Go to the stones on the shore with your anxiety.
Look, there is the ocean, here’s land:
Reality! You can touch it with your hand.
Lift a stone from the world’s heavy heart,
Weigh it in your hand and let it fall.
Lift a stone and throw it in the water
Let a lifeless memory sink into oblivion…
See now that the shore was a rosary, the trees prayers
Pray for greenery, life and joy, stone by stone:
In your mouth songs will grow, stronger than the wind,
And your soul shall bear emotions deeper than happiness.
You shall calm the storms in the world’s heart,
You shall braid the lightning into simple wreaths
And when all the stones weight and death are atoned
You shall go freed to your enriched tranquillity.

Gå till stranden, mumlande i vinden,
Gå till strandens stenar med din ångest.
Ser du, där är havet, här är land:
Verkligheten! Du kan röra den med handen.
Lyft en sten från världens tunga hjärta,
Väg den i din hand och låt den falla.
Lyft en sten och kasta den i vattnet,
Låt ett livlöst minne sjunka ner i glömska…
Ser du nu att stranden var ett radband, träden böner
Be om grönska, liv och glädje, sten för sten:
I din mun skall sånger växa, starkare än vinden,
Och din själ skall bära känslor, djupare an lyckan.
Du skall stilla stormarna i världens hjärta,
Du skall fläta blixtarna till enkla kransar
Och när alla stenars tyngd och död är sonad
Skall du gå befriad till ditt rika lugn.

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The telling about the world around – in Sweden (Berättelsen om världen – i Sverige)

Berättelsen om världen – i Sverige
The article is written in Swedish.  I did my best to translate it. The Swedish version comes right after this translation. The links to my reading is to be found in the Swedish text.






I read today a debate article that made me somewhat a bit confused. Firstly, the text was more a presentation of the person herself writing than a debate over any subject, like: “Hello, I will be taking office on Monday as the principal of Lund University.” Secondly, the article gave a populist and negative contemporary picture of our world that I strongly question.

What is a debate article? I googled and found the following answers:

The debate article is an argumentative text that takes a position on a question and, with the help of clear and objective arguments, tries to persuade others to agree. The debate article is common in newspapers, but is also featured in press releases, blogs and other sites.

So this article is not really a debate article – but just as I understood it, some sort of “Hi, I’m Sylvia Schwaag Serger and from January 1, 2018, I’m the principal of Lund University.”

Well, hello to you too!

Her world-wide analysis sounds like this (in my translation to English):

Economists and sociologists have for long said that we live in a time of uncertainty. Today maybe even more than before. When and where will we suffer from the next terrorist attack? How will the EU develop considering Brexit and the increased populism? Will the world be ruled by totalitarian or democratic regimes? Who and what technology can create solutions to today’s most important challenges; an aging population, the climate change, environmental degradation, IT security, more polarized communities, refugees and epidemics? If it’s something I know for certain, it cannot be solved by individual countries, research groups or science areas.

This description reminded me that yesterday I had to buy a package Valeriana Forte pills because the outside world (read: my diabetes nurse) has given me some distressed sleeping nights. I immediately went to the kitchen and took two tablets to manage the further reading…

I don’t know if economists and sociologists for long have said that we live in the age of uncertainty? What I know it has been said since decades ago that we are living in a paradigm shift.

(And such periods in history have always been turbulent and painful.)

The article writer also quite correct mention in her introduction Copernikus and the new knowledge with him that quote: “the universe does not circle around the earth”.

Now – what Copernikus actually claimed was that the sun not circulate around the earth and not the contrary, but earth circulate around the sun – among other planets. Earth was not central in the universe, more specifically. So the prospective headmaster of Lund University would fail in an examination for that her statement. But she is not a professor of astronomy but in economics, and that’s a science closer to the astrology and fashion industry than to the natural sciences.

I think that as an individual you must be very aware that the actual situation and the description of it are two very different things. It is especially important in these times when the media consistently presents  reality as hazardous, dark and negative.

If you consistently tell  yourself that something that happened to you was terrible, you sooner or later will suffer from anxiety and sleeping problems – which in the long run may give bad social consequences in your relationships and your work situation.

But if you, like Forrest Gump (supposed to have said, but he did not) frankly say, “Shit happens,” you have partly acknowledged your discomfort, and partly showed that you not intend to stay in it …. (With the foot in a pile of dog poop).

If you want to talk about the EU, you can for example mention Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk, Federica Mogherini and many other strong and democratic leaders in the EU – as well as talking concepts such as “Brexit” and “populism “!

The reactionary, inhumane and undemocratic currents in Europe are threatening challenges – but they actually never win the whole fight! (Except in Hungary.) Brexit will surely become a misery – for the United Kingdom. But hardly for other countries in the EU. (But it will of course be a misery for individuals in Europe, like the half a million Swedes living in England and for the city of London not be an international city anymore as it always been before.)

As an individual and observer of the outside world: separate the story of “reality” and the factual realities.

I do not know if an increased lifespan is a problem? If you describe it as “an increasing aging population”, it certainly sounds problematic. So perhaps, healthcare in Sweden should stop working on prevention of sicknesses to keep people healthy and live longer – and instead recommend all of us to eat more French fries, never exercise, but smoke and drink the more? So that we die very soon after retirement? Great!

The article author Schwaag Serger writes that the Chinese universities nowadays are on top, and further she says – quote and translate her:

The question is, therefore, what colleges and universities are going to teach the students. Also, the changes that occur in the university world globally must be addressed. China is now investing a larger share of the country’s GDP in research and development than the EU. A number of Chinese universities have climbed high in global rankings of the best in the world, and Times Higher Education, one of the rating agencies, today calls Asia for the next superpower in higher education.

Since the article writer is closely related to China: being a guest professor in Beijing and with her own science in China’s economy, she knows what she is talking about. But that China is one of the totalitarian states she has previously referred to as a problem, but it seems not to bother her.

Entry University House Uppsala university


The University of Uppsala has since the 19th century the gold-plated motto over its front door “To think freely is great, but to think right is greater”. The motto has of course been criticized in later and modern times – but it remains written at the university house. But Lund may want to take over the inscription as its own? In Chinese maybe? I Ching! Great!

Lund is a musty old university, created in 1666 and it is the second oldest university in Sweden. (Uppsala University is the oldest). And also the appointment of this rector is questioned, as other appointments before have been. There is something musty with Lund University!

Or with did he said, him Hamlet?

What Sylvia Schwaag Serger says in her “debate article”, she wants a world-class university. A university to attract foreign students.

The universities in Lund and Uppsala was ranked “world-class” universities before the 2011 reform, who introduced fees for foreign students outside the EU.

But Schwaag Serger writes, I quote and translate:

Worldwide, more and more people choose to study abroad. While the United States and Britain’s reputation has been harmed by Trump and Brexit, Sweden’s attractiveness has increased as a country that not only has a number of highly rated universities (something that is important for the many Asian students seeking overseas) but also has clean air , a well-developed and functioning democracy, good education and health care for all. Students from Africa, Asia and Latin America may well be educated in Sweden, but this does not happen by themselves. If Sweden as a country and its university wants students from other countries, admissions, education and counseling must be adapted accordingly.

Her article is illustrated by a photo of a group of foreign students arriving in Sweden. It’s a positive and surely a real photo, but still it gives a false image of the reality for foreign students.

We may have relatively cleaner air in Sweden. But sorry: health care is not “free for everyone”. It is not free for students from other countries and surely not for people coming from outside the EU: becoming seriously ill (worse than a cold) would be very expensive. Become pregnant and giving birth to a child in Sweden and not being EU citizens is what only very wealthy people could afford, it costs a lot: no money left for clean diapers to the new  little world citizen!

If Sweden once again wants students from non-EU countries, it’s  not attitudes or education programs that need to be changed but the financial conditions for the individual students. The earlier conservative government introduced fees in 2011 for foreign students making it expensive to study in Sweden. The current government has shown no interest in removing these unnecessary fees, which have only been a loss for university programs and the country as a whole.

Quote from migrationsinfo.se:

Every third student came in autumn term 2014 came a third country: 5170 students out of totally 15,690. The charges have mainly affected students from third world countries in Africa and Asia where the number of students in 2011/12 decreased by up to 60 percent from each continent.










figure https://www.migrationsinfo.se/migration/sverige/internationella-studenter/

The current government appointed an investigation 2016 to map foreign students’ terms in Sweden. It showed that in addition to the high costs of studies, the bureaucracy is so severe that 30% of those who actually applied for studies in Sweden could never begin their studies – because they did not get a residence permit on time.

Sweden’s current Minister of Higher Education is Helene Hellmark Knutsson. She has not abolished the impulse-imposed rules on high fees for foreign students from 2011. But in August 2017 she had a meeting with China’s education minister Wan Gang, where a cooperation agreement was signed. According to the government information given, it is also to read that Sweden already has “extensive research cooperation with China.” And that Sweden is highly interesting for Chinese students.

So, during the meeting, the ministers witnessed a signing of a cooperation agreement between Vinnova Innovation and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. The agreement is about research collaboration in areas such as road safety, life science, aging and climate change. And the visit is a follow-up to the journey made by Helene Hellmark Knutsson to China in June this year.

Now… The newly appointed principal of Lund University Sylvia Schwaag Serger  is currently the director of the government agency Vinnova and since 2013 a guest professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute for Policy Management (CASIPM) in Beijing.

(Vinnova is a Swedish state administrative authority, belonging under the Ministry of Industry).

China is a dictatorship. And Sweden also has a dubious arms trade with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship. “Will the world be ruled by totalitarian or democratic regimes?” Schwaag Serger asked in her today’s “debate article”. Good question!

Perhaps a question of unite trade and international relations with demands for integrity, morality and ethical attitudes?

A Swedish former sports star is now a director becoming a millionaire in an Arab country. The Arab countries are not so hard to live in, he said in an interview, me and my family are enjoy it very much. And in Saudi Arabia, for example, women now drive a car.


Lund University, Sweden







Jag läste idag en debattartikel som gjorde mig något konfunderad. För det första så var texten mer en presentation av personen själv än ett debatterande: ”jag tillträder nu på måndag som rektor för Lunds universitet”. För det andra framställdes i artikeln en populistisk och negativ samtidsbild som jag starkt ifrågasätter.


Vad är en debattartikel? Jag googlade och fann följande svar:

Debattartikeln är en argumenterande text där man tar ställning i en fråga och med hjälp av tydliga och sakliga argument försöker övertyga andra att hålla med. Debattartikeln är vanlig i dagstidningar, men förekommer även i fackpress, på bloggar och andra sajter.


Artikeln är alltså inte en debattartikel, utan precis som jag uppfattade det en slags ”hej, jag Sylvia Schwaag Serger och från 1 januari 2018 är det jag som är rektor för Lunds universitet”.

 Ja, hej du!

 Hennes omvärldsanalys lyder så här:

Ekonomer och sociologer har länge sagt att vi lever i ovisshetens tidsålder. Men idag är det kanske ännu mer så. När och var drabbas vi av nästa terrorattack? Hur utvecklas EU med tanke på brexit och ökad populism? Kommer världen att styras av totalitära eller demokratiska regimer? Vem och vilken teknik skapar lösningar på nutidens viktigaste utmaningar; en åldrande befolkning, klimatförändringarna, miljöförstöring, it-säkerhet, allt mer polariserade samhällen, flyktingströmmar och epidemier? Om det är något jag vet med bestämdhet är det att de inte kan lösas av enskilda länder, forskargrupper eller vetenskapsområden.

 Denna beskrivning påminde mig om att jag igår kände mig tvungen att köpa ett paket Valeriana Forte för att omvärlden (läs: diabetessköterskan) har gett mig några ångestladdade nätter. Jag tog genast två tabletter för att klara av den vidare läsningen…

Jag vet inte om ekonomer och sociologer länge har sagt att vi lever i ovisshetens tidsålder? Vad jag vet så har det sagts och för decennier sedan innan vi ens såg mycket av det, att vi lever i ett paradigmskifte.

Artikelförfattaren nämnde i inledningen Kopernikus och kunskapen att ”universum inte kretsar runt jorden”. Nu var det väl närmast så att Kopernikus hävdade att solen inte kretsade runt jorden som man trott tidigare, utan tvärtom. Jorden var inte central i universum, närmare bestämt. Så den blivande rektorn för Lunds universitet skulle få underkänt i en salsskrivning för det påståendet. Nu är hon ju inte heller professor i astronomi utan i ekonomi, och det är ju en vetenskap närmare astrologin och modeindustrin än naturvetenskaperna.

Jag tror att man som individ måste ha klart för sig att en faktisk situation och beskrivningen av den är två vitt skilda ting. Det är särskilt viktigt i dessa tider då media konsekvent framställer samtiden som farofylld och negativ.

Om du konsekvent hävdar att något som hänt dig var fruktansvärt, kommer du förr eller senare att drabbas av ångest och sömnproblem  -vilket i förlängningen kan sociala konsekvenser i relationer och arbete.

 Men om du som Forrest Gump (påstods ha sagt, men inte gjorde) frankt säger “shit happens”, så har du dels erkänt obehaget, dels visat att du inte avser att stanna där…. (med foten i en hög med hundskit).

Vill man tala – till exempel – om EU kan man nämna Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk, Federica Mogherini och många andra starka och demokratiska ledare inom EU – lika väl det som begrepp som ”Brexit” och ”populism”!

De reaktionära, inhumana och odemokratiska strömmarna i Europa är starka – men de får ju faktiskt ständigt stryka på foten! Brexit blir ett elände – för England som land. Men knappast för övriga länder inom EU. (Det blir förstås ett elände för enskilda individer i Europa, som att en halv miljon svenskar bor i England och London inte blir en internationell stad längre.)

Som enskild individ och iakttagare av omvärlden: skilj på berättelsen om ”verkligheten” och de faktiska verkligheterna.

Jag vet inte om en ökad livslängd är ett problem? Beskriver man det som ”en ökande åldrande befolkning” så låter det förstås problematiskt. Så kanske borde hälsovården i Sverige sluta arbeta i förebyggande syfte så att folk håller sig friska och lever längre – och istället rekommendera oss alla att äta mer pommes frites, aldrig motionera, men röka och supa desto mer? Så att vi dör kvickt efter pensionen? Kul!

Artikelförfattaren Schwaag Serger skriver att de kinesiska universiteten numera ligger på topp, citat:

Frågan är alltså vad högskolor och universitet ska lära studenterna. Också de förändringar som sker inom universitetsvärlden globalt måste hanteras. Kina investerar nu en större andel av landets BNP i forskning och utveckling än EU.

Ett antal kinesiska universitet har klättrat högt upp i globala rankningar över de bästa i världen och Times Higher Education, ett av rankningsinstituten, kallar idag Asien för nästa supermakt när det gäller högre utbildning.

 Eftersom artikelförfattaren har nära anknytning till Kina med ämbete i Peking och en egen forskning i Kinas ekonomi, vet hon förstås härvid vad hon talar om. Att Kina är en av de totalitära staterna hon tidigare omtalade som ett problem, reflekterar hon inte över.

Universitetet i Uppsala har sedan 1800-talet den guldpräglade devisen ”Tänka fritt är stort men tänka rätt är större”. Den har kritiserats under senare decennier, men finns kvar skriven på universitetshuset. Men Lund kanske vill överta inskriptionen som sin? På kinesiska kanske? I Ching! Väl bekomme!

Lund är av hävd ett unket universitet, skapat 1666 och det näst äldsta universitetet i Sverige. (Uppsala universitet är äldst). Också tillsättandet av denna rektor är ifrågasatt, liksom andra tillsättningar har varit det. Det är något unket med Lund!

Eller vad var det han sa, han Hamlet?!


 Vad Sylvia Schwaag Serger säger sig vilja se i dagens ”debattartikel” är ett universitet i världsklass. Ett universitet som ska locka till sig utländska studenter.

”I världsklass” rankat var universiteten i Lund och Uppsala före reformen 2011, den som införde avgifter för utländska studenter utanför EU.

Men Schwaag Serger skriver, citat:

Över hela världen väljer allt fler att studera utomlands. Medan USA:s och Storbritanniens anseende har skadats av Trump respektive brexit, har Sveriges attraktivitet ökat som ett land som inte bara har ett antal högt rankade universitet (något som är viktigt för de många asiatiska studenter som söker sig utomlands) utan också har ren luft, en välutvecklad och fungerande demokrati, bra utbildning och sjukvård för alla.

Studenter från Afrika, Asien och Latinamerika kan mycket väl komma att utbilda sig i Sverige, men det sker inte av sig självt. Om Sverige som land och dess universitet vill ha studenter från andra länder måste antagningar, utbildningar och bemötande anpassas efter det.

Artikeln illustreras av ett foto av en grupp utländska studenter anländer till Sverige. Den är ju positiv – säkert ett äkta foto men ändå genomfalskt!

Vi kanske har relativt renare luft i Sverige. Men tyvärr, sjukvården är inte fri för alla. Den är inte fri för studenter utanför EU: blir en student allvarligt sjuk (värre än förkylning) blir det dyrt. Bli gravid och föda barn i Sverige och inte vara EU-medborgare är endast vad förmögna har råd med, det kostar multum. Inga pengar över för rena blöjor där inte för den lille världsmedborgaren!

Om Sverige återigen vill ha studenter från länder utanför EU är det inte attityder eller utbildningar som måste ändras, utan de ekonomiska villkoren för enskilda studenter. 2011 infördes av den dåvarande regeringen avgifter för utländska studenter som gör att det är för dyrt att studera i Sverige. Den nuvarande regeringen har inte visat något intresse att ta bort dessa onödiga utgifter som bara har blivit en förlust för universitetens utbildningar och landet som helhet.

Citat från migrationsinfo.se:

 Var tredje inresande student höstterminen 2014 kom från ett tredje land, 5 170 av 15 690. Avgifterna har främst påverkat studenter från tredjeländer i Afrika och Asien där antalet studenter år 2011/12 minskade med upp emot 60 procent från vardera världsdel. 











Den nuvarande regeringen tillsatte en utredning 2016 för att kartlägga utländska studenters villkor i Sverige. Den visade att förutom de höga kostnaderna för studier är byråkratin så snårig, att 30 % av de som faktiskt sökt studier i Sverige aldrig kunde påbörja sina studier – eftersom de inte fått uppehållstillstånd i tid.


Sveriges högskoleminister heter Helene Hellmark Knutsson. Hon har inte avskaffat de impulsstyrt införda reglerna om höga avgifter för utlandsstudenter från 2011. Men i augusti 2017 hade hon ett möte med Kinas utbildningsminister Wan Gang där ett samarbetsavtal ska undertecknats. Enligt informationen om detta kan man också läsa att Sverige har ”omfattande forskningssamarbeten med Kina”. Samt att Sverige är högintressant för kinesiska studenter.

Under mötet kommer ministrarna att bevittna en signering av ett samarbetsavtal mellan innovationsmyndigheten Vinnova och kinesiska Ministry of Science and Technology. Avtalet handlar om forskningssamarbete kring bland annat trafiksäkerhet, life science, åldrande och klimatförändringar. Besöket är en uppföljning på den resa som Helene Hellmark Knutsson gjorde till Kina i juni.


 Den nytillträdande rektorn för Lunds universitet är för närvarande direktör för den statliga myndigheten Vinnova och  sedan 2013 gästprofessor vid Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute for Policy Management (CASIPM) i Peking.

(Vinnova = Verket för innovationssystem är en svensk statlig förvaltningsmyndighet, som sorterar under Näringsdepartementet).

Kina är en diktatur. Sverige har också en tvivelaktig vapenhandel med Saudiarabien. Saudiarabien är en diktatur. ”Kommer världen att styras av totalitära eller demokratiska regimer?” frågade Schwaag Serger i dagens ”debattartikel”. Bra fråga.

Kanske en fråga om att para ekonomi och internationella förbindelser med krav på integritet, moral och etiska förhållningsätt?


En svensk före detta idrottsstjärna är numera direktör och bliven miljonär i ett arabiskt land. De arabiska länderna är inte så svåra att leva i, sa han i en intervju, jag och min familj trivs jättebra. Och i Saudiarabien får ju till exempel kvinnor nu köra bil.


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In China, God is spelled Xi Jinping

In China, God is spelled Xi Jinping.
Look at the Chinese workers, they are
nothing but brainwashed slaves, who
lives for nothing in a present dystopia,
making commercialized toys for adults
in a blindfolded west, it all resulting in
pollutions of the earth and your mind.

Marx turns over in his grave, while we
stiff-necked bends over Chinese made
cheap cell phones, pretending we know
nothing, addicted to send smiling selfies
over the world. We’re all such hypocrites!

While in China, God is spelled Xi Jinping,
China cut Africa and Europe as pieces of
tasty cakes, own harbors and telecoms and
companies like Swedish Volvo. In the future
Xi Jinping will also own your brain and your
soul. And you sell yourself so cheap!

In China, officials move home to Muslim
families in Xinjiang, all to live with them
so they won’t practice their religion and
not talk Uighur. Because in China, there’s
only one faith, it’s the Communist Party
and its leader is Xi Jinping, he’ll be God.

But in US reigns a moron and his puppets,
make the White House to a madhouse. He
play the dictators around the world, to set
them like fight dogs against each other and
our democracies are left out to disasters, to
drown in ignorant greed and to eat feces.

But in China, God is spelled Xi Jinping and
he’s coming for you next year and he comes
in silence, but you say it’s okay because his
goods are cheap and you desire your welfare
happiness more than freedom of thoughts.

Common man in west fears the screamers
who sets the agenda. Back in the 70s it was
the radical left people who were extremists.
Their loudness brutally silenced all others.
Now rednecks and like-minded do the same.
Loud and hateful voices calls for oppression
and intolerance. People having hearts and
compassion for others becomes paralyzed,
put down in darkness and despair. It’s ugly!

Still, the stories of the contemporary reality
that are too loudly told in megaphones and
the actual historical reality is rarely the same.
Repression and intolerance seems to control
us everywhere, but that’s not the whole truth.
It has never been. Reality is complexity!

You need to open your eyes for progress and
science and for peoples’ good deeds. It’s done
quietly but you can find it in every country on
this earth. But you must also see how in China,
God is spelled Xi Jinping – and he wants you!

You don’t need things to feel good and be happy.
Buy less and never buy Chinese products, they’re
made by enslaved people to enslave you. In China,
Xi Jinping is God – and he wants to barbecue you.




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Winter gloom





December darkness – I feel old and cold, tired and
worn out. Who am I to be desired, I ask myself and
you too and you really don’t want to hear that bad
tune from me. But one night you told me you felt so
cold and low – and softly I tried to cheer you up…

Then I told “Good night,
dream about me – that I’m young,
beautiful and nude…!”

(Certainly, none of it was true but yet
you fell asleep with a smile on your lips
and “tomorrow will worry about itself”.)





Decembermörker och jag känner mig gammal
och frusen och trött och utsliten. Vad är jag att
vilja ha, frågar jag blekt mig själv och även dig
och du vill verkligen inte höra den klagolåten
från mig. Men en kväll sa du att du kände dig
också vissen och jag försökte muntra upp dig…

Och sedan sa jag
“Godnatt och dröm om mig: ung,
vacker – och naken!”

Naturligtvis var inget av det sant, men
du somnade ändå med ett leende och sant
är att “var dag har nog av sin egen plåga”.






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Letter to my friend, third advent 2017

As a result of Donald Trump declaring Jerusalem as a capital of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu visited Brussels to convince the EU to make the same declaration. Of course, he got a clear “NO”, but I wonder how he ever could think he could make such a request? From my point of view, he is not a good person because of his political values and deeds. But I did not think he would be so naive. I thought he is a smart man.

But maybe that is what extreme -wing politics are: naive! Because they see the world through their special prescription glasses where you can only see straight ahead but no angles.

After meeting with European Union foreign ministers, Mr. Netanyahu said in a statement that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “doesn’t obviate peace, it makes peace possible, because recognizing reality is the substance of peace, it’s the foundation of peace.”

And he is the one to say “recognizing reality is the substance of peace, it’s the foundation of peace”!

So what is “reality”?

Yesterday in Sweden there was a kippah-manifestation in Malmö.

This city so often showed in media pointed out for racist attitudes and acts. This as a reality of Malmö would of course make a “malmoit” upset, denying hardly this being the truth about his/her city.

Because there is, you see, another Malmö seldom given a space in media. But I’ve only heard about the “loveliness” of the city from “malmoits”. I have never visit the city, so I can’t say.

I’ve been to Gothenburg,  another Swedish city with some violent issues at times. But it was long time ago I visited the city. But I loved it then, even if I never visited the outer regions. The suburbs have – like in Malmö – become the seat of gang crime and killings. Revealed in media. As it should be, of course. But there were more to Chicago in the 20s than Al Capone. If you get my meaning!

The sixth of December Mr. Trumps declared US will admit Jerusalem as the capital town of Israel and US will move its embassy there. On Saturday, the ninth of December, a group of youngsters attacked the synagogue in Gothenburg with firebombs. There were no harm on any people or on the building. But a crowd of youngsters in the synagogue having a celebration feast became very shocked. Three people were arrested. Neither was Swedes, but had very recent arrived to Sweden searching asylum. One young man came from Syria, another was a Palestinian. They were in a group of 8 to 9 people, the rest unknown.

The day before, Friday eight of December, there were manifestations in Malmö on two occasions, people shouting slogans in Arabic and words like “kill the Jews” was said to be heard shouted many times. It seems to have been spontaneous actions gathering about 200 people. Yet maybe consisting members of an extremist group earlier reported to police for hate crimes. No one was harmed but the Jewish population once again felt threaten and insecure in the public space.

As a result of manifested racism something unique has occurred in this city – it may be the Malmö-spirit “the malmoits” love to tell about? The unique is the Jewish center and the Islamic center successfully working on coming together against anti-Semitism and islamophobia.

Malmö December 16, 2017

And this Saturday was a manifestation arranged, a “kippah walk”, in solidarity with the Jews in Malmö. A Swedish Minister was present and held a speech.

But I was thinking “where are the ministers when the mosques are burning?”



The Swedish King(in grey suit to the left) visit Örebro and the burned down Mosque

For years there has been very many sabotage against mosques or public rooms for praying. Earlier this year, in September, a whole mosque was burned down to ground in a big fire in a city called Örebro. The king visited the place, but only as he on his schedule happened to be in the city that day. A visit to the mosque was anyway planned. Now he had to go there looking at charred remains of the fire site. (I wonder what he was thinking? It must has been a depressing sight.)

My reflection until this point in time was clearly: two very limited incidents at synagogues have occurred and has been very strongly condemned by the Swedish government, brought up comments of the Nazi crimes during World War II.

Actually there is no connection to the Nazi time in Germany during World War II and those attacks now in December 2017. This attacks now are straight connected to what happens in Israel – or for to be more precise because of and caused by Donald Trump’s paying back on his local supporters, giving money to his campaign running for president with declaring Jerusalem as the place for US to have their embassy seated. Got local money support, now he paid back as he had promised to do. The Jews in Sweden getting the blame from short thinking extremists.

What is “reality”? That is reality and that is what is history and happening now.

We have all these repeated and serious attacks on Mosques, in Sweden as well as all over the world. I don’t know how many it has been in Sweden this year, but only 2015 it was about 15 attacks. It is fires, it is spray painted hate words on walls, it is broken glasses in windows. Pig heads outside the entrances… Where are the ministers then? Walking, speaking…

All this hate? What is “reality”?

There were earlier a Mayor in Malmö, accused to be anti-Semite by people representing a Jewish organization on visit from US. This man felt he was unfair treated. I thought too he was. Maybe I was wrong. The truth is he never took complains from the Jewish congregation seriously, but dismissed them as too excessive.

I think it is because he belongs to my generation. We lived in another time in history naively believing things such happening now never would be happening – again. As back then we read about such events as belonging to the past just before us, traumas of our parental generation. It would never come back. But in a way it has. And we don’t grip what the young see clearly.

We were in our twenties living in a society that was very different from now, a society of hopes and progress. Frankly, we born in the forties and fifties are not quite updated with the reality of today.

The official society was more prejudiced against different kind of people, in terms of juridical rights and of attitudes from officials. Now we have a juridical term called hate crime (although the police refuse to use it when it comes to sabotage against Muslims!) Servants have no legal rights to discriminate you, they certainly did before and certainly if you came from working class.

Yet, we who was young in the late 60s are of course aware about the conservative movements in Europe the latest years, even if we are getting old and have a hard time grip this reality and paradigm change – that progress is out of date. “Preserve what can be preserved” (of the welfare state) is our prime minister’s motto.

But at the same we have perspective and can see the good changes – different groups of people have got there rights guaranteed in ways they only dreamed about when I was young. Mosques are accepted to be built. Surely they are burned  – but they are rebuilt again! Gay people can marry and have kids. Yet, they are not safe in the public room. But still! Society sees them as fully citizens, not as criminals and not as mental sick. That is a story of success.

But I said to someone: “two minor incidents on two synagogues and then this fuss about it! What about this constant and massive hate rides against Muslims!”

Then this person I was talking to told me this story – and this is reality:

This happened on recreation center for school children in the age of ten to 18 and it happened about four or five years ago: a child asked a leader “Can I have some candy?” “No”, said the leader, “if you want candy you have to buy it”.

“Come on”, said the young one, “don’t be such a Jew!”

The leader said: “I don’t like your choice of words – and I don’t like it even less as I happens to be a Jew”.

This statement led to uproar as those about 40 school children being there left the place. Why? Because they did not want to be where a Jew was allowed to work as a youth leader!

Yes! You read me right!

The staff working at the same time and witnessed it all – I don’t know how many they were, but maybe 4 of 5 leaders – they were all in shock. Well everybody, except the man being a Jew. When asked about it he calmly explained “I’m used to it, it’s how it has been my whole life time”. He was about 25 years old at this occasion.

As if that not would have convinced me of the gravity on attacks on Jews, my informant (also belonging to a younger generation) told me, when his Jewish friends still were children and wanted to apply for summer camps, they normally used alias instead for their Jewish last names. This for not even risk being bullied by other children – and leaders! And that is reality!

Hearing this I remember I once in young age read Joanne Greenburg and what she went through during her summer camps. I then never thought times like that ever would come back!

I write this to you my long time Muslim friend. Now this weekend you have become 30 years: so “happy birthday”to you my young friend… 🙂 Do you remember how we once talked about the Israeli-Palestine conflict and you so very easy said “I hate Jews”. As if this three words would declare your opinion and all together said what is to be said in this delicate matter!!! 😦

This was one of our many and ma your conflicts – those you used to accuse me from starting, yes well, well… As if I would let you get away with the kind of bullshit you so often come up with! Whatever subject, that’s matter. You are lazy minded, frankly!

Provoked you defended yourself with you had some Jewish neighbor families being so extremely pro-Israel. Maybe I was wrong then, but I got the impression when we talked, you were thinking they could be happy at all being allowed to live there in your Muslim country? So therefore I simply said “If I were Jewish and lived as your neighbor I would probably be pro-Israel too!”

Yes, and as before when we have come into disagreements, I guess we didn’t talk for some weeks after that discussion – until missing the other became too hard for us and we were back on track again as close friends, cautiously at first as walking on ice.

Before blaming Israel for their huge military budget and actions, maybe Arabic people in common in the countries around Israel should be less hostile in their attitudes and language against Israel as a Jewish country. It is oceans and much more than between condemning a country’s policy and condemning people for their ethnicity! If you not are ready to use your brain to understand that, you better not talk so loud at all as you are nothing but a fool. Are you a stupid non-thinking lazy fool? Or not?

The Arab oppressive regimes simply want common people to be to be ignorant citizens, playing you and your fellows as they like. But you got a brain, so use it. That is what I expect from you.

Actually I suspect there will never be a solution of this conflict because the (leaders of the) Arabic states don’t want to have it!

Raif Badawi, saudi blogger

I really don’t know why the hatreds against Muslims in Europe and US is called Islamophobia, when persecutions are not against the religion but against people who are Muslims. Prejudices against Muslims are disgusting, but so is some Muslims attitudes and prosecutions against Jews, black people, gay people and women. And the very own brave people!

You my friend, you work as a teacher for children. Having such attitudes about Jews, black people, gay people and women as you (at times) have, you are responsible for what you express in your teaching.

Reality? Sometimes I don’t understand how I can stand being friend with you. Why I love you so much. Life is a mystery.

About the story I’ve told here something is to be added. One reason to how all oppressions against women in our public societies have been possible is caused of what is called “silence culture”. I don’t know about the rules on working places in other countries, but working people in Sweden are obliged to provide secrecy and not tell outsiders about events occurring on the working place and people there.

This applies for the story I have told here. So I was asked not to tell any. But if I have any rule at all it must be this one: if anyone tell me a shocking story and then forbid me tell it to others as it is delicate, I will tell it to as many as possible. (I only regret that I know so few people.)

Because we must talk about what is essential. We must actively train our thinking and empathetic ability. Because all we have is each other.

For you my friend I light the third candle now. Time will show if we still are friends  Christmas time next year. I hope we are.
Yours with love

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Better than a thoughtless lover

Better than a thoughtless lover
is no lover at all. I’m not taking
the blame this time for what you
call my misunderstandings and
my lack of trust. What to trust?
You are killing my love for you!

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December morning

It’s a winter morning, December 13, 2017.
The celebration of Lucia Day. Our Queen
of Light and Hope come to visit the North
one of the darkest days of the year. It is a
kind of magic ritual. But we very rational
Northern people are not aware that we do
such things. I take a photo of the sunrise
from my living room window. I miss you.

You and I, we really need magic thinking
to keep this love thing going. When I look
at my plans I see I can come to meet you
first in the summer of 2019. By then I will
be a 70 years old woman but you will still
be a young lover man. But we can always
have tea for two and stay friends forever.






Det är vintermorgon. Den 13 december 2017.
Luciadagen. Vår drottning av ljus och hopp
besöker Norden en av de mörkaste av dagar.
Det är egentligen en magisk ritual, detta. Men
vi rationella nordbor är inte medvetna om att
vi gör slikt. Jag tar ett foto av soluppgången
från mitt vardagsfönster. Jag saknar dig.

Du och jag, vi behöver verkligen ett magiskt
tänkande för att hålla igång vår kärleksgrej.
När jag kollar mina planer framöver ser jag
att jag kan träffa dig först till sommaren 2019.
Då är jag en 70 årig kvinna, men du kommer
ännu att vara en ung viril man. Men vi kan ju
ändå ha te för två och förbli vänner för evigt.



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(The gown) Lyrics to It’s all wrong, but it’s alright by Eddie Hinton








Nobel  Award Ceremony December 10, 2017. The men got the prizes and the money and the ladies contributed with glamour and beautiful gowns. Yes, 2017!

Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson and Professor of Economics Richard H. Thaler, United States

I think the Swedish Minister of Finances Magdalena Andersson had the most beautiful gowns of all the ladies. The man at her side is Professor Richard H Thaler from USA, who received the Nobel Prize in Economics.

He became so touched during the prize ceremony he almost cried, what a lovely man… And 9 millions SEK ( a little over 1 million dollars), is he married or free?

Oh, he’s married. I see! What a pity, 71 years old just 3 years older than me, it would had been such a match. Well, no glamour no money no fame, but I got Eddie Hinton on YouTube… 🙂

It’s hard to find the lyrics to his music on line, so here is another great song by him and his coworker Marlin Greene.









Eddie Hinton It’s all wrong but it’s alright

(Written by Marlin Greene and Eddie Hinton,
first released by Percy Sledge in 1968)

If you give your affection to another man
I do my best to understand
I crave your love like a blind man, praise the light
It’s all wrong but it’s alright
When you’re out in the cold I give you my shirt
I’m someone to walk on, I lay in the dirt
‘cause it’s your love that’s keeping me alive
It’s all wrong but it’s alright
You got me wrapped up and I’m so caught up
but don’t ever let me off the hook,
baby it’s the wrong thing but don’t you know
it’s the wright thing now, Lord in my book
Your kiss that would bring a strong man to his knees
I hold you and tremble and pray you won’t leave
but I know, I know he’s waiting yeah out there,
somewhere in the night
It’s all wrong, it’s alright
It’s all wrong, it’s alright
let me tell you now,
it’s all wrong but it’s alright…


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Eddie Hinton, Cover me, lyrics

photo by vonnely feb 3 2014, the pond nearby my home

Eddie Hinton Cover me
(written by Eddie Hinton and Marlin Greene)

Cover me cover me
spread your precious love me
and love me
oh, can’t you see the need in me
oh cover me (cover me)
Hide me, hide me
where no other ones can find me
Oh, I’m feeling cold
I need you so
cover me cover me

Girl my love for you get stronger every day
oh, temptations might be waiting ‘round the way
When I’m lost and I get led astray
find me find me
kiss every little tear that’s blind me
oh darling
I don’t want to lose you
oh find me

Stay with me, stay with me
maybe make it all the way with me
oh, every day and every way
stay with me oh stay with me
cover me cover me
spread your precious love
all over me
oh, can’t you see the need in me
oh cover me oh cover me
love me oh cover me
Baby, spread your precious love
all over me can’t you see
baby the need I me….




Eddie Hinton 1944 – 1995, for more information:


Marlin Greene

Marlin Greene played a big part in early Muscle Shoals music. He was engineer/guitarist to he wrote many songs especially in partnership with a young Eddie Hinton.
My source: http://www.discogs.com/artist/270574-Marlin-Greene

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Missing someone

But no common sense can deny
the missing in me after you and
all I can wish for now is that its
bitter-sweetness stays with me
all my days left, if you cannot.

Ändå kan inget sunt förnuft
förneka saknaden i mig efter
dig och allt jag önskar är att
dess bitterljuva sötma ska bli
kvar hos mig resten av mina
dagar, om du inte kan det.

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I have met so many beautiful people

Roland Utbult, member of the Swedish Parliament, December 3, 2017

The Swedish parliament politician Roland Utbult sings his speech on December 4, 2017

I have met so many beautiful people
holding mercy in their arms
they don’t point finger at the weak ones,
but meets them with a stretched hand
At a time when dark forces prevail
they have the power to resist
When egoism builds walls
they don’t lose their courage

I have met so many beautiful people
children of salvation
I have met so many warm people
in an often hard and cold world
those ones creating peace around themselves
a bright and friendly atmosphere
The give themselves in service to others
without profit for their own part
And they show us others the way
how to be true and complete

I have met so many warm people
they are children of salvation
I have met so many brave people
who have shown power and courage
When the terror spreads horror and fear
they help us to dare to believe
that love is what binds together
and wins over hatred
and the people choose side
with a sea of flower

I have met so many beautiful people
children of salvation
they are children of salvation…








Roland Utbult (KD) valde att sjunga från talarsolen i riksdagen måndag 4 december 2017

Jag har mött så många vackra människor
med barmhärtigheten i sin famn
som inte pekar finger åt de svaga,
men möter med en utsträckt hand
I en tid då mörka krafter råder
har de kraft att stå emot
När egoismen bygger murar
de tappar inte mod

Jag har mött så många vackra människor
barn av saligheten
Jag har mött så många varma människor
i en ofta hård och kylig värld
de är dom skapar fred omkring sig
en ljus och vänlig atmosfär
De ger sig hän i tjänst för andra
utan vinst för egen del
Och de visar oss andra vägen
hur man blir sann och hel

Jag har mött så många varma människor
de är barn av saligheten
Jag har mött så många tappra människor
som har visat handlingskraft och mod
När terrorn sprider skräck och rädsla
de hjälper oss att våga tro
att kärleken den binder samman
och segrar över hat
och folket väljer sida
med ett blomsterhav

Jag har mött så många vackra människor
barn av saligheten
de är barn av saligheten

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Saffron is the scent of Christmas in Sweden

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I washed my hair this morning





I washed my hair this morning, thinking
you may show up. Now it’s noon, the sun
has reached my window and my hair has
dried. Yet not even the steam from your
breath on my window pane! Oh, I do not
miss you, I just can’t stop thinking about
you. I do not think I love you, I just want
to be with you all the time! I was thinking
about you this morning while I washed my
hair. That’s what I always do, think of you!









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Sweden today

At the Sweden’s most northerly point, called Three-Country Cairn, the sun will never raise from today, the first of December. This will be for about 2 weeks. Then the same phenomenon will appears at Sweden’s northernmost city Kiruna. It is 135 kilometer between those two places and for people living in those parts of the country that kind of distance is – almost – like a walk to your next door neighbor to have a coffee and a chat. It is a sparsely populated part of the country.

No sunrise means not complete darkness, even if no sun there will be a light from it shown 4 hours and 44 minutes!

In Kiruna lives about lives 18 200 people. The community’s primary occupation is the mining industry. This mining has resulted in the whole city now must move, because the ground has weakened. The community will dismantle some house and rebuilt them on a chosen safer place.

There is a village even more north than Kiruna. It is Karesuando about 180 kilometers north east Kiruna and it lies at the border to Finland. About 300 people lives in the village, but still people have all they need there for a living: primary school, day care center, grocery stores, church, gas station, various shops, library, gym, bath house, hotels, hostels, public health service, medical center, retirement home and post office. But no police station.

Sweden most south point is called Smygehuk. It’s 1568 kilometers straight line between Smygehuk and Three-Country Cairn.

If you would translate the name Smygehuk to English you could believe the meaning would be (Swedish) “smyga” = sneak (in English) and (the Swedish) “huka” = crouch( in English). Sneakcrouch with other words? No, Smygehuk actually means “narrow cape”. No one lives there, it’s only a tourist view point.

As the map shows, Sweden is a long and narrow country and we have three climate zones. When it is still summer in south, you have autumn in the middle parts of the country and the winter has already began in the north.

I have never been in the North of Sweden. It looks exotic from what I see on pictures, even though it’s my own country. I have no desire to go there. Like many Swedes I long for a sunny and a warmer climate.

From the northernmost place I’ve ever visited in Sweden there is 851 kilometers straight line to Kiruna, 1177 kilometers on the highways. From the city I live, it is 1076 kilometers straight line, 1499 kilometers on the roads. North  Sweden is like another world in my mind.

From the city there I actually live (in the more south part of the country) and to Stockholm – there my son lives and works – it’s 174 kilometers northward and straight line. But 198 kilometers the road way. He has no car so he takes the train when he visits me. It’s 209 kilometers and is calculated to take 2 hours. It seldom do as the administration of the train traffic has gone to hell. In my youth – long time ago – you could set the watch after the train traffic. Times changes – and so we with them.

From the south to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, it’s 526 kilometers straight line. From Stockholm to Kiruna it’s 955 kilometers. Yet Stockholm and it surroundings is called “Middle Sweden”. It’s more of an economic, social and cultural description. But it’s the center in the public consciousness too. All area outside the Stockholm area is like “out there in nowhere”. “The pulse” is in Stockholm. Yet everyone certainly knows that is not so…

But not many people live at the big North. Most lives in “Middle Sweden” or around in Gothenburg at the West coast or in Malmoe in the South. The green color on the map shows the most densely populated areas, the dark red parties show the least inhabited areas.










Stockholm is considered to be the hub of (upper class-) culture rewarding superiority to those born to “be better” than ordinary people. Stockholm is where mostly the richest in the country lives, those now identified through the revealing Paradise Papers.

There in Stockholm we find “the 18”, forming the Swedish Academy giving glamour to Sweden abroad every year because of the Nobel Prize award. Next big event coming now in December.

The club most consist elderly men with one foot in their grave. Nevertheless they boasts of owning a skill and culture, “genius and taste” more than the most of us. The Swedish Academy is a private club with rules and secrecy belonging to an ancient time. No transparency at all is the strictest rule. Though those members in the club and their friends really believes they belong to an elite of the Swedish people.

With such arrogance there is no surprise #metoo has shaken this institution in its foundations as the club for years has protected a “cultural personality” guilty of “inappropriate and unwanted sexual behavior” – as they now prefer to name it!

It’s a man now 71 years old, married to a member of the Swedish Academy and involved with several of the others members, it’s about friendships, social events, money and privileges etecetera.

For two decades this man has acted as bad as ever Harvey Weinstein. It is a behavior in the whole scale from habitual verbal abuses, unwanted sexual touching, several repeated cases of stalkings and rapes. And it has been going on for 20 years! And like with Weinstein, this was a “secret” people around him all knew about. Now they say they had heard rumors he “liked women” but that he must have lived a double life they knew nothing about – such cowardly and lying hypocrites!

The question to be raised is what obligations have those who for years allows a perpetrator to work freely without the guardian of morality preventing it.

As a good citizen you are obliged to prevent misconduct whenever you see it. When it comes to this person it seems his wife and closest friends who actively hushed people in order to protect this man. This is even more serious as the victims mostly was young girls, which by the man was threaten with to lose every chance to make a carrier in their future lifes  as artists or writers – if they did not accept his sexual behavior against them. They would never get jobs and scholarships in their skills, so they were told if they said “no” – and the victims was also told “don’t you know who I’m married to”! Therefore I must see this wife as accomplice, she must have known what creep he was and still is.

It is not only a few men in the cultural sector and in the media that appears to act like pigs against the women. It has been reveled through the #metoo campaign going on in all sectors of the Swedish society.

Thousands and thousands women now  testifies about harassment’s. It is female artists, actors, musicians, teachers, doctors and other healthcare practitioners, athletes, politicians – it is every sector in this society, not even men in the horse sports walks free from conduct harassment against women and girls!

The fall of the Berlin wall 1989

It’s good it comes out in light. But it is disgusting!

This movement #metoo has become to the same dimension as “the Arabic spring” but in Sweden – and this will no doubt lead to a real change of the society. I would like to compare it with the fall of the Berlin wall. Because it’s big what’s happens here now – and there is no turning back from this.


How come this movement has become such big in Sweden? Is Sweden not the most equal country in the world for women to live in? Is not Scandinavian women the most liberated women in the world?

Yes, the women yes! Women in Sweden are liberated.

The men never became. They just pretended they were following us. And they have taken revenge on their female coworkers by mocking them on a daily basis, calling it jokes. They have humor – women have not, they tell!

Young women on their working places have been told by their older female colleagues not to bother and not talk about it when they have been harassed. For their own good! So it is said! Even when it went so far it came to rapes, women were told to forget about it and move on with life and work… And they did, afraid to lose their jobs. But some got sick and was treated for “incomprehensible” anxiety. Some just resigned from making a career and married and got kids, moving their ambitions of a good life to the private sector.

A patriarchal order is not only performed by men. There are few female bullies revealed! And it is of course not about sex, but misuse of power and leadership to repress women as a group.

Even now those women talking under #metoo become mocked, told their stories are witch hunts. A negative woman journalist said about this “I fear those too easily insulted people takes over the agenda” and she and other (female) journalists warns it will be mob rule in media that will violates legal processes. Again women are told: shut up!  And this coming from other women! It’s disgusting. It’s darkness!

Men (in media) has been more silent during the last weeks #metoo movement in Sweden. Not many words, but those told has been  positive. But an 82 years old “cute” (sic!) man, certain of his charm would work for him – “known for TV” sort of person – has even compared all the women stories under #metoo with Stalin’s purges. So a young woman telling she been raped by her boss, is to compare with Stalin’s purges? Yes, it is what this old wise man claims.

82 years old Swedish journalist Staffan Heimerson comparing #metoo with Stalin’s purges

He got a shock when he got fired from the newspaper and now he is upset and he say he has the “freedom of speech”. Yes, he has… And he did, poor devil!

But many in Sweden, both men and women, are very happy for this movement. A feminist of my generation say in a today paper she is very happy for #metoo, “now I can die in piece”… She is only two years older than me and I’m 68. And I’m not ready to do die “in peace” yet, really. She worries me, frankly…

And she should think twice as Sweden institutions are preparing for to raise the obligatory pension age from 65 to 70 – so we oldies must take our vitamins and run one or two lap more, before we even can think of dying!

But truly, this never ending movements of #metoo don’t make me happy… 😦 No!  I think all what has been revealed is like living at the most Northern part of the country. It is so dark! At the view point at Three-Country Cairn. Darkness, friends! 😦

From today no sun, just a reflection from it gives some guiding light to see a path to move forward. 

I have for years been confused over why Swedish men in Swedish movies and TV serials are portrait as timid, withdrawn and henpecked guys. And so equal and kind to their women. Because it is not my view of “the Swedish man”. I have reasons to mistrust!

But I’ve been informed by Swedish men that men from other countries oppresses women. I should be aware of then, I’m told. Men from other countries often have conservative opinions about men and women, yes. But opinions is one thing and behavior another. To my personal experience Swedish men are arrogant and patronizing and mansplaining. And that is not opinions, that is behavior! I don’t like them.

Still I read in papers Swedish men like the 82 yo male journalist treating female coworkers as puppies, tries to claim those male offenders only are “a few clumsy boys” who been drinking too much. A little “courting” women must accept at parties, he say. Try still to look teddy bears those Swedish men, when simply a grizzly bear.

It’s really dark in December – but if we can imagine moving a whole city (as the Kiruna community plans), then we can certainly imagine a change in the social climate so that the little light we have in the Swedish winter there also comes over the young women, allow them to be able to share it with everyone without fear the big grizzly man!

Smygehuk, the most southern point of Sweden


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To be frank about the nature of our love







I woke up from my late afternoon nap.
And then I missed him. Or to be frank –
I missed to have the warm tenderness
between two people being together and
liking each other. But he’s never here –
and frankly he never understand a word
I say. And to be even more frank about
love and such, he’s the only one offering
it to me. And it’s chilly here in my flat.

A moment later and still in the same mood
now with a blanket around my shoulders
I stand in my kitchen pouring hot water in
a Melitta with coffee powder. Sudden I can
hear a well-known Dylan song in my head.
It’s”It ain’t me babe”. And while I listen to
the tune in me and make my coffee, I think –
this is frankly the truth about him and me.

I’m not the one he’s looking for and he’s not
the one I need in my life. But we’ve the same
longing for love and the same desire to find
anyone to paste that stamp of love on.

I guess I hold on to him because he’s frankly
better than nothing.  But I should certainly
tell him how I feel about him and me. Yet –
it’s hard to talk with him as he’s frankly the
dumbest person I ever met in my whole life.
But, he is kind and he say he loves me more
than anything and I like him a bit. Frankly –
I fear truth would make me lose having him
in my life. So – I don’t know what to do with
him and with us? He just want peace, he say.

Well, I put all those thoughts away – as getting
nowhere with them and I drink my coffee calmly
while I watch the News on TV, all conflicts as far
as he is. If I’m lucky we’ll have a talk on phone
later and then I’ll sleep again. It’s not much, but
it’s something! And tomorrow is another day?






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What makes you happy, some notes about how to interpret lyrics and poetry

When you are young you brag with knowing as many tea labels as possible. Or beer brands. And how to drink it. You know best. You brag about how many poets you have read and talk insightful about something in… for example, Walt Whitman’s poetry. You know it all.

When you get old you are happy to have found a course wheat bran with only 15 gram carbohydrates per 100 gram, suitable both for your diabetes and hard flirted bowels. You are experienced, but you know now you don’t know so much.

(But I never had a thing for Whitman in real life. Or tea labels. Or beer brands. I was so little young when I was young, mostly captured in anxiety and bad self-esteem, stunned of those skilled young ones around. I didn’t even knew I was a beauty. Now I know I was and now I am no longer.)

Tina Turner and Clare Turton Dericco

When you are young your hearts innocence is mirrored your face’s smooth skin. When you get old your heart are full of scars and your face similar to it, getting a raisin image. You’re not so trusty any longer and nor so cynical anymore.

Once you studied literature and you learned to interpret poetry. You certainly could make a Hash dish of a beef steak.

When you get old you either lost it all or you are poetry, living. Yet at the same you’re solid like a timber log and empty as a forgotten well, dehydrated by rarely being used.

Bob Dylan And Suze Rotolo

Once you loved passionate and yet at the same you betrayed your beloved one as if you never had got to know love. When you get old you become virtuous – and further more you interprets poetry in another way than before.

I have just read an analysis of Bob Dylan song “Don’t think twice it’s alright”. The writer finds it’s remarkable the text tells the story the opposite from how “she” and “he” were in reality. What this writer apparently is completely unaware about is that a poet’s “I” not necessarily refers to the “I” who write, but as well can be his/hers “you” – in the real life.

Because when you write a poem it’s easier and useful to go into the other ones mind and feelings and write from his/hers perspective. Literature critics seems to be unaware about this phenomena. And if they are, they actually have no idea what they are doing.

Of course this phenomena only occurs in the blessed writing and in the frame of the poem. Then after you go back to who you really are, a self-obtained badass, more or less numb to the other. (I’m talking about me now, I don’t know how Dylan was/is as a person to live with and neither do those who interpret him from his songs and stories told about him.)

I was not brought up in an intellectual family. My first experience of reading poetry was at age 18 and it was reading a high school anthology about literature. It was exciting! And I still remember one of those first poems I read and who the writer was, still it’s 50 years later. My worst moment in experiencing poetry was when I a few years later read an analysis of a poem by another well-known poet. The interpreter served the reader biographical details about the poet’s private life and relation to a specific woman, it all more than you wanted to know.

But thinking about it – that literature researcher actually claimed the writer had taken the woman’s perspective and described her feelings and not his own. (I recall it firstly right now!) But still and all together that analysis made me nauseous and almost ruined my interest in poetry. I really hated that reading.

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris

A while ago when surfing online I stumbling over a blog having an entry about Mark Knopfler and his song “Romeo and Juliet”. The blog writer said he wished he could write lyrics like Knopfler. That was nice told as being a bit humble. But the rest of the post was a bit annoying to read in its arrogance. The blogger analyzed the environment in the song and postulated there probably were no street light at Shakespeare time. And furthermore he found Romeo was an immature idiot who should grow up (?) and Juliet was just a bitch…

This person had also a delicate task with trying to understand one verse. As he got the lines wrong. This is the verse:

And all I do is miss you and the way we used to be
All I do is keep the beat in a rock’n’roll band company
All I do is kiss you through the bars of a rhyme
Julie I’d do the stars with you any time

Knopfler mumbles when he sings so I’ve seen everywhere online people got the lyrics wrong and believes Knopfler sings he “keep the beat in bad company” and kiss the girl “through bars of Orion”. Luckily it is was not so bad for him then!

(But I pity that blogger and his limited and cynical views of love and lovemaking.)

In love relations we all are idiots and sometimes we all behave like bitches to later regret it. But if we not have love in our life we are not happy either – all we long for is to find this magic “love” thing.

Dylan has written some songs about bitter break ups. And as I wrote earlier you can’t be so sure he talk in own person and blame the person told about in the song.

Though, analysis I read about literature not necessarily arouse my contrariness. I found a funny one today, written by a Dutch writer I didn’t know about before. (The more I‘m surfing on the subjects that interests me, the more I realize how little I know and especially of music and literature.)

Joost Nillissen, Dutch writer born 1951

Angelina / Bob Dylan
24 Jul 2017
Joost Nillissen
A deep sense of regret

Tony Attwood struggled with this song in his commentary on his illuminating and highly recommended website bob-dylan.org.co.uk and Len hit the nail on the head with his comment of November 20, 2016. It’s about an ugly divorce.
When I first heard the song I was still happily married to a woman well endowed and the lyrics almost immediately inspired me to paint three large canvasses with images from the song: The pale white horse, the angel with four faces and the woman well endowed.
The paintings are now in another country, gathering dust underneath my ex wife’s bed that she shares with a stranger. I wish her a long and happy life and him an erectile dysfunction ’till the end of his days.

I guess Dylan was in a similar mood when he wrote “Angelina”. Dylan can bite and kick, charm and seduce in his love songs and then say truly terrible things such as “you just kind of wasted my precious time”. He can bear a grudge for a long time, just as he can pine for his lost lover for almost forever. …. Read more:





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It causes me pain in my fingers to spread butter on the bread

It causes me pain in my fingers to spread butter on the bread. I have luckily bought ready-sliced cheese home, but when I stretch out my arm for a slice of cheese it hurts in my back.

The relapse this time now gets me bad. I can’t sleep more than one and half hour at a time and it’s a horror to get through a night and I simply not get enough sleep and I’m a mess the next day.

And I’m so stiff I hardly get out of bed and well up I walk like a duck because of pains in feet and hips. And it hurts everywhere else too: arms, neck, back, ass…

Yet I have had worse times than now. It has been times I simply lost it and hugged my pillow and cried of unbearable pains and wished I was dead.

But I will not die because of my health situation.

I suffer since about 27 years of a chronic disease called fibromyalgia. But I got the diagnose 17 years ago. It’s a lap of ten years I never get back. Lost! A diagnose at least give some kind legitimacy to your situation.

The sickness can’t be diagnosed with any laboratory tests, only by criteria (symptoms). Even today there are some doctors thinking it’s something “psychosomatic”. Some even add depression as a symptom. This annoys me very much as “depression” is a sickness in itself. You get negatively affected emotionally and exhausted by a sickness with severe pains and bad sleep and other losses in life, yes – but it has nothing to do with depression. But okay – you get in bad mood and you not smile that much, it is true!

There is no cure against fibromyalgia. There is no cure for love either the song goes – and it’s good if you have love, because it helps a lot. If you not have love, hot showers and stretching are good helpers to ease the pains.

Some years ago I was recommended 3-weeks cures with a combination paracetamol ibuprofen. That cure destroyed my intestines so badly my body nowadays can’t tolerate any medications in tablet form, which really is a big problem. I even got poisoned with effect on my liver for a while and became so sick I had to see a doctor.

At that same occasion I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. So now I have two chronic diseases – independent of the other though, neither causing the other.

This two sicknesses are very differently treated by health care. As a patient with fibromyalgia you are completely and devastating ignored and get no help at all. For the diabetes you are overall controlled and checked up and at the same time you are demanded by diabetic nurses “to take control over the sickness”.

So with diabetes you are told to take “control” (constant monitoring of the body) and when it comes to fibromyalgia you are told to “learn to live it” (forget you have a body). It’s just madness!

It always annoys me a lot when I now and then read articles in magazines about this sickness. As it is mostly those “I-have-learned-to-live-it”- trained patients talking and telling you they could not have done it without support from family, friends, healthcare and therapy in form of psychological support and training.

And note, it’s not doctors’ now talking bull but interviewed patients telling, people having the sickness. Sometimes reading this articles I doubt those told about really have that sickness. It’s too much of that “positive thinking” stuff.

Nelson Mandela spend 18 years on Robben Island and became best friend with his jailer. It doesn’t make it good. He was jailed, whatever!

There is nothing good with fibromyalgia. (Well, there is actually – it will not kill you.)

If you have a family, they simply have to live with the sickness too. If one family member have a demanding chronic sickness, the whole family have the sickness. That is a bitter reality many families have come to experienced.

You can choose to call it “support” when people you live with take on that burden. It is a burden! And the family has no real choice either. But it’s not done without love.

(I have a friend who suffer from RA (rheumatoid arthritis) since many years. She has also been married for many years and once she defined love, by telling how her husband always loosens the jar lids for her on whatever jars in the kitchen she wants, without she have to ask him to do it every time. I think that is very touching story!)

Fact: There is no money to make in this sickness called fibromyalgia.

Fact: It is mostly women over age 35 who suffer this sickness.

The support society offer you are psychological treatment. I have never been offered it.

No wonder I haven’t, maybe. Because I claim this: if you live with daily pains and become almost immobile because of them and it’s a health situation you never can be cured from – if you get used to that then you really have become a mess, my dear! Frankly!

Never get used to anything whatsoever that is bad for you, I say.

You have daily pains when you have fibromyalgia. Always. Mostly not so severe and mostly you “learn to live it” insofar you hardly notice it anymore. But then when you have relapses with severe symptoms it gets so bad you hardly can stand having people around – if not family knowing your situation.

Because people not familiar with the sickness simply don’t accept it: feeling bad or something and tell you “to do something about it!” And that is too much, really!  During a relapse you have no strength to deal with such people.

Thus, fibromyalgia is a disease that makes you isolated from other people.

And that is “what you have to live with”!

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So much love…

Vladimir Putin embraces Bashar al-Assad during a meeting in Sochi, Russia, on Monday November 20, 2017

After weeks of silence and not a beep from or about Putin, I was wondering if he has been  so busy with his last puppy he haven’t got the time to do or say any to be caught up in media? But on Monday he met the invited Bashar al-Assad. So much love… 😉

And on Wednesday Putin has invited  Iran’s Hassan Rouhani and Turkey Recip Tayyip Erdogan, this I’m reading on an  analysis by Nick Paton Walsh, CNN


It’s reminds the Syria conflict is not yet solved. ISIS not yet defeated to the last cell.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (left) and Emmanuel Macron met in Riyadh on Thursday November 9, 2017

Talking about Iran… Thursday November 9 President Macron paid Saudi Arabia an unscheduled meeting, talking Lebanon and Yemen.

(Those false big smiles really gives me unpleasant stomach moves… ) 😦




Macron welcomes Lebanon’s Hariri to Elysee Palace 18 Nov 2017

Just after  Gothenburg on Friday 17 November 2917, Macron ruched home to France for on Saturday welcome  Saad al-Hariri, saved to France from  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman big smile and suffocating hug. At least smiles and a hug that seems genuine and pleases me to see… 🙂

French President Emmanuel Macron (right) greets Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri at the Elysee Palace in paris, on November 18, 2017 (dailymail.co.uk)




He looked pleased with himself too – him Macron! He should be. 🙂


“Our”  Foreign Minister Margot Wallström has the latest weekend visited Bangladesh  and the refugee camps there with the Rohingya people. It did not make her smile. The Monday after she visited Burma and had a talk with Chancellor Aung San Suu Kyi.

Amnesty International has classified the persecution and mass killings of the Muslim population as apartheid in Burma. About 600.000 or more have fled Burma. And China say “let Burma solve their inner problems”.

I don’t understand how “we” the Christian people in a few weeks will be able to over consume food and gifts to celebrate Christmas, while the state of Bangladesh not even can support its on citizens and those refugees suffer so terrible? This! – and Europe leaders talks about Europe having a “refugee crisis”?

Angela Merkel

Still human and reaching out, my favourite Angela  Merkel, is losing ground. Since last week she has negotiated to build a new government, but failed. It has giving me gloomy thoughts how life would be without her.

She sees a new election as a possibility. And I hope she will make it some more years. She’s unique and needed.

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I woke up one morning the other day
and saw like a sign for my inner sight,
short simply written “I’m disappointed”
Just that: no anger and no frustration,
no nothing: not one emotion in motion
for all the time and energy I’ve wasted
on him! Oh, just think of how I thought
he was my special one when he was no
one and never there! But how do I tell
none there that I’ll be gone tomorrow?

Jag vaknade en morgon häromdagen
och såg som en skylt för min inre syn
kort och enkelt skriven “jag är besviken”
Bara det: ingen ilska, ingen frustration,
nej ingenting: inte en känsla i rörelse
för all den tid och energi jag har slösat
på honom! Åh, men tänk hur jag trodde
han var den rätte för mig – när han var
ingen och aldrig där! Men hur berättar
jag för ingen att jag blir borta imorgon?

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Gothenburg November 17, 2017 The meeting that never occurred

Gothenburg November 17, 2017 The meeting that never occurred – if you are looking for news about the summit in the world wide press, such as CNN, ABC, BBC and all the other big ones.

Swedish media, on the other hand, wrote a lot about it – the same day! (But not the day after!) A TV reporter told overwhelmingly impressed about the openness of discussions with informal meeting participants and media present. Oh! 😉

That President we all know so well by now 😦 … and other populist right wing politicians always speak loudly about “fake news”. And the big medias have apparently bought the concept, seemingly found it to be more important to report of what those blowheads  last said and done – and by that they media have made themselves into fake news. Sadly!

(I’ve learned that word” blowhead” by Bush senior)  😀

EU meeting Gothenburg November 17, 2017 Donald Tusk and Stefan Löfven


The EU Summit was about social security and justice and jobs. But ordinary people’s lives are “understandably” (?) nothing interesting to write big about? 😦

But behind the scenes, it is well understood, this was a meeting primary for the Sweden leaders, all to become friends and partners with the other EU leaders in order to take a common stance towards the leaders in an unstable world around Europe (USA, Arab countries, Asian countries). They all need opportunities to come together to get to know each other well – and that’s the real matter.

It costs a lot of tax money for us common people. I hope it’s worth its. At least it was a good training for Swedish police.

Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker and Stefan Löfven

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was pleased with the Friday Summit in Gothenburg, where EU cooperation on social issues was consolidated. Although the guidelines are volunteers, the second host of the meeting also stressed the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker: This is no poem collection, it’s a program. (Dagens Nyheter, translated by me)



Schools and workplaces closed, traffic stopped and restaurant owners lost huge revenues, but many “Gothenburgers” met the inconvinences with the EU summit calmly.
But of course one wonders how much this costs ” says Gothenburger Kristoffer Lundgren.

It was the day when Europe came to Hisingen and the district of Eriksberg was visited by heads of state and government. Curious gathered outside the locks to try to get a glimpse of celebrities like Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron.

“You see better on television,” said the retired couple Helene and Egon Andersson, who had to walk this day instead of taking the bus to the grocery store.

The EU Summit has developed a lot of criticism in advance due to blockages and waiting traffic problems. Among the residents we meet people in the area around the old factory building Eriksbergshallen, where the negotiations take place, those views are shared. But while the couple Andersson thinks it’s “amazing and great fun” that the neighborhood is well visited and does not care that the neighborhood is blocked, Simon Akyol is troubled about it. He has closed his restaurant this day and the cafe he also operates an he has lost 90 percent of his turnover. It estimates it will cost him 30,000-40,000 SEK.

(translated from Dagens Nyheter DN)


Macron and Löfven November 17, 2017 in Gothenburg

https://www.svd.se/lofven-och-juncker-viktigt-steg-mot-mer-socialt-europa (Juncker and Löfven wrote a debate article in a Swedish newspaper – if you read Swedish)


So… Mr. Juncker said according to Dagens Nyheter, this meeting and the social pillar is a program and NOT a poetry collection! Or maybe the paper took  a quote from an earlier meeting when he was saying “not a poem”…

Well… I don’t like Mr. Juncker.  As I don’t like his ambitions for the EU. I agree with Mr. Rajoy there are so much differences between the countries in EU in issues o deal with, they should focus on what they are ultimate good at… Mr Rajoy said: It is good with expanded parental insurance and all that stuff, but many of us have a budget to deal with. I think we should focus on what we are good at in Europe, which are systems lacking in big parts in rest of the world. (from Dagens Nyheter).

In my opinion the EU should not become a supranational authority with one military force and a common foreign policy – but should be a union of common trade rules.


When it comes to poetry collections… it is the only books I read nowadays and poems are what I write (best)!  So I got upset when Mr. Juncker is quoted to have been said patronizing about poems and poetry collections.


He’s from Belgium. I’ll check them out, the Belgians, what they got! Of poetry.

Try to stay sober Mr. Juncker, you are not a funny guy. In my opinion.

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Lonely swan dreams in November (haiku)

It don’t come easy –
November sun and swan dreams!
Where did it all go?




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November Sun over EU meeting in Gothenburg and over Samiland

Ylva Johansson Labor Minister, Åsa Regnér Minister for children, elderly and equality, Annika Strandhäll Minister for Social Affairs









The big event today according to Swedish media is the informal meeting of EU top leaders in the city of Gothenburg (in Sweden). The city is called “besieged city” in local media, because of expected traffic problems and security measures. I read: “The police have weeks before today asked the public to stay home during Thursday and Friday, if possible. Those who have to work are encouraged to go collectively first and foremost”.

Denmark has kindly has lent a number of policemen to help Sweden out with the safety measures.

Because of this workarounds causing common people problems, the left wing party leader Jonas Sjöstedt has been critical to the place for the meeting: “Closed schools and health centers, lots of police and locked streets in Gothenburg. Had it not been better to collect the EU leaders at any mountain hotel somewhere instead of centrally located in Sweden’s second largest city?” (translated from Twitter by me)

This his “any mountain hotel somewhere” gives me a vision this party leader may not only share some opinions with me, but also like me have a very limited knowledge about the North in Sweden, its nature, culture and people… 😦

Hosts for the meeting are the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission. Angela Merkel will not be there, but the golden boy Emmanuel Macron will be, as the charming smiling Theresa May with the hard finger grip (on Brexit) … and more European leaders –  like Marianne Thyssen, Belgium’s EU Commissioner for Employment, Labor Market Mobility, Expertise and Social Affairs.

And that’s what the meeting is about: Jobs, Justice and Growth

No decision will be made regarding new binding rules. But a document will signed.

Background for the discussion is the so-called social pillar, which was set by the ministers in October. After lunch on Friday, the “Social Pillar” will be signed by the EU’s three legislative institutions, the Commission, the Council and Parliament. The “Social Pillar” contains twenty principles for the rights of EU citizens, especially in the labor market. These include the right to education, lifelong learning, gender equality and “fair pay”. (translated by me from the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter)

The lunch will be a soup of Jerusalem artichoke as a starter, cod as the main course and berries for dessert.

IF – I just say “if”  – the meeting would have been on an empty-for- season hotel in the North, the lunch may have had a starter with a fish soup of Arctic Char, Sautéed reindeer as main course and for dessert cloudberry jam with coffee cake.

Check it on:



IF  – “if” – the meeting would have taken place in northern Sweden, people abroad may have found that the Swedish state still this year and this month fight against the indigenous people Sami. It’s about legal rights, land and language. How to make a living.

The lawyer representing the Swedish government used in making his case the word “lapp” about the Same people. It’s like a lawyer in Amerika would call black people “niggers” in court and defend the word as it is a traditional word for this ethnic group and he’s only quoting!

Swedish governments’ persistently refuses to sign the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Why?

I have never been in this part of Sweden so I have not much more knowledge than this now told. The Sami is of tradition a nomadic people living on cattle of reindeer as main occupation and much of the Sami culture is connected to this. I’m a vegetarian so I would hardly enjoy to visit a Sami village, really.

Though I think Sweden as a country should stop discriminate the Sami people and the state should stop wasting tax money on endless trials in court decades after decades against of a small unique people we should be proud to have within our borders.

So to place the meeting in Gothenburg no matter some inconveniences in the traffic and not on a hotel in North Sweden was safer for the Swedish government and its Ministers. Actually. But I don’t think they have in mind today we have a Sami people.



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Oh, I’m so bored having no one to talk to
But when you’re surprisingly calling me
all you say is just annoying me
If you only have broccoli in your head and
not a brain, talk to another vegetable


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You don’t have to be to be killed for me nowadays, Piggy!

A note only as it is World Diabetes Day today November 14.

In the 20s scientists developed insulin for medical use, saving life of those with Type 1 diabetes. For a vegetarian (like me) being against using animals in scientific experiments and have had dogs earlier in life, it gives me mixed feelings to read about the first inventions. The scientists namely used a lot of dogs for their experiments. When insulin became developed to be a medicine for humans it was made of pig fetuses. One can just speculate how many animals were killed for getting insulin for human use! Mass killing indeed. Since the 80s patients are given synthetic insulin.

Thank god for that!

As I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes the year 2015 – and after more than one and half year of misery because my body could not cope with medications in tablet form, I’m now on insulin injections. And I’m doing fine. But please notice, I’m not one of those saying: “nowadays when we have insulin we can eat the same food as healthy people”. I keep a diet.

But I will not argue about food and what to eat or not, just say “Hi Piggy sweet nose, you don’t have to be conceived to be killed as a fetus for me now”.

It is not that easy to find anything on internet about how insulin is manufactured. Surfing on the internet it always ends up sites telling how insulin is produced in the human body. But finally I found this link through diabetesforecast.org which telling how insulin is produced as a pharmaceutical in the pharmaceutical industry.


Quote from this site: “In the days of pork insulin, it took more than 2 tons of pig parts to produce 8 ounces of purified insulin.”

8 ounces is about 226, 8 gram!!

In Sweden, insulin and the equipment for using it for free. It’s a luck as having only a low-income pension, I wouldn’t otherwise afford to live with such a serious and demanding illness.

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We have a love thing going

In retro perspective dreams are just memories of time we wasted on what might be nothing. Dreams belongs to and are seated in our futures, but for what purposes? Only to keep us struggling on in the now? Or is it any other meaning with them, tell me?

We had a love thing going,
he and I and we were both
dreaming of the other. But
it wasn’t the same dream.

We talked tenderly
in dark nights, while
we at the daytime tried
to balanced our different
lives like tightrope walkers.

And we put the other in trust
to keep believing that one day
we would share the same warm
blanket on this cold place people
calls Mother Earth.

Thus we smiled all time, although
deep down we were so unhappy.
Were we then foolish or brave?
As we wasted our lives on what
might never will come true?
All that time that’s past?

And it is true I’ve tried to flee him,
but love is a mystery you can’t rule.
My rational mind cant’t defeat our
rebellious hearts and desires.

We have a love thing, he and I and
we still dream about the other one.
I am his dream and he is mine.

Arthur Rackham THE-FAIRIES-ARE-EXQUISITE-DANCERS (cropped image)


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The lyrics to “Lady Of The Rose” sung by Emmylou Harris 1970

Emmylou Harris Lady Of The Rose 1970

This is a song from Emmylou Harris  youth. I don’t know if she is the songwriter. A video of an event with her on a TV show  1970 was published on Youtube this year.

She never recorded this song. And the lyrics seems not to be found on internet either. So I have spent hours listening to her singing and written down her words and compiled it to a text as it might once was written.

Hair comb with flowers bridesmaid hairstyles

I have no license to publish the video here, so those interested in hearing her sing the lyrics  must go to YouTube and search for Emmylou Harris “Lady Of The Rose”  and Fugue For The Ox” 1970. Or you can copy this link:


It’s a pity she never recorded this song and if anyone know her, ask her so kindly “please do!” It’s such a strong and sentimental and beautiful song – simply amazing.



I know Sophie, she lives upstairs
and sometimes she combs it down,
her long graying hair.

And she wears it gathered loosely up,
pin back with a rose, whose petals are
turning black and beginning to fall.

Don’t talk of where life goes, she won’t
understand, she pretend she can’t hear
you, though you know that she can.

Oh, everyone has tried to teach her
to say “goodbye”, but she just can’t
stand it when the roses die.

And her eyes are lost children that wait
for him from the morning to the day to
the lights are dim.

And the nights must be long and lonely
more than I never know, she just won’t
let the roses go.

He’s not in the backyard, he’s not in
the hall and she can’t hear his laughter,
he’s not there at all.

So she waits and waits and waits for
nothing, but in her heart she knows
that it’s gone and gone forever and it
tears apart her soul.

So I leave my Sophie with her dying rose,
I can’t reach you with all your doors and
windows closed.

But I wonder if I ever loved the way
you do and have it break me the way
it’s broken you?


Emmylou Harris Gothenburg Sweden 2017

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Sadness is a seven letters word




Sadness is a seven letters word. Seven
black drops dirt your skin and you rub
and rub to clean it off you, but you can
still see there are remains of the stains.

Some people are just like living under
a leaking roof. They constantly drips
black sadness over you.

If you can’t get the leaking ceiling fixed,
you should not stay under it. You know.
But maybe you want to stay because of
love? Or whatever you call it?

He always told “I love you”, but why was
he then like a seven letters spelled word?






He made her sad and maybe it is bad,
but who cares why an old woman cry?
She should simply lay down and die.

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November haiku

In dim November
I rest in your breathing
My nest in dark nights

Dunkla november
vilar jag i din andning
Mitt bo i natten

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For the sake of love





When love is over and you
have blown and then blown
once more on cooled embers,
for the sake of love,
for the sake of love,
for the sake of love,
but see there’s no spark more
in your heart for the other one
and you start to go backwards
through the door, slowly and
with care, as you do not want
to hurt when you leave; your
bitter tasting sadness will be
to learn that to break up and
leave can’t be done painlessly.
What you now do in honesty
and freedom will hurt the one
you once loved most of all, but
not do anymore. We all have
blood on our hands.




När kärleken har tagit slut
och du har blåst och blåser
ännu en gång på kallnad glöd,
för kärleks skull,
för kärleks skull,
för kärleks skull,
att så inse att där finns ingen
gnista mer i ditt hjärta för den
andre och du börjar backa ut
genom dörren, långsamt och
försiktigt då du inte vill såra
när du går – bittersmakande
sorg kommer att lära dig att
bryta upp och lämna inte låter
sig göras smärtfritt. Vad du nu
gör i ärlighet och frihet sårar
den som du en gång älskade
mest av allt, men inte gör mer.
Vi har alla blod på våra händer.






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Things are not what they should be

In Swedish below

It is the seventh of November and the sun shines like a madman through my south windows. It has been for a week now, November and this sunny madness. November should be nothing but a gray and dull month. You shall wake up in the morning and it’s gray out there, outside the windows. And you should be tired and struggling with yourself to start the day to be a good one in society – or a good one at least in your private little kitchen corner.

Our famous president – please God, let new times come soon – said about one of his guys, being criticized, “he make money, what’s wrong with that? He make money, folk!”

Yes, if it was about having a normal job which supported himself and his/hers family and giving a future for them, okay! But it’s about another “make money” and the thing is when people get bloody rich, there are always others who have to pay for it.

It is not being a good man, whether in a personal or social perspective.

It is not enough to say “Hallelujah!” on a Sunday in the church. You have to do the hallelujah on Monday as well.

Everyone has the right to have an opinion. Even in Spain. (?) But all that’s not illegal to do is not right to do.

art performance by Mattias Norström


Tax planning is a big thing in Sweden. We have plenty of wealthy people in Sweden who are taxing abroad and create even more wealth than they already have.

Add then the wages they have for their managerial jobs.


Investigate journalists have examined how “famous” people have invested their money.

Leif Östling Chairman for “Svenskt Näringsliv”

One of these very wealthy people with leading power positions in Sweden that has been “revealed” by the media is Leif Östling. He is the chairman of the organization “Svenskt Näringsliv.( In translating = Swedish Enterprise, it’s an organization representing private companies in Sweden.)



He is one of the Swedes who have used Malta’s tax paradise to avoid Swedish taxation.

Now he is criticized for – not for his actions per se, but what he said about it, interviewed on Swedish Public Service TV.

Quotes from the intervju:

Leif Östling: I don’t have a bad conscience for that. I think I’ve done right for me in Sweden more than most others. I have paid for at least a thousand taxpayers. (…)

Leif Östling: People are planning and looking over their finances. There is a problem with the Swedish tax system, that there are so insanely high taxes in this country. (…)

Journalist question: You are chairman of “Svenskt Näringsliv”, how do you think about social responsibility and taxes?

Leif Östling: I think I have taken a lot of social responsibility. I have always paid taxes in Sweden for everything I have earned in this country.

After the interview, Leif Östling calculates how much tax he has paid and sends the information to Swedish TV (SVT). It’s about SEK 180 million in Sweden and Germany, only since 2010. He writes that he chooses to count from 2010 because it was the year he reached common pensioner age of 65, but instead of slow down, he continued to work and pay taxes. He was head of, among other things, Scania in the Volkswagen Group until he was 70 years old.

Journalist question: If you have paid all that taxe money, why not pay in full and do the right thing in Sweden for just what you have?

Leif Östling: No, why then? Now we have this structure is here, so let it be here.

Journalist question: What does it mean for the society if every individual only looks for his own best in this matter?

Leif Östling: Yes, there is always an egoism in everything. One can also ask if you pay 20-30 million SEK a year, what the hell do I get for that money?

Journalist question: Do you get nothing for the money, you mean?

Leif Östling: Not much. (laughs)

(end of quotes)

He has been hard criticized in the media for what he said in the interview. Even by leaders in business and his own acquaintances: it can damage the corporate image, they say.

So the man is criticized for saying what he honestly thinks, not for his actions in the tax matters. Which are – as all the rich people point out – not illegal!

I think it’s bloody good people are honest about their real opinions. This in itself creates a better social climate. We should all know where we have each other! I don’t like his views, but I appreciate he tells me what he really think. So give the man praise for his honesty!

Now this, he says that he has paid so much money that he has paid for a thousand taxpayers counted in crowns – the truth is that much more than a thousand low-income earners have paid for his wealth! Get real, man!

And what does he get for the money, he asks? A well-functioning infrastructure without which no company can exist, that is what he get and demand of the society he despises.

I have worked as an underpaid healthcare provider and I have fed and washed the ass on old and sick people like him. When people grow old, poor or rich, the body organs breaks down, one by one. You poop in your pants out of your control – and (once again) a woman clean up after you and wash your butt, just like a baby. A woman feeds you again like you were a baby. Your bed is cleaned and physicians’ gathers around your bed to provide you with the best care and pain relief that can be, no matter how much money you’ve hidden abroad from Swedish society.

Rich Swedish people settles in Spain and Portugal when they becomes pensioners but still are healthy. Then, when they get very old and need care, they return to Sweden for free cancer care and other public care.


No ** go to one of the Cayman Islands and bury yourselves on a beach in the sand.
Shame on you!

In November sun at the end of the year, it is 2017!

We are born naked alike. And death does not differ the poor from the rich. But too many dies unnecessarily of poverty and misery. Because the sun does not shine equally – not even in November in the year 2017! We have not yet as one humanity accomplished better than a few percent of all people owns everything of everything and the overwhelming majority owns nothing, not even their basic needs.


Right now as I write this, an old and big building in Stockholm is burning. It’s a house there only very rich can afford to live. Tax-funded 6 fire brigades work hard to extinguishes the fire. The entire area is blocked and people evacuated by police and fire brigades. That’s what Östling and all others gets for the tax money.

Big fire in Stockholm November 7, 2017

In Swedish below:






Det är den sjunde november och solen skiner som en galning genom mina söder fönster. Det har pågått en vecka nu, november och sol. November ska bara vara en grå och glåmig månad. Du vaknar på morgonen och det är grått därute, utanför fönstren. Du ska vara trött och kämpa att kunna börja dagen och vara en duktig en i samhället, eller därhemma i köksvrån.

Vår berömde president – get the new times come soon – sa om en sina gubbar, kritiserad, “he makes money, what’s wrong with that? He makes money!”

Ja, om det handlade om ett vanligt jobb där han försörjde sig själv och familjen och sin framtid, okay! Men det handlar om helt andra “make money” och grejen är när folk gör sig förmögna, det är alltid andra som får betala för det.

Det är inte att vara en duktig människa vare sig i ett personligt eller samhälleligt perspektiv.

Det räcker inte med att säga “Halleluja!” på en söndag i kyrkan. Du måste göra halleluja på måndagen också.

Alla har rätt till att ha en opinion. Även i Spanien. (?) Allt som är lagligt att göra är inte rätt.

Skatteplanering är en stor sak i Sverige. Vi har gott om förmögna personer i Sverige som skattar utomlands och skapar ännu större förmögenheter än de redan har.

Lägg till lönerna de har för sina ledarjobb.

Grävande journalister har undersökt hur “kända” personer har investerat sina pengar.

En av dessa förmögna människor med ledande maktpositioner i Sverige som har “avslöjats” av media heter Leif Östling. Han är ordförande för organisationen “Svenskt Näringsliv”.

Han är en av de svenskar som har utnyttjat Maltas skatte paradis för att undvika svensk beskattning.

Nu är han kritiserad för – inte för sitt handlande per se, men vad han sagt om det, intervjuad on TV.


Leif Östling: Jag har inte dåligt samvete för det. Jag tycker jag har gjort rätt för mig i Sverige mer än de flesta andra. Jag har betalat för minst tusen skattebetalare, säger han.

Leif Östling: Folk har ju planering och ser över sin ekonomi. Det är ett problem med det svenska skattesystemet, att det är så vansinnigt höga skatter i det här landet, säger Leif Östling.

Journalist fråga: Du är ju ordförande i Svenskt Näringsliv, hur tycker du man ska se på det här med samhällsansvar och skatter?

Leif Östling: Jag tycker jag har tagit väldigt stort samhällsansvar. Jag har alltid betalat skatt i Sverige på allting som jag har tjänat i det här landet, säger Leif Östling.

Efter intervjun räknar Leif Östling själv ihop hur mycket skatt han har betalat, och mejlar uträkningen till SVT. Det handlar om 180 miljoner kronor i Sverige och Tyskland, bara sedan 2010. Han skriver att han väljer att räkna från 2010 därför att det var det år han blev folkpensionär, men i stället för att trappa ner fortsatte jobba och betala skatt. Han var chef för bland annat Scania i Volkswagenkoncernen tills han fyllde 70 år.

Journalistfråga: Om man nu har betalat all den där skatten, varför inte betala helt och hållet och göra rätt för sig i Sverige för precis allt man har?

Leif Östling: Nej, varför då? Nu finns den här strukturen där, och då får den ligga där.

Journalistfråga: Vad betyder det för samhället om varje individ bara ser till sitt eget bästa i den här frågan?

Leif Östling: Ja det finns ju alltid en egoism i det hela. Man frågar sig också, betalar man in 20-30 miljoner om året, vad fan får jag för pengarna?

Journalistfråga: Får du inget för pengarna menar du?

Leif Östling: Inte mycket. (Skrattar)


Han har senare blivit hårt kritiserad i media för vad han sa i intervjun. Även av toppar inom näringslivet och hans egna bekanta: det kan skada företagens image, menar man.

Så karln blir kritiserad för att säga vad han ärligt tycker, inte för sitt agerande i skattefrågor. Som alla rika säger: det är ju inte olagligt!

Jag tycker att det är skitbra att folk är ärliga om sina åsikter. Det i sig skapar ett bättre samhällsklimat. Vi bör veta var vi har varandra! Jag gillar inte hans åsikter, men jag uppskattar att han berättar för mig vad han verkligen tycker. Så ge mannen beröm för hans ärlighet!

Sedan detta att han säger att han har betalat så mycket pengar att han i kronor betalat för tusen skattebetalare – sanningen är ju att mer än tusen låginkomsttagare har betalat för hans förmögenhet.

Och vad får han för pengarna? En väl fungerande infrastruktur utan vilket inget företag kan existera. Vilket han som företagare kräver av det samhälle han utnyttjar och föraktar.

Jag har jobbat som underbetald sjukvårdare och matat och tvättat rumpan på såna som han. När folk blir gamla, fattig eller rik, pajar kroppens organ en efter en. Du skiter i byxorna och en kvinna torkar återigen upp din avföring och tvättar dig ren, som en gång bebis. En kvinna matar dig igen så som du var bebis. Din säng bäddas och läkare samlas runt din säng för att ge dig bästa möjliga vård, oavsett hur mycket pengar du har snott från det svenska samhället.

Rika svenskar bosätter sig i Spanien och Portugal när de ännu är friska pensioner. När de sedan blir riktigt gamla och behöver vård, då kommer de tillbaka till Sverige för fri cancervård och annan omsorg.

Nä för fan, åk till nån av Caymanöarna och begrav er i sanden. Skäms!

Novembersol vid årets slut:

Vi föds nakna lika. Döden skiljer inte på fattig och rik. Men somliga dör i onödan av fattigdom och misär. För solen skiner inte lika över alla ens i november 2017. Längre än så har vi som en mänsklighet inte kommit ännu. Några få av alla människor äger allt av allt och majoriteten äger ingenting och får inte sina mest grundläggande behov tillgodosedda.


Se vidare



Östling är emot lönedumpning och föreslår subventionerade löner, dvs. löner betalda av det offentliga (staten) för jobb i privat näringsliv.

Just nu brinner ett rikemanshus i Stockholm. Av skatter finansierad brandkår släcker. Det är vad Östling får för pengarna.

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Even though I fell away you were there
when I returned, silent as ever before.
But the following night an anxiety dream
aroused me and I could not sleep more.
You in my head and I felt scared for you.
Will ever this love story become real?

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A love story in summary

First you got me miss you
Then you got me love you
You indeed got me to sing
Ending, you got me crying



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