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A nymph under influence

In old times supernatural beings were a vivid part of humans’ beliefs. But a human had to be very cautious in contact with any of this creatures, since those often alluring beings had the power to twist a human’s head … Continue reading

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Reposted: Male fantasies and fairies in ancient woods

 First posted 24 September, 2012. Slightly improved. I (Mistress of the wood “skogsrået”) They were men who came from vast plains, desolate deserts, and endless seas. Their eyes measured distances. But they didn’t know themselves. And the woodlands affected them … Continue reading

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A sister’s greeting to gangster brother (dream)

I left you not by choice, I was taken away. Now I’m just passing by. I’m tired and confused and it’s not the right time for family reunions. I just want you to know. I wish me a heart of … Continue reading

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I’m nothing but a potsherd in your hand

Honey! I’m nothing, just a potsherd, once hidden deep in soil for generations, and only by accident dug up and exposed on the ground in front of your feet. I could have remained undiscovered by you, and you could have … Continue reading

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